Road To The Super Bowl

By Todd Banks

A race for the NFC North championship,
we came up short
Extra games became the task at hand
for a playoff port

We fought long and hard
to complete the job
Vick,Ryan, Cutler
And some guy name Kolb.

The “city of brotherly love”
Was our first stop
The Eagles were good,
But we came out on top.

Next stop, the Falcons in a beautiful dome
we were told they were unstoppable there
but we made it our home

Next up, the Bears
our oldest rival
Their defense that was ready
for our arrival

They fought a good fight
On the defensive side
But we are still waiting
For the Offense to arrive

The NFC Championship
Is ours to hold
No surprise to me
If I may be so bold,

And that my Packer friends was the road
To where we are now .

We rep the NFC with Pittsburgh our foe
in a dome, no field to plow .

The biggest game of the year in the Cowboys home
Game of the year and the Pack will own .

The championship trophy is coming home soon,
Thanks to the fans the players
And the spirit of Lombardi,
we will celebrate as champs proud and hardy.

So put on your championship belt
and point your fingers to the sky.
And to all us Packer fans we know why.

Go Pack Go


3 responses to “Road To The Super Bowl

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  2. Excellent Todd, excellent! GREAT effort, a LOT of thought went into that work, all that rhyming from the HEART, which – if I am not mistaken – bleeds Green and Gold!!

    “So put on your championship belt
    and point your fingers to the sky.
    And to all us Packer fans we know why.”

    ALL together now….

    GO PACK GO!!!


  3. Sport-a-holic Gal

    That’s beautiful, and there is no better way to express one’s admiration than through poetry! I wanted to be at there for the next Packer Super Bowl but have you seen the cost of the tickets and then the cost on top of that just to get there.. WOW. I’m acutally going to be with family for a little Super Bowl pop-wow, my family is all Wisconsin blood and although some have moved to different states the blood goes with you. I work for Dish Network and I was able to help get their super bowl system hooked up with just some simple info. I’m happy though because without the awesome effects of HD we would not be seeing the game as it could be seen. They actually got free HD due to qualifying which is really just a phone call. My folks are old school as their folks before them so it took them quite a long time just to get an HD TV. Very similar to how long it took for us to get our first microwave growing up but this year will be special. They have the AT 250 package with HD regional sports networks so they have been able to watch all Green Bay games which really puts a smile on my Dad’s face. You should have seen him light up when they won the final game that put them in the Bowl. This will be special anyway that it plays out but I am praying that the Packer’s bring it!!

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