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Green Bay Packers Are In The NFC Championship Game Baby!!

From the beginning of the NFL season, with all the pre-season hype, I’ve had to accept a barrage of negativity from nay-sayers.  Mostly by Vikes fans as this blog was originally created as an outlet for a Packers/Vikings rivalry trash talk venue.

No matter how well the Packers did, I had to hear ridiculous commentary by the purple side about Rodgers lack of elite status, that he wasn’t clutch and that he wasn’t BF ( you know who I’m talking about).

Even as I tried to hang in there with trash talking the Vikings..and believe me, there was PLENTY to trash talk in the 2010 season, but it became old.  The Vikes fans were doing a better job trashing their own team than I ever could.

I wanted to focus on the Packers and their continued efforts to build back a team that had been dealt a rash of injuries, week after week. Yet, they continued to win.  The adversity they endured this season did nothing but define their character.  They are the true meaning of the word TEAM.

By week 10, the Vikes had already been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs.  There was still 7 weeks of football to play and the Packers were sitting up top in our division. We traded first place with the Bears a couple of weeks.

So, I had hope. First of a post-season.  We were still in contention for making the playoffs, and winning the division.  I was told, “the Packers aren’t winning the division“.. “The Packers aren’t going to the playoffs“.. by a group of people who had no hope of anything positive for the entire rest of the NFL season, all they could do is root against the Packers and root against me.

Rodgers wins first playoff game vs Eagles

I still kept writing, I watched the team and the league and  when the Packers beat the NY Giants, I celebrated.  Then we beat the Bears, and I celebrated.  We officially made the playoffs. Albeit, as a wild card spot, #6 seed, but we were in! Continue reading