Crazy Packer Fan of the Week – Chief Packer

I’m starting a new weekly post, dedicated to my fellow Packer Nation Fanatics.  Everyone knows how enthusiastic Packers fans are about supporting our team.  This will serve as a testament to those fans (like me) that make being a Green Bay Packer fan a way of life!

Week 8 – Packer Fan of the week is :

Chief Packer – The Chief is a Native American from Wisconsin.  He is a DIE HARD GREEN BAY PACKERS FAN.  He also creates an entire line of Packers Videos on YouTube.

Chief Packer

If you have not had a chance to check out his videos, you MUST!  Be warned, he is hilarious!  I have laughed myself into more than one asthma attack watching his stuff. (For those non-asthmatics, laughing extremely hard can sometimes bring on an attack)

Here is the most recent of Chief Packers video’s:

Be sure to follow Chief Packer on Twitter!/Indianpackers

If you would like to nominate someone to be Crazy Packer Fan of the week, just send me an email with a brief bio of the person you are nominating!


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