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Trash Talk Friday: October 1, 2010

It’s time for some pregame Trash Talk!

Melinda writes:

Breaking News: Even with a 4th Week Bye the Vikings lose by 16.

The Vikings have played three games, lost two decisively, and go into a bye week.  Instead of working on the problems, meeting as a team, they go on vacation.

Perfect.  They’ll be back next week, well rested and even more out-of-sync.

When they do come back to work, they will have their work cut out for them.  First, it’s off to NY to play the Jets,  then, back home for Dallas.  Week 7 they head off to Green Bay, WI – Lambeau Field where the Packers will play host to one of the all time worst teams in NFC.  Just look at what they’ve accomplished…28th in the NFL in total offense, scoring just 14.3 points per game.  Even the Lions are ranked higher.  And penalties! you want to talk about penalties? The Vikings have had 25 in 3 games… Hello, pot, have you met kettle?

After taking a serious beating behind the Cheddar curtain (as Vikes call it), it’s off to another road game to meet up with the New England Patriots, another open air stadium, in winter.  They’ll be begging for another vacation at that point.  But there’s no rest for weary, 9 more games to play back to back to back.. you get the picture.

Vikings Super Bowl Trophy case

Then, they can take a nice long break until next Spring training camp.


Lions vs Vikings Battle of the Bad: Packers Fan Post Game Bashing

Who will win the title of The Worst Team in the NFC North Division? The loser of this game, that’s who.

Going into week 3 with no wins puts teams in a “do or die” situation.  Desperate for a win,  the teams usually battle it out.  But as I was tuned into NFL RedZone, (since the game wasn’t on in my marker), I waited..for an update.. and waited.. and waited.  Okay, so, the 1st quarter is almost over and no one has scored?

I turn to Twitter…there are a few tweeps at the game. .. The first tweet I read is : “Vikes fans are booing Favre.”   Really? you don’t say.   Doesn’t surprise me in the least. Worst fan in the NFL. It’s a fact.

Boo Boooo Favre you suck Bring back TJAX

More updates, Lions punt, Vikes punt, Lions punt, Vikes punt, Lions punt.. mmm.. good game.  The next update was a Favre INT.  Yeah! finally something good to report.  The rest of the game was pretty much a sloppy series of punts, interceptions, fumbles a field goal and a couple of TD’s.

The one good thing that happened during the game was an 80 yard run by Adrian Peterson for a TD.  (I did mention in my Friday Trash Talk that Vikes were lucky to have him since he’s the ONLY thing they have going on right now).

End result, the Vike pull one out, great. The Vikes fans will be gloating and talking about winning the division, perhaps the Super Bowl!  But even as I congratulate some of my friends who follow the team, the response was always the same “Meh, well, I guess”.  Typical Vikes fans.

Fast forward two days later and it’s all “We haven’t lost a game in our division”, “we’re so much better than the Packers” …although our record is still better than theirs.

Over all, not impressed by either team.  Offense, defense, special team, WR’s, QB’s..all less than par.  But someone had to win, right? I’m still predicting a 4-12 for this team of misfits and has-beens.

Favre’s age is starting to show. 201 yards passing, one TD and 2 INT’s.  Speaking of age, I know he’s a grandfather now, and he seems to have aged 10 years this offseason, but I have to ask, what the hell was with that shirt he was wearing in the after game presser?  I mean, I know he’s a grandpa, .. but really? 

Packers vs Bears Postgame thoughts by Melinda (ilovemypackers)

Packers beat the Packers 

Obviously, I’m disappointed that the Packers didn’t win this one.  It was definitely a game we could have taken. Easily.  Instead, there were 18 penalties for a total of 151 yds.  That’s pretty much a touch down and a field goal.  Aside from the penalties and the fact that we have lost a game, I still saw some outstanding plays. 

Aaron Rodgers has legs and an arm

Aaron Rodgers is an elite QB in only his 3rd year starting.  He has the ability to run the ball, not just scramble and slide to avoid contact, but he also has vision when it comes to an opening in the defense.  QB’s that have great arm strength, are accurate and have mobility are rare in the NFL.  Aaron finished the night with 316 yards passing, a rushing TD. 

The Packers O-line had their second game without allowing a single sack. In fact, there have been no sacks for 10 consecutive quarters.  An amazing improvement over last year at this time. However, I do question Tauscher and Clifton and the multiple pre-snap penalties they accumulated.  Both are veterans on the team and should be able to maintain their stance until the snap.  I hope the coach does something about that immediately, there’s no excuse. 

We had seven different receivers for catches today. One of the stand outs was TE Jermichael Finley with 9 catches and 115 yards. Jennings had a great catch, as did Donald Driver. 

The one area the was obviously lacking is our running game. We can’t be effective if we expect our quarterback to be our leading rusher and throw 40+ passes per game!  Kuhn made an awesome 18 yard run, not that 18 yards is anything to brag about, except that he did it with 8 Bears on his back, dragging them yard by yard until they collapsed on top of him. 

Special teams needs some tough love too.  Kicking to directly to Hester time after time? What are you thinking?  Then allowing him to run it back for his first TD in two years.  Unacceptable.
The defense wasn’t bad, but again, penalties took away all the good things that were being done on the field.   I was looking forward to seeing Frank Zombo, rookie linebacker, in his first NFL start after watching him in pre-season.  

Frank Zombo sacks Cutler

He made a nice sack on Cutler early in the game, but unfortunately was called for a helmet-to-helmet hit against Bears quarterback  in the fourth quarter and caught a roughing the passer penalty.  That negated an  interception by Nick Barnett which also extended a Bears drive that ended in a Robbie Gould’s 25 yard field goal to tie the game. 

Clay Matthews had three tackles and a roughing the passer penalty that took away his one sack.

The Packers set  a new team record with 18 penalties. Some were game changers. Two interceptions were called back and 6 points were taken off the scoreboard. Safety Nick Collins intercepted the ball, but the penalty moved the ball from the Packers’ 33-yard line to their 9 and set up an easy 19-yard game-winning field goal for  Gould. 

These are the areas the Packers must improve on if we want to be the dominating team we know we can be:

  • Work on Special Teams
  • Stop the PENALTIES
  • Get a starting Running Back that we can depend on

Even with this loss and the frustrating issues.  The Packer Nation is United.  Fans on FB and Twitter all shout the same sentiment.  We LOVE our Packers.

Note: Here is the part where I complain about the officiating. 

If anyone watched the game with an un-biased eye, they probably saw what I saw.  There were multiple non-calls on fouls against the Packers, like the late hit on Aaron Rodgers after the ball had been out of his hands so long it was almost in the next zip code.  Then the late hit out-of-bounds against Jennings. 

The one that made the most difference to the outcome of the game was the pass interference call against Morgan Burnett that prevented the interception by Nick Collins.  That was NOT  defensive pass interference, it was offensive pass interference.  You can clearly see the Bear’s player holding down the right arm of Burnett and his other arm is draped over the left shoulder and on the Packer’s helmet. The officials got it wrong and it probably costs the Packers the game. 

Not defensive pass interference.

Why the Green Bay Packers fans ARE better than any other NFL team fans by Melinda (ilovemypackers)

The way I see it, you have Green Bay Packers fans and then you have all the other 31 teams fans. Granted there are some teams that have fans that are hard-core, live and breathe with their team’s success and would run a close second, third and fourth in the league.

In my opinion some of the best fans are:

  • Raider’s fan – they are scary dedicated
  •  Steeler’s fans, with their Terrible Towels
  • Chief’s fans, (do they even allow opposing team’s fans in the stadium? All I ever see is an ocean of red in the stands)

But hands down, the best of the best have got to be Packers fans.  Packers fans are usually fanatics, plain and simple.  The saying that they “bleed green and gold” is probably true.  Packers fans are enthusiastic and hopeful.  They are friendly and considerate.  They appreciate most other teams in the NFL for what they have accomplished.   Rivalries are generally all in fun, for bragging rights but for the most part harmless. 

Whether they are dressing up in outrageous costumes or donning the jersey of their favorite player, Packers fans are proud of their team and support them with every fiber of their beings.  There are Packers fan clubs all over the world.  The fan base in the US is strong in all 50 states.  Now, if you consider for a moment that the Green Bay Packers are based out of a very small town in Wisconsin, without a huge metropolitan area to support it, it’s pretty amazing. 

Sure, there are other fans of other teams that live outside of the state the team is based out of, but most other teams have the benefit of a “built-in” fan base.  If you live in the town of an NFL franchise team, you mostly would grow up supporting the “home” team.

For the Packers, however, fans across the country root for them and consider them their “home” team even if they don’t live anywhere near Green Bay.  I think that says a lot about the character of a team and the character of the fans.  

I don’t think anyone is ever a past Packer fan.  They are usually Packer fans for life….just like me.

Now, for a little informational history on our fans.

The Packers’ fan base is famously dedicated: regardless of the team’s performance, every Packers game at Lambeau Field has been sold out since 1960. Despite the Packers having by far the smallest local TV market, the Packers have developed one of the largest fan bases in the NFL. Each year they consistently rank as one of the top teams in terms of popularity.

The Packers have one of the longest waiting lists for season tickets in profession sports with about 74,000 people as of May 3, 2007.  In 2008 the list grew by more than 4,000 names. There are now more names on the waiting list than there are seats at Lambeau Field. The average wait time for season tickets is said to be over 30 years; yet if a name were to be added to the list today, the estimated wait could extend well over 100 years. For this reason, it is not unusual for fans to designate a recipient of their season tickets in their wills or place newborn infants on the waiting list after receiving birth certificates.

During training camp in the summer months  young Packers fans can take their bikes and have their favorite player ride their bike to the practice field from the locker room. This is an old Packers tradition dating back to approximately 1957 (the first years of Lambeau Field’s existence).  A Packers end said, “I think it was just that kids wanted us to ride their bikes. I can remember kids saying, ‘Hey, ride my bike.'” The practice continues today.

Each year the team holds an intra-squad scrimmage, called Family Night, at Lambeau Field. During 2004 and 2005 over 60,000 fans attended, selling out the stadium bowl. The Packers hosted the Buffalo Bills for the 2005 edition of Family Night setting an attendance record with 62,492 fans attending.

In August 2008, ESPN ranked the Packers as having the second-best fans in the NFL.  The team initially finished tied with the Steelers as having the best fans, but the tie was broken by ESPN’s own John Clayton a Pittsburg native.

Source: Wikipedia

Green Bay Packers, the Sweetest Team in the NFL by Melinda (ilovemypackers)

Yesterday evening, I was messing around on my Twitter page, reading post, checking out links, having fun, since I’m new to Tweetdom.  While doing so, I stumbled across a fellow Packer fan who’s Twitter handle is @Throwingcandy.  I was intrigued by this name and clicked on the profile.  I read the Bio and absolutely fell in love with this idea.

@Throwingcandy has come up with the idea to really celebrate the Packers when they score a touchdown. It’s quite simple, but it gives me joy just to think about it.

  1.  Packers score a touchdown
  2. Packers fans throw handfuls of candy into the air
  3. Rejoice!

It is that simple and I truly believe the only team in the NFL that would even consider doing such a thing is the Green Bay Packers.  I really hope it catches on because I will be bringing bags of candy to Lambeau when I make that trip in November!

So, throw some candy and show some love Packers Nation

Check out my new friend on Facebook and on Twitter

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not – My Relationship with Brett Favre by Melinda (ilovemypackers)

First off, the title, in my heart and mind, I did have a relationship with Brett Favre and the rest of the Green Bay Packers.  I think any die-hard Packer fan probably feels the same way.  Other fans of other teams in the NFL probably have a difficult time understanding that statement, but for Packer fans, it rings true.

In the mid 90’s it was so easy to fall in love with the team and watch them play for the “love of the game”, not just Brett, but all the players.  Antonio Freeman, Donald Driver, Bubba Franks, Ahman Green, Frank Winters (Frankie Bag O Donuts), Mark Chamura, Reggie White.. and I could go on.  Each member of the team through 2007 had earned a very special place in my heart.  Watching them play football was exhilarating and gave me great joy. 

As the leader of the team, I loved every moment watching Brett with his intensity, determination, and still being able to have fun on the field as well as the sidelines.  I was there when he struggled with drug addiction.  I was there when he had marital problems. I remember the birth of his second child.  My heart hurt for his family when his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I cried when his father died of a massive heart attack while driving his pickup.  I watched in amazement as he took the field to play against Oakland the night after his father’s death and watched as he scored miraculous touchdown after touchdown. Knowing that his dad was right there with him.  All of the emotion he and the team went through during those years, we Packer fans felt right along with them.   

When rumors of Brett retiring started in 2003, I held my breath.  Waiting for the season to start to see if he would return.  He did. In 2005, retirement rumors surfaced again, and yet he stayed. In January 2006, he stated to the media, he probably wouldn’t be back.  At this point, I started to believe it. The previous few seasons were a disappointment, we were rebuilding and nothing seemed to click.  Maybe it was time. But one thing was for sure I (we) still loved him and respected him.  In early March of 2006, he tearful announced his retirement.  It was a sad day for us all.  We knew this day would come.  He was our hero and he was leaving.  But I (we) loved him still.

Then it starts to get weird.  At the end of March  rumors are swirling once again that he’s coming back to Green Bay (?)…wait, didn’t he just retire?  I thought he said he would never play football again.  Did I hear that wrong?  Rewind, play….yep, that’s what he said.

Then he asked to be release by the Packers.. trade talks are shut down by HQ,  he’s retired, there’s no trade.  Marketing teams scrambled to put together a $25MM deal for Favre to remain part of the organization, but he didn’t like that idea.  He requested reinstatement, got it, and a trade to the AFC Jets was secured.  Now, at this point the fans are a little disgusted with the whole idea..all the back and forth.. just what in the hell is happening here? Why not just come clean and tell us what you plan to do? After 17 years, don’t we deserve the respect of just telling us the truth?  Why all the hem hawing around? Just TELL us!

My feelings (bear with me here) about Brett going to another team can be likened to my long-time boyfriend, who I agreed to break up with amicably,  started dating someone else.  Not as pretty as me,  with no personality, and no endearing features.  Good luck with that. Wish you well, really.

But alas, that relationship didn’t last long at all.  So, in February 2009, he breaks up with is new girlfriend, the Jets.  Again he announces that he is retiring. He’s finished with football.  Okay, give the man some privacy, let him settle on the farm in Hattiesburg, go fishing and hunting and do commercials for Wrangler, Sensodyne and Prilosec and enjoy your life.  Good luck old friend, we wish you well. We’ll party at Lambeau when we retire your jersey.  See you in the Hall of Fame in 5 years.  Hugs and Kisses, keep in touch if you can!

Then, all this talk about Brett talking to the stinking Minnesota Vikings.  (Excuse me while I spout off some French here) Are you fucking kidding me??  At this point, in my head, it was like I just found out that my old boyfriend was going behind my back and secretly dating my cousin, whom I have hated all my life.  She’s (the Vikings) a bitch and I hate her, she’s evil and ruthless and a liar and just a really poor excuse for a person.   It was a dagger in the heart, topped off with a slap across my face.  I am SO done with him. I never want to hear his name again. I hope he falls flat on his face. Why would any Packer fan hope that he has success at the Vikings is way beyond my comprehension.  Do they understand that the Vikings are our arch rivals right now?  The Vikings goal is to try to prevent us from reaching the Super Bowl again, remember?

I know that sounds harsh and maybe a little mental.  Believe me when I say, I have often said jokingly, that I needed therapy to get over this.  Luckily for me, I was able to get over it fairly soon (by the Super Bowl).  I could watch a game, but instead of cheering Favre, I was rooting for ANY team that played against the Vikings.  I was very disappointed when Vikes actually pulled out a winning season, but I took great joy in all of their losses. (This is actually nothing new, I always root against them unless they suck so bad they have no chance to make the playoffs).   But the cherry on top was watching the NFC Championship game and watching Brett throw that ever too familiar season ending interception.  I think I actually did a 36inch vertical jump for joy! (A personal best).   I honestly don’t think I could have been happier in that moment. 

So, here I am, in all my Green Bay Packer fan glory. Admitting my somewhat mental illness to anyone who happens to stumble upon this blog.  The only thing I can add is the start of the 2010 season, where the Packers are undefeated and Vikings are winless has me in the most amazingly serene and happiest of moods.  GoPackGO

Note: To anyone who insists “it’s just a business” You obviously have no clue what it means to be a Packer fan.  Being a Packer is not a business, it’s a way of life!

Melinda: For all the Viking Fans