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Getting To Know: Jarius “SlickWynn” Wynn DE #94

  Did you see that sack on Drew Brees by Jarius Wynn? Impressive, wasn’t it? That’s what I thought while watching the game Thursday night.  Not only did the offense put on a show, but so did  DE #94 in my opinion.

Jarius Wynn stepped into the DE starter position left vacant by an injured Mike Neal.   At 6’3″ and 285lbs, he is an imposing figure.

Wynn was instrumental in the goal line stands that helped the defense prevent another score by the Saints.  I spoke with him briefly this morning and he was very gracious in answering my sometimes silly, sometimes serious questions.

You can see my attempt at a serious interview http://lombardiave.com/?p=6735

First off, I was not exactly prepared, when the phone rang, I had to run up a flight of stairs to get my notes  and to get some privacy. (Hey, I’m a blogger, not a professional sports writer).

By the time I got upstairs and settled, I may or may not have sounded nervous and out of breath, but I muddled through..determined to ask Jarius some questions that have been haunting me since preseason and I began following him on Twitter.

My first question was regarding him being drafted in 2009 and then released in the 2010 preseason.

Me: As a Packer fan, I am very emotionally invested in the team.  I can’t imagine what the players go through when they get released by a team.  Did you take it personally or  did you accept it as part of the business of the NFL?

Wynn: It’s hard not to take it personally, but I used it as a learning experience

Me: Wow, I don’t know how you do it. I literally had tears rolling down my face during player cuts this year.

Wynn: (Laughing) Really???

Me: Yes, and I don’t think I was the only fan to shed a tear.

Wynn: (Still laughing)

Me: Anyway… so tell me about your nickname “SlickWynn”, how’d you get it, what does it mean and does coach call you that?

Wynn: (Laughing again) I actually got that nickname in college. I got a haircut, that was, you know, real low.. and people just started calling me SlickWynn. It stuck.  And some of the coaches do call me that or JDubb (short for JW).

Me: Are you married?

Wynn: Yes.

Me: I haven’t seen your wife on Twitter, like other players’ wives..

Wynn: No, she’s not on Twitter.. we’ll be celebrating our 1 year anniversary on September 21st.

Me: Oh! That’s coming up! Congratulations..

Wynn: Thanks

Me: Give me your prediction for this year.

Wynn: I don’t give predictions (See serious interview)

Me: Well, I’ll tell you mine and tell me what you think…

Wynn: Okay

Me: 13-3.. I’d say 16-0 but the Packers sometimes struggle on the road against our division

Wynn: Who in our division do you think will beat us??!!

Me: (Gulp) Um, well you know, there’s the Lions, they beat us last year and the Bears always give us grief. (Realizing that he didn’t particularly care for my answer)

Wynn: Well, we had the injuries when the Lions beat us, we should have won that game.

Me: (Agreeing profusely)..Yes, we would have!

I asked him a few more questions about playing against the Saints, (see serious interview)… and thanked him for taking the time to talk to me.

I want to add that he is a VERY genuine person and is sure to be a fan favorite with his personable and outgoing personality.

Oh, and I heard there may be some “Wynning” t-shirts in the works.  Packer fans always love to support the players and sport t-shirts of our fav’s.  We should be hearing more about these soon.

Be sure to follow him on Twitter @slickwynn94