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NFL Week 8: Lisa’s Picks

Many apologies for the tardiness of this post!


  • Packers vs Jets: My cousin Jim and I were just talking about this game today at lunch. Naturally, we agreed that there is NO WAY the Packers are going to win this game. Even though Mark Sanchez isn’t charismatic, he’s better than a QB who throws passes to imaginary receivers repeatedly. Jets 28, Packers 17.
  • Panthers vs Rams: This is an interesting match-up. Rams were looking hot for a while with Bradford at the helm but they’ve tapered off. The Panthers haven’t looked too hot this season at all – and their record reflects that (unlike the Packers’ record that over-inflates their capabilities). Rams 21, Panthers 7.
  • Bills vs Chiefs: The Bills can’t purchase a discounted win on eBay while the Chiefs were the last undefeated team in the NFL for the 2010 season. I don’t see the Bills getting their first victory with this game. Chiefs 31, Bills 10.
  • Broncos vs 49ers: This is an interesting match up after what the Raiders did to the Broncos at their own house last weekend! 59 points? FIFTY-NINE??? Mike Singletary will be looking for a new job (perhaps in London) if he doesn’t get a few wins going. The Broncos are either looking for revenge this week or they’re completely humiliated. 49ers 17, Broncos 14.
  • Redskins vs Lions: The Lions are looking for a win and the Redskins are trying to look good (notice, please, that they did beat the Packers who looked even worse in that game and that the Lions nearly beat the Packers at Lameblow). Shaun Hill timed his forearm injury well with the return of my favorite 2nd year QB: Matt Stafford. I think the home team has the advantage. Lions 20, Redskins 17.
  • Dolphins vs Bengals: The Dolphins got ripped off against the Steelers last weekend. The Bengals are living up to their divisional name: The Bungles. Even though the Bengals are playing at home in their beautiful stadium along the Ohio River (where I have, in fact, attended a Bengals/Ravens game when I lived in Cincy), the Bengals aren’t going to get the job done.  Dolphins 24, Bengals 10.
  • Jaguars vs Cowboys: Even though the Romo-less Cowpokies are at home for this game, I think the Jaguars could pull an upset for this game. Luckily for the Jaguars fans, this game will be televised in their market since it’s not a home game they can’t sell out. Jaguars 20, Cowboys 14.
  • Titans vs Chargers: The Chargers have been struggling all season. To be fair, 90% of the teams in the NFL have been struggling all season. Nevertheless, the Chargers have been turning over the ball like crazy people and they’re not giving fans a reason to attend the game (hence numerous black-outs in their local market). Titans 17, Chargers 14.
  • Buccaneers vs Cardinals: This is an interesting match up. Interesting in its badness, that is. Cardinals can’t count on their QB and the Bucs – well, they’re the Bucs and there’s a reason they have black-outs at home. If they’re going to attract fans to the stadium, they really need to provide some consistency.  Cardinals 21, Buccaneers 14.
  • Vikings vs Patriots: I don’t know which QB is starting for my team (ok – of course I do – it’s Brett Favre) but it doesn’t really matter. Because we’re going to WIN THIS GAME on principle. We got RIPPED OFF against the Packers (and Childress with his non-challenge did not help, as per the usual) so we’re going to come out swinging against the spy-gate team. I predict that Favre will throw 3 TDs (2 to Moss) and that Jared Allen will finally realize that his damn honeymoon is OVER and he will start sacking Tom Brady and his 70’s shag cut. Vikings 24, Patriots 20.
  • Seahawks vs Raiders: I believe we are all aware that the Raiders scored 59 points in a reduced oxygen environment last week. We were all stunned. They will be celebrating at home this week against the Seachickens. Who will not win under the guidance of Hasselbeck.  Raiders 28, Seahawks 13.
  • Steelers vs Saints: The Saints are very much looking like the Aints we’ve all known and loved for their badness the last 44 years. Their unicorn year is behind them and they’ve reverted to the team that ain’t gonna win. They’re not going to beat the Steelers this week. Drew Brees will continue to throw INTs so that he can stay on pace with Brett Favre. It’s a mutual respect thing after last year’s NFCCG. Steelers 31, Aints 17.


  • Texans vs Colts: Given my dislike of Mr. Slip-n-Slide, Mr. Billboard Head, Eli’s Brother – whatever you like to call him – I’m going with a Texans upset at the Colts’ house. Let’s not forget the Texans beat the Colts handily in their first match-up this year. The Texans are going to be the proverbial bull in the china shop and tear up that depleted Colts offense. Texans 24, Colts 19.

Byes: Falcons, Ravens, Bears, Browns, Giants, Eagles

Those are my picks this week. Look forward to your comments.


NFL Week 8: Melinda’s Picks

I’m kind of rocking my NFL Picks….


  • Packers vs Jets: Okay, y’all should be seeing a trend by now. I NEVER pick against the Packers.  Jets are at 5-1 and are leading their division and ranked in the top 3 of the NFL.  For the Packers to win this one (with 10 players on IR, including 5 starters) we must protect Rodgers. The o-line is doing a really great job on this, and they need to be even more diligent.  We need the turnover ratio to be on our side.  I look for Woodson to have another great game, for Matthews to get to Sanchez at least twice and for the Packers to win in NY.  Packers 28  Jets 21
  • Panthers vs Rams:  Rams at home are really good.  Jackson had surgery last week on his ring finger, but says he’ll play.  I think the Rams even without Jackson can beat this mediocre Panthers crew.  Panthers 14  Rams 24
  • Bills vs Chiefs: The Bills put up a fight last week, who knew they had it in them?  But alas, they are still winless.  Chiefs at home are nearly unstoppable.  I’m going with the Chiefs.  Bills 12  Chiefs 28
  • Broncos vs 49ers: Note to Green Bay Packers GM – don’t schedule the Packers to travel to London England for a game…ever. It’s like a precursor to a poor season.  For the 4th time in a row, two lack luster teams are representing the NFL in a game in London England.  Both teams are full of holes, both teams with losing records.  Since I have to pick one, I’ll go with the 49er’s.  Broncos 7 49ers 13
  • Redskins vs Detroit:  Redskins at Detroit. Um….going with Hogs.  Detroit needs to just lay down and hope to get worst team in the league for a top draft pick next year.  Redskins 27  Lions 14
  • Dolphins vs Bengals:  Dolphins are mad about the controversial call last week that essentially put the nail in the coffin.  I don’t understand the ruling either.  How can you call a fumble, but not give the ball to the team that comes up with it? It’s not like the ball went out-of-bounds.  What ever.  I like the Bengals this week.  Just because.  Dolphins 14  Bengals 21
  • Jaguars vs Cowboys: The funny thing about this game, both teams are doing so poorly that even here in south Texas, the Cowboys aren’t on TV!  I think that’s a first.  Kitna in for Romo, they automatically lose the “cuteness” factor.  No woman wants to see a Charlie Brown look-alike at QB.  I think the boys will pull out a squeaker.  Jaguars 12 Cowboys 14
  • Titans vs Chargers: Last week, Kenny Britt had 225 yrds in 7 catches and 3 TD’s against the Eagles!  Was that a fluke? I think not. The Chargers need a new power source, they can’t hold a charge.  I’m going with the Titans 28  Chargers 10
  • Buccaneers vs Cardinals: Tampa is coming into this game with only 2 losses?  Really? They just don’t seem that good.  Cardinals are starting Beanie Wells at RB.  What kind of name is “Beanie”? I’m going with the Birds at home.  Bucs 18  Cardinals 20
  • Vikings vs Patriots:  There is no way the Vikes are going to pull this one out.  Favre will start because he owns Chilly, will get sacked numerous times, will throw up 3 INT’s and (deja vu?) the Patriots will win.  Vikings 14  Patriots 32
  • Seahawks vs Raiders:  The Raiders blew up last week! Team record for number of points scored…it was outrageous!  I like them against Seattle too.  Seahawks 18  Raiders 27
  • Steelers vs Saints:  Madden curse, once again? I don’t know, but the Saints aren’t playing like the SB champs.  Steelers are playing some good smash mouth football.  I look for them to get the “W”.  Steelers 29  Saints 24


  • Texans vs Colts:  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I don’t like Peyton Manning.  It’s a personal thing.  He totally snubbed the fans at the Pro Bowl in 2002 and ever since, I have held a grudge.  I’m going with the best Texas team in the state.  Texans 28 Colts 22

Byes: Falcons, Ravens, Bears, Browns, Giants, Eagles

Those are my picks this week. Look forward to your comments.

Crazy Packer Fan of the Week – Chief Packer

I’m starting a new weekly post, dedicated to my fellow Packer Nation Fanatics.  Everyone knows how enthusiastic Packers fans are about supporting our team.  This will serve as a testament to those fans (like me) that make being a Green Bay Packer fan a way of life!

Week 8 – Packer Fan of the week is :

Chief Packer – The Chief is a Native American from Wisconsin.  He is a DIE HARD GREEN BAY PACKERS FAN.  He also creates an entire line of Packers Videos on YouTube.

Chief Packer

If you have not had a chance to check out his videos, you MUST!  Be warned, he is hilarious!  I have laughed myself into more than one asthma attack watching his stuff. (For those non-asthmatics, laughing extremely hard can sometimes bring on an attack)

Here is the most recent of Chief Packers video’s:

Be sure to follow Chief Packer on Twitter!/Indianpackers

If you would like to nominate someone to be Crazy Packer Fan of the week, just send me an email with a brief bio of the person you are nominating!

Week 6 Roundup – How’d we do?

Week 6 of the NFL has offically ended.  Let’s see how Lisa & Melinda did with their picks.

Melinda got the following games wrong:

  • Falcons vs Eagles
  • Dolphins vs Packers
  • Ravens vs Patriots
  • Raiders vs 49ers
  • Cowboys vs Vikings

Lisa got the following games wrong:

  • Falcons vs Eagles
  • Seahawks vs Bears
  • Chargers vs Rams
  • Ravens vs Patriots

Melinda picked only 9 out of 14 correctly

Lisa picked 10 out of 14 correctly

This weeks winner is : Lisa

For weeks 3,4,5 & 6 combined – Melinda has 35/58   Lisa has 32/58

Note: We decided today that in the event of a tie, whoever got the MNF game right or predicted the exact score of a match up would win the tie breaker.

NFL Week 7: Melinda’s Picks


  • Bengals vs Falcons: Falcons are looking better all the time. The “old” Chad is supposed  to be back this week, meaning some sort of on field shenanigans if he scores a TD, I don’t think we’ll get to see what he’s spent his week planning.  Bengals 13  Falcons 23
  • Steelers vs Dolphins: The Steelers are back with Big Ben; he made a good showing last week.  Henne needs protection to make an impact. I’m going with the Steelers 28  Dolphins 21
  • Bills vs Ravens:  Oh dear gosh.  Ravens…’nuff said.  Bills 7  Ravens 32
  • Jaguars vs Chiefs: I always try to go with the Chiefs when they have home field advantage, nothing changes this week.  Jaguars 12  Chiefs 28
  • Browns vs Saints: Drew Brees in the Big Easy, will get an easy, breezy, beautiful win on Sunday, Browns 6  Saints 24
  • Redskins vs Bears: Chicago – they are who we thought they were.  Frauds of the NFC.  The Redskins and McNabb will roll into Soldier Field and put the whoop on them. Redskins 26  Bears 7
  • 49ers vs Panthers: These two teams have me shaking my head… it wasn’t that long ago that they were both contenders.  I’m flipping a coin on this one,  heads : Niners, tails: Panthers….tails it is.  49ers 14  Panthers 17
  • Rams vs Buccaneers: I’m starting to get that old “Greatest Show on Turf” feelin’ from the Rams.  The Bucs won’t be able to contain Jackson’s run.  Rams 31  Bucs 14
  • Eagles vs Titans: Titans at home are good. Chris Johnson is claiming he’ll have a big day.  Kolb on the Eagles is coming along, but I don’t think they can win this road game.  Eagles 17 Titans 28
  • Cardinals vs Seahawks: Another match-up of two teams that have completely underwhelmed me this year.  I’m going with #teamfitzgerald  Cardinals 21  Seahawks 18
  • Patriots vs Chargers: This is one of those evil vs good games.  Patriots being evil and Chargers good, good as in nice..not good as in football playmakers.  My one bright spot on the Bolts team, Antonio Gates looks to be injured.  So, evil takes it Patriots 25  Chargers 10
  • Raiders vs Broncos: Both teams are 2-4, both teams are in the AFC West division. Both teams are still”in the mix” due to the overall poor performance of all AFC West teams.  Going into Mile High Stadium is usually a tough venue for most teams.  The Raiders will be no exception.  Raiders 17  Broncos 24
  • Vikings vs Packers: So the Old Dongslinger is on his way back to Lambeau, hopefully, for the last time. Vikings fans would like for you to think it’s a gimme.  However,  the Vikings suck so much this year that they haven’t been able to pull out a single road win.  The Vikings are now getting a taste of the Brett Favre that we’ve had to deal with for many years.  The Favre that is injured and making bad decisions and finding ways to lose the games. Plus they have the added bonus of watching his legacy further deteriorate with the sexting/workplace contact issues.  Meanwhile, the Packers are getting healthy, Matthews will be back, sights set on #4; Donald Driver said he wouldn’t miss the game, quad injury be damned.  We get Al Harris and Atari Bigby and Starks back this week.  I’m looking for a very good game and the Packers will win.  Vikings 14  Packers 28.


  • Giants vs Cowboys: Giant seem to have turned things around, the defense is standing tough against opponents offenses, I don’t think this is going to be a good year for the Cowboys at all, where are their play makers?   Giants 28, Cowboys 14.

Those are my picks this week. Look forward to your comments.

It’s Packers vs Vikings Week!

The Green Bay Packers host the Minnesota Vikings this Sunday, October 24th at Lambeau Field!

This game is definitely a bitter border battle.  It’s no secret that Vikings fans hate Packers fans and vice versa.  This week makes that fact even more apparent.

Last year, the Packers had a 2nd year QB in Aaron Rodgers, while the Vikings and Brett Favre had some weird chemistry that allowed them to put together a winning season.  Beating the Packers at Lambeau and at the Metrodome.

This year, things have changed.

  • Rodgers is a better QB, Favre is 28th ranked in the NFL.
  • Rodgers is young, Favre is a 41 year old grand-pappy with a hurt ankle and tendinitis (or so he claims when he sucks)
  • Rodgers reputation is in tact.  Favre’s reputation has taken multiple hits this season, including a sext scandal.  NFL investigation is ongoing.
  • The Packers have a better record than the Vikings
  • The Vikings haven’t won a road game in almost a year
  • The Packer fans are rabid about our team
  • The Viking fans want Brett be a bench-warmer
  • The Vikings defense are struggling to sack the QB’s.  Jarred Allen, is totally lost. 

    Last seen 2009 NFL Season

Here are the keys to the Packers winning this week:

We are PackerNation – Lambeau needs to be rocking! Make as much noise as possible during every Vikings offense turn on the field!  Don’t let up, don’t let a fluke TD quiet you! KEEP UP THE INTENSITY!!


Hoping for lot's of Lambeau Leaps!


Get Clay Matthews back in the line up!




Favre will be quivering in his support hose when he sees the Predator gunning for him!

Play smart and move the ball.  Third down conversions are the key.  We’ve never struggled with a conversion until the past few games.  Get that back together.

Throw the ball to Greg Jennings! He’s proven he’s a long ball guy!

Special teams need to be special again.  Hold on to the ball! Give the returner a wedge, make some blocks.  Field position will be a factor!


We'll see a lot of this from #4


At the end of the night Packers will be 4-3; Vikings 2-4  and depending on how the rest of the NFC North teams play, it could be very, very interesting!


Cowboys vs Vikings post game bashing

Well, congratulations goes out to the winner of the “Toilet Bowl” .  The Dallas Cowboys effectively lose to the 1-3 Vikings and slip to a 1-4 record.  Here now, is the trophy presentation…


Dallas Cowboys 1-4


While Peterson/Favre was able to fumble one and give the ball back to the Cowboys, they didn’t have the fortitude to finish up the game with a win. Even though the last play of the game looked like a fun game of “monkey in the middle”.  Why are teams resorting to this type of play?  I’ve seen it at least a half-dozen times this year.

There were the obvious Dallas penalties, 11 for 91 yards, and the defense was able to sack Favre 3 times.  At one point, I thought they were going to have to call for a stretcher.


One of three sacks Favre suffered vs Cowboys


But he stayed in there, and ended the game with 1 TD and only 118 yards and 1 fumble. (Which won’t do much for his QB rankings.)  To be honest, I was surprised he didn’t throw his usual pick 6 at the end of game.  I guess someone told him to just run the ball.


Austin dinged for unsportsmanlike conduct


So, the Vikings move to a 2-3 records. Still 3rd place in the division.

Next week they come to Lambeau Field for the Packers.  I’m hoping to see a healthier Green Bay team next Sunday.  And we can start our 2010 sweep of the Vikings.


CM3 should be cleared to play next week