NFL Season Kick Off – Super Bowl Champs Green Bay Packers vs The Saints

For the third season in a row, the New Orleans Saints have been scheduled to play in the NFL Season Opener. This time, they meet up with the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau.

The previous two match up for the Saints were vs the Colts, where they managed to lose 41-10 and last year the then reigning Super Bowl champions barely eeked out a win versus a much lesser team, the Minnesota Vikings.

This tells me that the game Thursday should be all Packers, all the time. The Saints appear to get off to an extremely slow start. And with WR Lance Moore out for the game with a groin injury, Brees will have slim pickings on offense.

I look for the Packers to make a romp of this game Packers 44 Saints 14.

It should be a huge party night in Green Bay!

Go Pack Go!


5 responses to “NFL Season Kick Off – Super Bowl Champs Green Bay Packers vs The Saints

  1. Wow, that’s a wide spread for an opener. And Brees is famous for coming up with something outta nothing. I don’t think MM will push it hard enough to create that spread. Injuries oughtta be a MAJOR concern of his. I say 21-14.

  2. I know it’s a bold statement, but look, the Packers played 3 more games last year than the Saints. The Saints lost Bush. They haven’t had much time together due to the lockout. Their previous two season openers they averaged only 12 points.

    And, they’re playing The PACKERS.. this team has Finley back, Ryan Grant and James Starks to run the ball.. and our amazing defense. I think Tramon and Collins will each have an interception for at least one pick six!

  3. But I think that he’s got these first two weeks to “experiment” under real game expectations and pressure, and that the offense will be geared to keep ARod off his back, which means more run. This also gives him a chance to see if Ryan can really run again, and to let Jermike block some instead of getting hits at speed. He also needs to see how Starks really shows up.

    I really agree that GB should win. I just expect MM to hold back.

  4. Here’s my thoughts on Finley will not be doing much blocking.. he’ll be gun shy from his knee injury last year.. he already said if someone on offense fumbles, the defense has a free pass if the ball is any where. near him..

    I really hope with Grant/Starks we can establish a huge running game, that will really throw the defense off guard.

  5. If Finley won’t block or play for the ball, I say get rid of his butt no matter. I can’t stand a primadonna player, and he’s got all the potential for that. That’s a tight end’s job. If there’s no “run play” or screen pass threat while he’s on the field, half of his value is gone. I love him as a player, but I can’t really “get behind” any player who refuses to scrap. Just not my style 🙂 If the D can read the play simply because of who is on the field – and I know that’s more and more true with these expensive players – that’s a disadvantage.

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