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And… We’re Back!

Finally the Lockout is over and the team has reported to Green Bay to start camp. We’ve lost a few great guys along the way and picked up some interesting new talent too.

Packers Passion is ready to start writing and talking about all things Packers once again. This time, we have some new writers to add to the mix. We’re currently working out all of our staff writers and hope to be able to introduce you to them soon.. keep tuned, it WILL be interesting.

Go Pack Go!


Green Bay Packers 2010 Tribute

Green Bay Packers – I Made It!

I believe any player in the NFL wants to be a Green Bay Packer!

Aaron Rodgers -NFC Offensive Player of the Week 16

Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers has been named NFC Offensive Player of the Week , again.  This time for the spectacular display he put on against the New York Giants.

Rodgers also won this honor week 13, against the San Francisco 49ers.

Rodgers threw a career-high 404 yards and 4 TD’s and a QB rating of 139.9. The Packers won the game in a blowout 45-17.

Congratulations again Aaron!

Pro Bowl Throws the Vikings a Bone with a Single Player invited

So, the lowly and terribly distraught Vikings were thrown a bone today by the NFL Pro Bowl committee.  They indeed granted one of the worst teams in the NFL a single player’s spot in the Pro Bowl.

Did Adrian Peterson deserve it? Sure, if you want to consider that fact that he pretty much carried the team on his back all year. But his stats haven’t been great, he ranks 11th on the RB stats by position.

He’s a good kid and because he’s from OU,  I’ve liked him for a while.

As far as the rest of the Vikings players, meh, not so much.

But on a personal level, Chris Kluwe is an awesome person. He would get my vote just because he’s funny..and he sent me a DM on Twitter : )

Too bad for the Vikings and their fans.  I guess the consolidation prize for the season is a RB in the Pro Bowl.  Good job!

Reason For Vikings Catastrophic Season Revealed

Another security camera at the Minnesota Viking’s stadium reveals the cause of the roof collapse. Officials have confirmed that a Wizard, and devoted Greenbay Packers fan, was responsible for the Metrodome incident.

Sources say the “Wizard” is also responsible for the blizzard in PA….

Feelin So Fly Like A Cheesehead – Higher Education

Another fun video/song for Packer Fans, by Packer Fans!