Favre Tells Bears’ Peppers “Go beat the Packers”

After sufficiently getting his ass handed to him Monday night by the Bears, and JUST as I was beginning to feel sorry for the ass…Brett Favre reportedly told Julius Peppers to go beat the Packers in a couple of weeks.

Peppers was one of the Bears defenders who found Favre after the game, to shake his hand and wish him well, and more actually. “I was happy Brett suited up,” Peppers said. “I figured it might be the last time I got to see him across the field from me on the opposing sideline. Yeah, I talked to him after the game. I told him it was an honor to play against him. He said, ‘Likewise. … Go beat the Packers in a couple of weeks.'”

So much for any ounce of feeling I have for him as a former Packer. Β I guess once you go “purple” you lose all of your class.

Why not just say “Good luck the rest of the season”, or “Go beat the Jets next week”? Why does he have to diss the Packers like that? Β He makes my stomach churn.

Oh, and by the way…

Nice face plant!


5 responses to “Favre Tells Bears’ Peppers “Go beat the Packers”

  1. Um… two things. 1) Vikings fans are not classless as a group. If you want to see classless, I could waste some time gathering Packers’ fans comments on Favre-related blog posts across the internet and show you some real lack of class. 2) THAT is hilarious. Like Brett, I hope the Bears beat the Packers in a couple of weeks as well. Bear Down!

    PS – it’s a little ironic that you act like the Vikings and their fans are classless and then celebrate Favre’s concussion. Maybe hypocritical is the right word. Or perhaps just typical.

  2. Hi Lisa: I won’t say anything about Vikings fans as one of my best friends is one and he is a great guy, but I do have to agree with you on Favre.
    After the debacle that was the My Wrangler Story contest ( they never awarded the last two weekly winners, said they would announce the winners on Nov. 17th and did not until the second week of December), it was clear. While I was over it immediately, many of my friends were outraged that Wrangler picked the Grand Prize winner from one of the weekly winners that only got a total of 70 votes when I was a weekly winner with over 24,000. While the selection from the weekly winners was not based on votes – to have such a clear differentiation was suspect.
    The difference – my story was about Brett winning the NFC Championship game, the other persons – how great it was to see Brett beat the Packers at Lambeau Field in 2010 and tailgate with Chuck Foreman.
    Obviously Mr. Favre was part of the Grand Prize selection as was noted and obviously he preferred a story about beating the Packers over one about making it to the SuperBowl and becoming a World Champion.
    Sour Grapes, maybe one but your story is clear evidence that he still holds a vendetta against Ted Thompson and will probably not return to Lambeau for the jersey retirement until TT is gone or he can’t hold out any longer.
    Very sad. Still my favorite on the field player of all time, but after seeing the results of the contest and this – he obviously has issues.
    I took no pleasure is seeing him get hurt – the Vikings losing, yes, but him getting his ankle fractured, chin cut, shoulder nerve pinched and sternum bruised, and a concussion – no.
    People forget that Favre actually retired before the Packers replaced him and that they offered in March to bring him back after he showed interest and then decided to stay retired only waiting until after the draft in June to say he wanted back in – a clear message that he wanted his rights to play elsewhere.
    The Packers should have handled it better, but they did not cut him and only traded him after he had retired and they offered to bring him back once.
    Packers Fan aside, he had a wonderful year last year but the law of averages caught up with him this year. Time to hang’em up and try to be a Hall of Fame husband for a change.

  3. I meant Melinda

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