Packers Prayer



9 responses to “Packers Prayer

  1. That’s SWEET!! πŸ™‚

  2. My addition to the Packer’s Prayer:

    ” And through whistling winds, a-drifting snow,
    creeping across frozen turf, Field of Lambeau –
    there the colors bleed shades of green & gold
    ‘neath our patron saint – Lombardi of old …

    Clash of ‘the spiked death’ … will reign asunder
    man versus bear, over a field of plunder
    many will watch keenly, across the ravaged tundra
    laced pigskins – the possible fumbled blunder

    The clouds will break, as the huddles do though
    and under cobalt skies at -17 below …
    but instead of Wisconsin, we trod to a windy city
    for under the spirit of Halas, we spare not slightest pity

    Soldier Field, with pent up hostility
    shall bend the knee to Packer ability
    warriors clash, slashing the tranquility
    age-old rivalry, familiar iniquity

    Alas! spy the spiral! slicing the superior air!
    perfect throw, without hesitation’s flare –
    up, Up, UP!, and curving back to ground
    releases pent up roar, the most intensified sound

    SCORE! AGAIN! Green and Gold does strike!
    Announcers hold a death grip on their wobbling mic!
    Across the vast Cheeseland, fast as a shrike,
    We’ve slain the Bears, shown them the Turnpike!

    Amid the cheerleaders, we men accept their beautiful joy
    Hugs for all, now something more serious to employ,
    training room, massage table, grab buckets of ice –
    tend to the wounds & scars of battle, this must suffice

    On the horizon, there is a push, a grid-ironed Final Plan
    to separate the Gold from the dross, Green from the grain-
    Look no further, but up to our saintly Man
    Who taught us “Outta the trainer’s room! Fight the pain!”

    Coach, we hear you, you walk still the sidelines …
    And this game is played much by the same guidelines,
    And while Notre Dame, she has her Saintly Mother
    We have our Lombardi, our anointed football Father

    And perhaps we battle a team, whose green has no gold,
    or a Curtain of Steel, whose metal just may become old –
    chinks in the armor, cracks in and about their port
    Packer alloy in the foundry, cast with incredible support!

    We will find you, hunt you down without mercy
    Add donner to the blitzen, without moment’s delay
    To the Super Bowl we trod, our pace and vision steady
    blitzkreig we must – we shall – weapons held ready

    From the waters of Superior
    and from the great land of cheese,
    from brilliant, sapphire blue skies –
    our opponents shall fall upon their knees!

    GO PACKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. typo – “Fathero” – at end of paragraph …. sorry! :0(

    -Dr J


  5. Hey folks! Thanks so much for the appreciation! I love to write, and I love to express as well! Our men in Green & Gold give us plenty to get psyched about – Go Pack! Shred the Steel Curtain!!


    Dr J

  6. Dr J says: “Who Pack Say!? WHO Pack Say? WHO PACK say!!??? Who are them that say WHO PACK SAY!!!!???


    Get ’em Clay!!

  7. Word! To my man Raji, to my man Shields: gentlemen, if you are reading this, play football with your HEAD first, your heart second. Raji, you nearly got stripped of the ball right near the goal line, holding your arm toward the goal while running (seemingly) unaware of a Chicago linebacker just behind you. Disaster, waiting in the wings! If you lost that ball on the 1 yard line, Bear ball, that game becomes TIED in the 4th quarter with time running out.

    My man Shields …. word. You make that game-ending interception, HECKUVA PLAY!, and then …. brother …you decide….TIME TO RUN FOR GLORY! Dawg, read the Beatitudes, ” there is a time for…..”

    Shields, let say Raji’s ‘sure thing’ ends in disaster – and the score is now tied. Hypothetically word in, here you are running it back INSTEAD of DOWNING it with one knee to turf!!

    Guys. GUYS, GUYS!! THINK WITH YOUR HEAD and NOT your HEART in these kinds of situations! Regular season, and up by 10… well, okay but it STILL IS A RISK! IN the NFC Championship, against Da Bears, for godsakes, WHAT were you boys thinking!?!?

    (Dr J pacing back and forth, beads of sweat poppin’ out on his brow).

    Raji, if that play went down in infamy, your name would be on ESPN a la Leon Lett for the next 20 years…they STILL talk about that play, dawg!

    Shields, GREAT effort, but hit the turf, protect that ball like it was your heart bleeding out all its Green & Gold! Am I making sense here, boys?!?!

    I looked it up, our Football Father’s annointed words… gentlemen, c’mere….let me read it to you…

    “Book of Lombardi, Chapter One, Verse 24 ….

    You Never Really Lose A Football Game, Its Just That Sometimes Time Runs Out On You

    Dawgs, play with the SMARTS God gave you, protect your team and fans with ALL YOU’VE GOT, and know that out Football Papa is watching us all, looking down upon us with the great love & passion, with all his strength and might – for the game he instilled in all of us.

    LOVE YOU VINNY! We shall not disappoint you!!!

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