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Week 9 Picks

Jets vs Bills 

Bucs vs Saints

Falcons vs Colts

Seahawks vs Cowboys

Dolphins vs Chiefs

49’ers  vs Redskins

Browns vs Texans

Broncos vs Raiders

Bengals vs Titans

Rams vs Cardinals

Giants vs Patriots

Packers vs Chargers

Ravens vs Steelers

Bears vs Eagles


Divisional Playoff Predictions – Pluck the Falcons!

I went 4 for 4 last week and hope I get the same out come today, but I only REALLY care about one game!


Baltimore Ravens vs Pittsburgh Steelers: The Ravens rolled into the Chiefs stadium last week and handed them the ONLY blowout game of the Playoffs.  The are driven and determined.  I expect to see a closer game this week in Pittsburgh, but the Steelers should pull it out.  Ravens 21 Pittsburgh 27

Green Bay Packers vs Atlanta Falcons: The Falcons are hosting the Packers for the second time this season..the first time, the Pack lost in a heart breaker with a last second FG.  This time….things will be different.

The last time these teams met up, Rodgers was the leading rusher for the game. Now, “Some body has a running game” (In my best Happy Gilmore voice)… Starks + Jackson + Kuhn = Rushing TD’s.

Add that to our powerhouse offense, our Beast Tsunami – Matthews, Bishop, Hawk and Raji;  going after cute little Matt Ryan… and our second to none secondary of Collins, Woodson, and Tramon (Da Man) Williams.. and it’s a team that’s going to give the Dirty Birds more than they can handle!  Packers 24 Falcons 17


Seattle Seahawks vs Chicago Bears: I think the nation was stunned last week when the ‘Hawks beat the Saints, they had the game of their lives. Can they keep up the intensity and carry them through to the NFC Championship game? It’s hard not to think the cards might lay in their favor.  The Bears have been enjoying a nice long break from game play, and we all know what bears do in winter, they hibernate.  With that, I’m going with the underdog.  Seahawks 21 Bears 14

New York Jets vs New England Patriots: I had a dream a few weeks back that the Packers and Jets were in the Super Bowl.  I’m just going to go ahead with that prediction (We’ll soon find out if I am just a dreamer or if I had a premonition) Jets 27 Patriots 24

NFL Week 16: Melinda’s Picks


  • Panthers vs Steelers:  The Panthers have won 2 games all year. The Steelers are fighting for a post season position. There’s no way the Steelers are going to let this one get away, especially at home.  Panthers 13 Steelers 21


  • Cowboys vs Cardinals: The Cowboys have added a few “W”‘s in the last six weeks, against some pretty good teams too.  Something seems to be working for them. Better late than never I guess. Cowboys 28, Cardinals 14.


  • Titans vs Chiefs: This one is simple; the Chiefs simple do not lose at home. Chiefs 28, Titans 17.
  • Ravens vs Browns: Ravens will take the Brown in this game.  Ravens 14, Browns 10
  • Patriots vs Bills:  The Patriots were lucky to skirt a loss last week to the Packers.  I don’t see the Bills giving them as much trouble. Patriots 24, Bills 13.
  • Lions vs Dolphins: The Lions have finally found the secret formula for winning games. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them win out and leave the cellar to the Vikings. Lions 28, Dolphins 24
  • Redskins vs Jaguars: I have to admit that I’m confused about the going’s on over at the Washington head office.  McNabb for Grossman? I don’t get it. The Jags are  still battling the Colts for the division.  I hope to see a blow-out. Jaguars 31, Redskins 14.
  • Jets vs Bears: The Bears already won their division, the Jets are playing for a spot. The AFC East Division can be decided on Sunday, they have a lot to play for. Jets 26 Bears 10.
  • 49ers vs Rams: This is another Divisional rival with playoff implications. The Rams need this one to stay on top of the NFC West. Rams 28, 49ers 23.
  • Texans vs Broncos: Both teams have nothing to play for but pride.  I think the Texans have more pride than the Broncos. Texans 21 Broncos 17
  • Colts vs Raiders: Just a little personal bias; Peyton Manning is a diva and I really would enjoy them being left out of the play offs all together. Colts 21 Raiders 28
  • Chargers vs Bengals: It wouldn’t be right if the Chargers weren’t playing balls to the wall this late in the season. Maybe one day they can figure out how to win some early games. Chargers 21 Bengals 14
  • Giants vs Packers: Man! Did the Giants screw the pooch last week or what? The coach had a freak out on the punter on national TV; although, it certainly wasn’t the punters fault the Eagles came back and scored 21 points in 8 minutes. The Packers are coming off a loss at the Patriots, but they played like champions (all except the last-minute of the game). Giants 14 Packers 31
  • Seahawks vs Buccaneers: Seahawks are still battling for division win, Bucs want to be in the post season too.  I think the Bucs will pull out a win at home Seahawks 18 Buccaneers 21
  • Eagles vs Vikings: The Eagles are still flying high after the Miracle at the Meadowlands; and the Vikings are still scraping up pieces off the frozen turf at TCF. With everything to gain the Eagles will wipe  up which of the 5 QB’s the Vikes have scraped together to try to make a whole one. Eagles 40 Vikings 7


  • Saints vs Falcons: Atlanta clinched a playoff spot, but wants the division. This game would give it to them.  Saints 21 Falcons 24

Those are my picks this week. Feel free to comment.

NFL Week 15 – Melinda’s Picks


  • 49ers vs Chargers: The Chargers are making their usual end of the season push.  Since history repeats, I pick the Chargers 21 49er’s 18


  • Cardinals vs Panthers:   Arizona is in last place in the NFC West, Carolina is last in their NFC South division too.  I have to with the team with at least a partial pulse. Cardinals 21 Panthers 14
  • Eagles vs Giants: NFC East BATTLE for top spot. I expect this to be an awesome game. Since the Eagles are leading the division now, I think they’ll play hard and put on a good show. Eagles 28 Giants 24
  • Packers vs Patriots: Rodgers concussion has everyone wondering if we can win this game without him.  Being the homer of all homers, I say sure,  why not.  The Patriots have been beaten.  Packers 21 Patriots 14
  • Lions vs Buccaneers: Here’s a chance for the Lions to spread some Christmas cheer, maybe after beating the Packers last week they have some confidence against the Bucs. Lions 10 Bucs 7
  • Browns vs Bengals : T.O. blamed the coaches this week on the poor performance of the team. Coaching definitely plays a part, can’t blaming him, but it will be interesting to see if he gets many balls tossed his way.  Browns 23 Bengals 15
  • Bills vs Dolphins:  The Dolphins are looking to spoil another AFC team’s playoff hopes, a win against the Bills can definitely put them in a position to do that.  Bills 12  Dolphins 17
  • Redskins vs Cowboys: The “other” NFC East divisional match-up, both of these teams are eliminated from the post season, and don’t really have anything to gain.  I think the Cowboys might play harder to help interim HC Jason Garrett become just HC.  Redskins 10  Cowboys 14
  • Jaguars vs Colts: Another good AFC battle. The Colts are holding on to playoff dreams by a wing and prayer, a loss to the Jags would crush that dream for sure. I’d like to see Peyton take an early vacation.  Jaguars 28 Colts 27
  • Saints vs Ravens: These two second place teams are trying to claw their way to number one in their division. Since it would benefit my team for the Ravens to win, that’s who I’m going with. Saints 21 Ravens 28
  • Texans vs Titans:  Ding, ding, ding.. In this corner, Cortland Finnegan, and in this corner, reigning champ Andre “Beat you like your mama” Johnson.  Round two.  That’s the only reason why I’m interested in this game, both are sitting out of post season.  I think the Texans will throw another knockout punch. Texans 23 Titans 17
  • Falcons vs Seahawks: Falcons have only lost two games this year.. that’s just really hard to believe.. they’ve been flying under the radar, the Seahawks are trying to catch the Rams who are the leaders of the division. I don’t want either team to win, but I must pick one. Falcons 26 Seahawks 16
  • Jets vs Steelers: Media hounding the Jets and it’s coaching staff after the disgusting display last week against the Dolphins. I hope the Steelers romp them as badly as the Patriots did a couple of weeks ago. Jets 15 Steelers 18
  • Broncos vs Raiders: Ugh! The Broncos.. they are a mess too.  They kind of remind me of the AFC version of the Vikings.  Broncos 14 Raiders 30


  • Bears vs Vikings: Hope the Bears lose. Bears 3 Vikings 6

Those are my picks this week. Look forward to your comments.

NFL Week 12: Melinda’s Picks

I almost forgot AGAIN…just time to do my Thursday picks, the rest will come later.


  • Patriots vs Lions: As much as I would love to see the Lions win this one, because 1) I don’t like the Patriots and 2) that would mean the Vikes would tie for last place in the division, where they belong, I have to go with the Pats.  Patriots 38, Lions 14.
  • Saints vs Cowboys: The Cowboys are one of the few teams in the NFC that I usually can’t stand, but I actually feel  a little sorry for them and their fans.  With the interim head coach obviously motivating this team, this could be the upset of the week.  I’m going to wish real hard with all my might that the ‘Boys pull this one out. Saints 21, Cowboys 24.
  • Bengals vs Jets:  Talk about lack of motivation.  The Bengals had a huge opportunity for a win last week against the Bill and just completely fell apart.  The Bills set an NFL record for coming back at  17 pts down and win by 18!  It’s ridiculous! Do the Bengals need a taste of the Cowboys medicine? Maybe so, they definitely could use a kick in the butt either way.  I’m picking the Jets. Jets 26, Bengals 21.


  • Packers vs Falcons:  The Packers and the Falcons are on a roll, both have extended their winning streaks to 4 wins. The Falcons have not lost at home yet this year, but look who they’ve played, Cardinals, 49er’s, Bengals, Bucs and Ravens, they have yet to play a team at home that are getting their stride.  This may be a test for the Packers, but I believe it will be a test they can ace.  Packers 28  Falcons 17
  • Steelers vs Bills: 7-3 Steelers at the 2-8 Bills.  Although we’ve seen signs of life out of Buffalo in the past two games, the Steelers will be too much for them to handle.  I pick Steelers 32, Bills 14.
  • Panthers vs Browns: Cleveland sits at 3-7 while the Panthers are at the bottom of the entire NFL with a 1-9 record.  I keep reflecting on the Browns win at the Saints, if they can win there, they can surely win in Carolina. Browns 27, Panthers 13.
  • Titans vs Texans: Both of these teams seem to be trending downward, Houston has lost 4 straight, while the Titans have lost 3.  The Titans need this win if they want any chance at a playoff berth. The question will be, do they want it bad enough to overcome their Vikings-like drama? I’m predicting they do. Texans 24, Titans 28.
  • Jaguars vs Giants: Wow, the Jags are 6-4? I wondered how that happened, then I looked at their schedule, they’ve racked up three W’s against the Cowboys, Texans and Browns.  Whoop-ti-do. Giants should have no problems. Giants 26, Jaguars 10.
  • Vikings vs Redskins:  Ahh, my favorite pick each week, for the Vikes to continue their out-of-control spiral into the bowels of the NFL record book.  The Redskins will win. Vikings 9, Redskins 24.
  • Dolphins vs Raiders:  Match up of AFC 5-5 teams, Dolphins can’t win at home, but seem to find a way to win on the road. The Raiders are the exact opposite, winning at home 4 of their 5 tries.  This one is literally a coin toss.  Picking the home team. Dolphins 20, Raiders 27.
  • Chiefs vs Seahawks:  Both teams top their division,  a loss by Seattle could open the door for the Rams to sneak in. I’m going with  Kansas City. Chiefs 26, Seahawks 14.
  • Buccaneers vs Ravens:  A win by the Bucs and a loss by the Falcons will blow the ceiling off of the NFC South, unfortunately for them, they play the Raven at home, which they own.  The Ravens win in “their house” Ravens 14, Bucs 10.
  • Eagles vs Bears: Obviously I have a vested interest in this game.  The Eagles should be able to hand another L to the Bears which will effectively give the Packers an edge. Bears 13, Eagles 34.
  • Rams vs Broncos: I’m going with hometown hero Sam Bradford and the Rams to beat the cheaters of the NFL, Denver Broncos.  Broncos 18, Rams 24.
  • Chargers vs Colts: I like the Chargers, but with Mathews out and Gates questionable, it’s hard to imagine they can make a game of it.  Chargers 14, Colts 28.


  • 49ers vs Cardinals:  What a crappy Monday Night Football game, Underwhelming vs Unmotivated. Someone will be able to sleep well after been named, “not the last place team in the NFC West” I say, who cares. Cardinals 18, 49er’s 14

Those are my picks this week. Look forward to your comments.

NFL Week 11: Melinda’s Picks

How I forget about Thursday night games, I’m not sure….but here are the rest of my picks:


  • Jets vs Texans: Texans have been struggling a bit, they need to regain their momentum.  Jets aren’t looking like the supreme team they were made out to be.  I’m going with the Texans 21 Jets 14
  • Ravens vs Panthers:  So, the Panthers are having a horrible season, tied for last place in the NFL with the Bills…good lawd!  Ravens 28 Panthers 7
  • Chiefs vs Cardinals: Chiefs are 5-4, playing the 3-6 Cardinals,  who have allowed 4 teams to score an average of 40pts on them! I’ve got to go with Chiefs on the road Chiefs 36 Cardinals 10
  • Packers vs Vikings: This is the Vikings “Super Bowl” for the season, and we all know what happens when the Vikes are in the Super Bowl (choke)…The Packers will score early and often, which will take the noise factor out of the game except for the unified chants of “Fire Chilly”.  Many Vikes fans have already written off this season and are hoping for a blow out, which should get the HC fired.. fine by me!  Let’s go Packers 35 Vikings 10
  • Raiders vs Steelers: Oakland is building up steam after winning 3 in a row; including the beat down of Denver at Mile High and handing Seattle a bruising at home, this week, they will win over the Steelers on the road Raiders 21 Steelers 17
  • Bengals vs Bills: If Cincinnati doesn’t win this game, they deserve a foot up the rear.  The Bills have had 1 win, which is exactly half of the number of wins the Bengals have.  Bengals 21 Bills 7
  • Browns vs Jaguars:  The Browns had a rough start, but having been coming on strong lately, beating two powerhouse teams, the Saints and the Patriots,  I look for them to continue this trend the rest of the year. Browns 24 Jags 16
  • Titans vs Redskins: Titans at home vs McNabb and the Redskins, who had it handed to them last week by the Eagles.  I’m going with the Titans 30 Redskins 18
  • Cowboys vs Lions: Both NFC teams have a disappointing 2-7 record; the difference between them, looks like the ‘Boys have a new coach that knows how to motivate based on the game against the Giants last week.  I’m picking the Cowboys 28 Lions 14
  • Saints vs Seahawks: Neither of these teams have been able to string together a 3 game winning streak.  I’m interested to see if Bush will play on Sunday and if that makes a difference.  Picking the Saints 24 Seahawks 7
  • Falcons vs Rams: The Falcons confuse me, on paper with 7-2 record, they look pretty good, but they’ve only won 2 games by more than a touchdown.  Are they good or lucky? I’m going with the St. Louis Rams at home Rams 27   Falcons 17
  • Buccaneers vs 49ers: I don’t have much to say about these two teams, 6-3 vs 3-6;  I think Tampa will have the edge. Buccaneers 24 49ers 10
  • Patriots vs Colts: Both teams are leading their division, both teams are a lot a like, both teams are playing the “short ball” games, and not airing it out for 40+ yards, since they are in Indy, I’m going with them for the win due to their piped in crowd noise advantage. Patriots 23 Colts 28
  • Eagles vs Giants: This has all the makings of a good game. NFC East, tied with 6-3 records, this one is for stand alone leader status.  Who wants it more? I’m going with Micheal Vick and the Eagles, he’s making a glorious come back and although I’ll never forget what he’s done in the past, because I love my dogs like family,  I’m really impressed with his determination and drive to change his life.  Eagles 28 Giants 21


  • Chargers vs Broncos: Who would have thought these two teams would be 3 and 4 in the AFC West at this point? Not the people who scheduled the MNF games, obviously.  I’m choosing the Chargers in a win at Mile High, the Broncos have shown that home field is not to their advantage.  Chargers 24 Broncos 17

Those are my picks this week. Look forward to your comments.

NFL Week 8: Lisa’s Picks

Many apologies for the tardiness of this post!


  • Packers vs Jets: My cousin Jim and I were just talking about this game today at lunch. Naturally, we agreed that there is NO WAY the Packers are going to win this game. Even though Mark Sanchez isn’t charismatic, he’s better than a QB who throws passes to imaginary receivers repeatedly. Jets 28, Packers 17.
  • Panthers vs Rams: This is an interesting match-up. Rams were looking hot for a while with Bradford at the helm but they’ve tapered off. The Panthers haven’t looked too hot this season at all – and their record reflects that (unlike the Packers’ record that over-inflates their capabilities). Rams 21, Panthers 7.
  • Bills vs Chiefs: The Bills can’t purchase a discounted win on eBay while the Chiefs were the last undefeated team in the NFL for the 2010 season. I don’t see the Bills getting their first victory with this game. Chiefs 31, Bills 10.
  • Broncos vs 49ers: This is an interesting match up after what the Raiders did to the Broncos at their own house last weekend! 59 points? FIFTY-NINE??? Mike Singletary will be looking for a new job (perhaps in London) if he doesn’t get a few wins going. The Broncos are either looking for revenge this week or they’re completely humiliated. 49ers 17, Broncos 14.
  • Redskins vs Lions: The Lions are looking for a win and the Redskins are trying to look good (notice, please, that they did beat the Packers who looked even worse in that game and that the Lions nearly beat the Packers at Lameblow). Shaun Hill timed his forearm injury well with the return of my favorite 2nd year QB: Matt Stafford. I think the home team has the advantage. Lions 20, Redskins 17.
  • Dolphins vs Bengals: The Dolphins got ripped off against the Steelers last weekend. The Bengals are living up to their divisional name: The Bungles. Even though the Bengals are playing at home in their beautiful stadium along the Ohio River (where I have, in fact, attended a Bengals/Ravens game when I lived in Cincy), the Bengals aren’t going to get the job done.  Dolphins 24, Bengals 10.
  • Jaguars vs Cowboys: Even though the Romo-less Cowpokies are at home for this game, I think the Jaguars could pull an upset for this game. Luckily for the Jaguars fans, this game will be televised in their market since it’s not a home game they can’t sell out. Jaguars 20, Cowboys 14.
  • Titans vs Chargers: The Chargers have been struggling all season. To be fair, 90% of the teams in the NFL have been struggling all season. Nevertheless, the Chargers have been turning over the ball like crazy people and they’re not giving fans a reason to attend the game (hence numerous black-outs in their local market). Titans 17, Chargers 14.
  • Buccaneers vs Cardinals: This is an interesting match up. Interesting in its badness, that is. Cardinals can’t count on their QB and the Bucs – well, they’re the Bucs and there’s a reason they have black-outs at home. If they’re going to attract fans to the stadium, they really need to provide some consistency.  Cardinals 21, Buccaneers 14.
  • Vikings vs Patriots: I don’t know which QB is starting for my team (ok – of course I do – it’s Brett Favre) but it doesn’t really matter. Because we’re going to WIN THIS GAME on principle. We got RIPPED OFF against the Packers (and Childress with his non-challenge did not help, as per the usual) so we’re going to come out swinging against the spy-gate team. I predict that Favre will throw 3 TDs (2 to Moss) and that Jared Allen will finally realize that his damn honeymoon is OVER and he will start sacking Tom Brady and his 70’s shag cut. Vikings 24, Patriots 20.
  • Seahawks vs Raiders: I believe we are all aware that the Raiders scored 59 points in a reduced oxygen environment last week. We were all stunned. They will be celebrating at home this week against the Seachickens. Who will not win under the guidance of Hasselbeck.  Raiders 28, Seahawks 13.
  • Steelers vs Saints: The Saints are very much looking like the Aints we’ve all known and loved for their badness the last 44 years. Their unicorn year is behind them and they’ve reverted to the team that ain’t gonna win. They’re not going to beat the Steelers this week. Drew Brees will continue to throw INTs so that he can stay on pace with Brett Favre. It’s a mutual respect thing after last year’s NFCCG. Steelers 31, Aints 17.


  • Texans vs Colts: Given my dislike of Mr. Slip-n-Slide, Mr. Billboard Head, Eli’s Brother – whatever you like to call him – I’m going with a Texans upset at the Colts’ house. Let’s not forget the Texans beat the Colts handily in their first match-up this year. The Texans are going to be the proverbial bull in the china shop and tear up that depleted Colts offense. Texans 24, Colts 19.

Byes: Falcons, Ravens, Bears, Browns, Giants, Eagles

Those are my picks this week. Look forward to your comments.