Running Game + Defense + Rodgers = Playoff Win Packers 21, Eagles 16

It doesn’t matter how you spin it…the Green Bay Packers have proven over and over that they are a force to be reckoned with.

Winning the Wild Card game over the Eagles today was a shining example of a team that  has become balanced and in sync.

We’ve depended on Rodgers to pull the team to victory on many occasions. We’ve played games where the win was on the defense’s broad shoulders… We’ve even needed a little luck to put W in the Win/Lose column.

But today, the Packers showed the world that they are truly a TEAM.

I’ve been preaching to the choir about RB James Starks since he became healthy enough to get off of PUP.  I’ve tried to understand how coach McCarthy could sacrifice the running game because he didn’t like what Starks could do on special teams.

I understand that he isn’t the premier running back that Grant is..and should be expected to work for his starting spot… but to give up on a running game over Special Teams performance? Not a good idea.. I think that point was proven today. Even though we saw Starks briefly on ST’s today, his primary focus was to run the ball… and that’s what he did…to the tune of 123 yards.

And, how great is Aaron Rodgers? There should be no question from this point forward that he is indeed an elite QB.  He has won the “all important” playoff game, that has been the biggest obstacle in a consensus that he is elite caliber.

I’ve loved Aaron since we drafted him.  He always maintained a positive attitude, even though he had to endure a couple of years of a less than desirable atmosphere.  He stood tall and waited for his opportunity.  The 2010 season has shown that he will take full advantage of the opportunity he’s been given.

As the Packer Nation prepares for Green Bay’s next task at hand, playing the number one seed, Atlanta Falcons, we can feel confident that our team has come together and will face the Falcons just as they faced the Eagles and the Giants before them…and come out with a win and the chance to play in the NFC Conference Championship Game.


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