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Breaking News! The Bears Still Suck



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The Bears Still Suck! (3)


Brett Favre: Rise – “What should I do?”

Hey Favre! Good Bye to YOU!

So the Vikes are officially done for. They are going home. Season over… wah wah wah.. (insert sad trombone here.)

I don’t suppose there will be some ridiculous press conference announcing yet another Brett Favre retirement.  Why would there be? He’s taken the year off pretty much, except for the few games he managed to play in and get another boo-boo of some sort.

All I have to say is , thank god! Don’t let the door hit ya!.. Good bye to you!

Although I have a feeling the girls with lawsuits won’t let him rest comfortably on the ranch in Hattiesburg…and we’ll probably have to endure more headlines about his sexcapades..eyes rolling of course.

The legacy is tarnished. There isn’t enough Tarn-ex in the world to undo the damage he has done the past two years.  He goes out an old, hobbled failure.

What do you know about that? Well, here’s a song to send him along his way.. By the group fitting.

Packers vs Bears – Chief Packer

Here’s the new video from Chief Packer, just in time for the Packers vs Bears game tomorrow.

Brett Favre’s work out – Dancing to Ice, Ice Baby

The only thing that would make this any funnier is if were dancing to “You’re a Jerk”..

Brett Favre Press Conference 12/05/50

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself: This might be what a press conference would look like forty years from now if Brett Favre still hasn’t retired

Reason For Vikings Catastrophic Season Revealed

Another security camera at the Minnesota Viking’s stadium reveals the cause of the roof collapse. Officials have confirmed that a Wizard, and devoted Greenbay Packers fan, was responsible for the Metrodome incident.

Sources say the “Wizard” is also responsible for the blizzard in PA….