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Melinda (ilovemypackers)


aka Melinda is a die-hard Green Bay Packers Fan. Growing up in Oklahoma, in pre-cable days, you basically had two choices if you liked the NFL, you watched the Kansas City Chiefs, or the Dallas Cowboys. Her household was a Dallas Cowboys zone. Her father and older brother are still Cowboys fans today. She, however, chose a different path that started on January 16, 1994 during the NFC Divisional Playoff game. Cowboys vs Packers. She watched that game with every intention of rooting on the Cowboys to win and make yet another trip to the Superbowl. But something happened. It was as though she was watching the game through someone else’s eyes. The Cowboys got off to an early lead, getting some “Dallas Officiating”, (calls going only their way), while the Packers took it in stride and just seemed to play harder and with greater intensity. A few trick plays by Dallas followed by shear determination and more heart then she had ever seen by a professional football team, and she knew. She just fell in lovewith a football team! Melinda has been hooked ever since!
Melinda is also the Editor and Lead Writer for http://www.lombardiave.com/
as well as Contributing Writer for NFL.com Blog Blitz

6 responses to “About The Author

  1. Melinda,

    I have some ‘splaining to do! Firstly, I know those days in Oklahoma quite well, growing up and attending OU: actually, we had to root for the Sooners/Cowboys or, as you mentioned, the Chiefs/Cowboys! Indeed, when not chasing tornadoes across the Great Plains, I got the NCAA football bug – bad. But the NFL angle – for me at least – was far different. I grew up with Vince Lombardi as my idol – and I have a dog-eared copy of “Instant Replay” somewhere on my bookshelf too. I can understand PERFECTLY why you would make the change and cheer for that northern team – no question. Go Packers!!

  2. Melinda, thought you and your readers might be interested in this story about a Packers Fan Hall of Fame Finalist thriving in the midst of New England Patriots’ country.

    Good luck next week against the Falcons.
    Bill Gilman

  3. Melinda: I have some exciting news for Packer (Lombardi) Fans! I have very recently entered into a Special License Agreement with The Lomardi Family to produce a series of Lombardi Images on sports apparel. (Some available “NOW” at the Packers Pro Shop). Other designs available at http://www.leisurethreads.com. If you have questions or want to know more, please email me. It’s a neat story. Thank You! Mike

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