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Green Bay Packers Fans – Meet James Starks – RB

All Green Bay Packers fans have been talking about the need for a change at running back since week 2. The week after Ryan Grant was injured, the week Brandon Jackson took over the #1 RB position and the same week we became thoroughly underwhelmed with his abilities.

We wanted it to work, we tried to be fair, we’ve been biting our tongues for the last 10 weeks…but the lack of his running prowess has exhausted our patience. Even if the coaches don’t think there is a problem with our running game, even if they think having Rodgers as our leading rusher is okay by them, it’s time for a change. And that change may finally be coming this Sunday.

James Starks

Rumor has it that James Starks may get a few touches. He’s coming off an injury to a torn hamstring, but has been practicing weekly since removed from the physically unable to perform list. In a recent interview James stated that he’s been running hard, making good cuts and giving the first team some good looks…. translation – he’s ready to play.  Continue reading


Round Two – Andre Johnson vs Cortland Finnegan

Houston travels to Tennessee for round 2 of the Finnegan/Johnson match-up.  Will it be a repeat of the last meeting, where Johnson got the beat down on Finnegan?  I know I’ll be watching, just in case.

In the meantime.. feel free to take a look at the last brawl.

Houston Texans vs Tennessee Titans week 12 turned into a fight worthy of the MMA Octagon Sunday.

Andre Johnson said he lost his cool and couldn’t take Finnegan’s actions anymore…looks like Finnegan got a beatdown. Definitely a TKO! And BONUS! Andre was mic’d up for the game. Finnegan truly looks like a dirty player…


The players were ejected from the game and as of yesterday, they have both been fined $25,000. Surprisingly, the NFL did not flex it’s muscle here and neither player was suspended from a future game. Considering the crack down on hits the NFL implemented recently, it seems to me these two got off lightly.

Of course, Twitter was flush with comments like:

From now on Cortland Finnegan will be known as Cortland Innegan because Andre Johnson beat the “F” out of him


With a name like Cortland Finnegan, he’s probably used to getting beat up

In case you can’t quite get enough of this on the sports channels, I’ve provided the video below:

Breaking News: Brett Favre nominated for FedEx Ground NFL Player of the Week

No, not really.  First, “Ground” awards go to running backs and second, he didn’t do anything worthy of an award!

But seriously, by the way he and the team celebrated, you’d think he’d just won a super bowl! Oops, well, celebrate the little things, right?

I really couldn’t tell if they were celebrating the fact that they finally had a win, or because they had their first road win in over a year or the fact that Favre was able to hobble for ten yards.  I bet it’s because of the positive rushing yards…if you call that rushing.  Continue reading

Crazy Packer Fan of the Week – St. Vince

Update: St Vince is up for the Packer Fan Hall of Fame! Please support our beloved St Vince and vote to get him enshrined as he should be!

Voting starts January 2, 2011!

Here is a nice NFL video on St Vince!

I dedicate this semi-weekly post to  my fellow Packer Nation Fanatics.  Everyone knows how enthusiastic Packers fans are about supporting our team.  This will serve as a testament to those fans (like me) that make being a Green Bay Packer fan a way of life!

Week 12 – Packer Fan of the week is :

St. Vince – “Cheese be with you!”

St Vince’s Bio

I went to my first Packers game with my Grandfather on November 22, 1964 -the one year anniversary of JFK’s assassination. The game was at Milwaukee County Stadium. We beat the Cleveland Browns that day. We had great seats – close enough to where I could see and hear Lombardi yelling his head off! (I think he made an impression on me that day!)

The idea of dressing as “St. Vince” was originally going to be a one time thing – for Super Bowl XXXI. The idea was to try to convey the spirit of Vince Lombardi coming back from heaven to see his Packers in another Super Bowl. I wasn’t sure if fans would “get it” and I wasn’t sure that if they did get, they would like it. The one thing I DID know was the LAST thing any Packer fan would want to do is to show disrespect to such a beloved figure as Vince Lombardi. Continue reading

Packers Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews & Charles Woodson lead NFC Pro Bowl Picks

The Green Bay Packers are getting some welcomed attention in the Pro Bowl voting.
QB Aaron Rodgers is in 2nd place behind Michael Vick for the NFC QB honor.
NFC Defensive leaders include Linebacker Clay Matthews III and Defensive Back Charles Woodson.
Be sure to vote for you favorite Packers players at

Week 11 NFL SoundFx – Packers “One heartbeat..”

Sounds of week 11….The interesting part for me comes at 16 seconds into the video, with the Packers team huddle…. take a listen and tell me this team isn’t special!

NFL SoundFx – Week 11

FedEx Air NFL Player of the Week – Aaron Rodgers

The Green Bay Packers QB, Aaron Rodgers has been named the FedEx Air NFL Player of the week.

Aaron surgically dissected the  Minnesota Vikings’ defense last Sunday, scoring 4 TD’s for a total of 301 yards.

Congratulations to Aaron for winning, especially since it was awarded  for his performance against the Vikings.