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Green Bay Packers 2011 Opponents

The schedule has not been solidified, but we do know who the Packers will play and where they will play them.

At Lambeau: New Orleans, Tampa Bay, Denver, Oakland and St. Louis

Road Games: Atlanta, Carolina, Kansas City, San Diego, and the NY Giants

In addition to the NFC North Division teams; Chicago, Detroit and Minnesota

I don’t know about you, but these opponents, against our HEALTHY starters… chump change. Definitely a year of our Lombardi.



Spotlight on: Erik Walden

When Frank Zombo got hurt  the Packer nation let out a collective groan.  Zombo was our back-up’s back-up.  Now who was going to fill that spot?

Turns out, recently acquired Erik Walden would, that’s who.  Walden is the 4th player to fill in right outside linebacker.  A position that continually sapped at our depth chart.  Erik Walden was just signed Oct. 27th, but has already made an impact in the games he’s played in.

Take the game against the Bears for example, Walden had 10 solo tackles and 2 sacks on Cutler.

Walden wants to take full advantage of the opportunity he has at Green Bay.

Expect to see great things from him this week vs the Eagles and Michael Vick.


Packers’ Charles Woodson Voted Ed Block Courage Award Winner


Green Bay Packers Corner, Charles Woodson was surprised to learn he was chosen by his team mates for this honor.  But the team made it clear, Woodson is a special player and has a flawless work ethic.
Tramon Williams said of Woodson:

“He’s always there on Sunday, and when it’s all said and done, that’s what really counts,” Williams said. “Obviously everyone respects a guy who comes and gives their all for the team, even when they’re hurt, and that just says a lot about a player and a person off the field, the character he has.”

Congratulations to Charles Woodson!