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In Honor of “The Bears Still Suck” Week

Click for larger image of Cutler Sucking


Caption This: Jets vs Steelers

I was just flipping through pictures on the Yahoo NFL site and ran across this one.. it struck me funny, thought it would be a good picture to do a “Caption This”

PITTSBURGH, PA – JANUARY 23: LaMarr Woodley(notes) #56 of the Pittsburgh Steelers jumps over Robert Turner(notes) #75 of the New York Jets after a sack during the 2011 AFC Championship game at Heinz Field on January 23, 2011

Super Bowl Bound!

And then there was 2!  The Green Bay Packers will battle the Pittsburgh Steelers in Dallas on February 6th!

I don’t want to say I told you so, but…. yeah.. I told you so!

Such an exciting time for the Packers and their fans! We’ll be partying in the big D in two weeks!  Let’s Go Packers.. Represent in North Texas!

What Is The DEAL With “Woodcock”?

For the second time this week, a sports announcer has called Patriots RB Danny Woodhead, Danny Woodcock.

First it was Joe Thiesman, now Rich Eisen:


Video Recap of Green Bay Packers vs Atlanta Falcons Divisional Playoff Game

The announcers were excited throughout the highlight footage.. Masterful performance by Aaron Rodgers and the rest of the Packers team.


Divisional Playoff Predictions – Pluck the Falcons!

I went 4 for 4 last week and hope I get the same out come today, but I only REALLY care about one game!


Baltimore Ravens vs Pittsburgh Steelers: The Ravens rolled into the Chiefs stadium last week and handed them the ONLY blowout game of the Playoffs.  The are driven and determined.  I expect to see a closer game this week in Pittsburgh, but the Steelers should pull it out.  Ravens 21 Pittsburgh 27

Green Bay Packers vs Atlanta Falcons: The Falcons are hosting the Packers for the second time this season..the first time, the Pack lost in a heart breaker with a last second FG.  This time….things will be different.

The last time these teams met up, Rodgers was the leading rusher for the game. Now, “Some body has a running game” (In my best Happy Gilmore voice)… Starks + Jackson + Kuhn = Rushing TD’s.

Add that to our powerhouse offense, our Beast Tsunami – Matthews, Bishop, Hawk and Raji;  going after cute little Matt Ryan… and our second to none secondary of Collins, Woodson, and Tramon (Da Man) Williams.. and it’s a team that’s going to give the Dirty Birds more than they can handle!  Packers 24 Falcons 17


Seattle Seahawks vs Chicago Bears: I think the nation was stunned last week when the ‘Hawks beat the Saints, they had the game of their lives. Can they keep up the intensity and carry them through to the NFC Championship game? It’s hard not to think the cards might lay in their favor.  The Bears have been enjoying a nice long break from game play, and we all know what bears do in winter, they hibernate.  With that, I’m going with the underdog.  Seahawks 21 Bears 14

New York Jets vs New England Patriots: I had a dream a few weeks back that the Packers and Jets were in the Super Bowl.  I’m just going to go ahead with that prediction (We’ll soon find out if I am just a dreamer or if I had a premonition) Jets 27 Patriots 24

Spotlight on: Erik Walden

When Frank Zombo got hurt  the Packer nation let out a collective groan.  Zombo was our back-up’s back-up.  Now who was going to fill that spot?

Turns out, recently acquired Erik Walden would, that’s who.  Walden is the 4th player to fill in right outside linebacker.  A position that continually sapped at our depth chart.  Erik Walden was just signed Oct. 27th, but has already made an impact in the games he’s played in.

Take the game against the Bears for example, Walden had 10 solo tackles and 2 sacks on Cutler.

Walden wants to take full advantage of the opportunity he has at Green Bay.

Expect to see great things from him this week vs the Eagles and Michael Vick.