NFL Week 8: Melinda’s Picks

I’m kind of rocking my NFL Picks….


  • Packers vs Jets: Okay, y’all should be seeing a trend by now. I NEVER pick against the Packers.  Jets are at 5-1 and are leading their division and ranked in the top 3 of the NFL.  For the Packers to win this one (with 10 players on IR, including 5 starters) we must protect Rodgers. The o-line is doing a really great job on this, and they need to be even more diligent.  We need the turnover ratio to be on our side.  I look for Woodson to have another great game, for Matthews to get to Sanchez at least twice and for the Packers to win in NY.  Packers 28  Jets 21
  • Panthers vs Rams:  Rams at home are really good.  Jackson had surgery last week on his ring finger, but says he’ll play.  I think the Rams even without Jackson can beat this mediocre Panthers crew.  Panthers 14  Rams 24
  • Bills vs Chiefs: The Bills put up a fight last week, who knew they had it in them?  But alas, they are still winless.  Chiefs at home are nearly unstoppable.  I’m going with the Chiefs.  Bills 12  Chiefs 28
  • Broncos vs 49ers: Note to Green Bay Packers GM – don’t schedule the Packers to travel to London England for a game…ever. It’s like a precursor to a poor season.  For the 4th time in a row, two lack luster teams are representing the NFL in a game in London England.  Both teams are full of holes, both teams with losing records.  Since I have to pick one, I’ll go with the 49er’s.  Broncos 7 49ers 13
  • Redskins vs Detroit:  Redskins at Detroit. Um….going with Hogs.  Detroit needs to just lay down and hope to get worst team in the league for a top draft pick next year.  Redskins 27  Lions 14
  • Dolphins vs Bengals:  Dolphins are mad about the controversial call last week that essentially put the nail in the coffin.  I don’t understand the ruling either.  How can you call a fumble, but not give the ball to the team that comes up with it? It’s not like the ball went out-of-bounds.  What ever.  I like the Bengals this week.  Just because.  Dolphins 14  Bengals 21
  • Jaguars vs Cowboys: The funny thing about this game, both teams are doing so poorly that even here in south Texas, the Cowboys aren’t on TV!  I think that’s a first.  Kitna in for Romo, they automatically lose the “cuteness” factor.  No woman wants to see a Charlie Brown look-alike at QB.  I think the boys will pull out a squeaker.  Jaguars 12 Cowboys 14
  • Titans vs Chargers: Last week, Kenny Britt had 225 yrds in 7 catches and 3 TD’s against the Eagles!  Was that a fluke? I think not. The Chargers need a new power source, they can’t hold a charge.  I’m going with the Titans 28  Chargers 10
  • Buccaneers vs Cardinals: Tampa is coming into this game with only 2 losses?  Really? They just don’t seem that good.  Cardinals are starting Beanie Wells at RB.  What kind of name is “Beanie”? I’m going with the Birds at home.  Bucs 18  Cardinals 20
  • Vikings vs Patriots:  There is no way the Vikes are going to pull this one out.  Favre will start because he owns Chilly, will get sacked numerous times, will throw up 3 INT’s and (deja vu?) the Patriots will win.  Vikings 14  Patriots 32
  • Seahawks vs Raiders:  The Raiders blew up last week! Team record for number of points scored…it was outrageous!  I like them against Seattle too.  Seahawks 18  Raiders 27
  • Steelers vs Saints:  Madden curse, once again? I don’t know, but the Saints aren’t playing like the SB champs.  Steelers are playing some good smash mouth football.  I look for them to get the “W”.  Steelers 29  Saints 24


  • Texans vs Colts:  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I don’t like Peyton Manning.  It’s a personal thing.  He totally snubbed the fans at the Pro Bowl in 2002 and ever since, I have held a grudge.  I’m going with the best Texas team in the state.  Texans 28 Colts 22

Byes: Falcons, Ravens, Bears, Browns, Giants, Eagles

Those are my picks this week. Look forward to your comments.


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