Change in Site Format – All Packers All The Time

After managing to make it almost an entire NFL season, we had a parting of ways yesterday.  The past few months writing with a Vikings fan and the like-minded people she enlisted to do nothing more than bestow negativity on me, my writing and my team and their fans,  has become more trouble than it was worth.

In fact, I’ve had so many people complain about the content of the other writer that they have asked that I would quit posting her columns to my FB page.

When I first began this endeavor, it was an outlet so I didn’t have to listen to constant blather about her team.. I would just simply say, “save it for the blog”.

One of my readers said, “Don’t you have an easier hobby you can do, like climb Mt. Everest?”… referring to having debates with Vikings fans.

With the total collapse of the Minnesota Vikings, so  came the total collapse of my co-blogger.  I could go into the gory details of the meltdown, but suffice it to say, she went over the edge. No one should have to put up with that kind of treatment. Enough is enough.

I have decided that I do have better things to do with my time and from this point on the blog is ALL PACKERS ALL THE TIME.

No trash talk, no idiotic commentary, just Green Bay Packers information for Green Bay Packers Fans!

I hope all my Packers fan friends enjoy the new format, and you Vikes fans, enjoy your day.

I feel better already!


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