NFL Week 15 – Melinda’s Picks


  • 49ers vs Chargers: The Chargers are making their usual end of the season push.  Since history repeats, I pick the Chargers 21 49er’s 18


  • Cardinals vs Panthers:   Arizona is in last place in the NFC West, Carolina is last in their NFC South division too.  I have to with the team with at least a partial pulse. Cardinals 21 Panthers 14
  • Eagles vs Giants: NFC East BATTLE for top spot. I expect this to be an awesome game. Since the Eagles are leading the division now, I think they’ll play hard and put on a good show. Eagles 28 Giants 24
  • Packers vs Patriots: Rodgers concussion has everyone wondering if we can win this game without him.  Being the homer of all homers, I say sure,  why not.  The Patriots have been beaten.  Packers 21 Patriots 14
  • Lions vs Buccaneers: Here’s a chance for the Lions to spread some Christmas cheer, maybe after beating the Packers last week they have some confidence against the Bucs. Lions 10 Bucs 7
  • Browns vs Bengals : T.O. blamed the coaches this week on the poor performance of the team. Coaching definitely plays a part, can’t blaming him, but it will be interesting to see if he gets many balls tossed his way.  Browns 23 Bengals 15
  • Bills vs Dolphins:  The Dolphins are looking to spoil another AFC team’s playoff hopes, a win against the Bills can definitely put them in a position to do that.  Bills 12  Dolphins 17
  • Redskins vs Cowboys: The “other” NFC East divisional match-up, both of these teams are eliminated from the post season, and don’t really have anything to gain.  I think the Cowboys might play harder to help interim HC Jason Garrett become just HC.  Redskins 10  Cowboys 14
  • Jaguars vs Colts: Another good AFC battle. The Colts are holding on to playoff dreams by a wing and prayer, a loss to the Jags would crush that dream for sure. I’d like to see Peyton take an early vacation.  Jaguars 28 Colts 27
  • Saints vs Ravens: These two second place teams are trying to claw their way to number one in their division. Since it would benefit my team for the Ravens to win, that’s who I’m going with. Saints 21 Ravens 28
  • Texans vs Titans:  Ding, ding, ding.. In this corner, Cortland Finnegan, and in this corner, reigning champ Andre “Beat you like your mama” Johnson.  Round two.  That’s the only reason why I’m interested in this game, both are sitting out of post season.  I think the Texans will throw another knockout punch. Texans 23 Titans 17
  • Falcons vs Seahawks: Falcons have only lost two games this year.. that’s just really hard to believe.. they’ve been flying under the radar, the Seahawks are trying to catch the Rams who are the leaders of the division. I don’t want either team to win, but I must pick one. Falcons 26 Seahawks 16
  • Jets vs Steelers: Media hounding the Jets and it’s coaching staff after the disgusting display last week against the Dolphins. I hope the Steelers romp them as badly as the Patriots did a couple of weeks ago. Jets 15 Steelers 18
  • Broncos vs Raiders: Ugh! The Broncos.. they are a mess too.  They kind of remind me of the AFC version of the Vikings.  Broncos 14 Raiders 30


  • Bears vs Vikings: Hope the Bears lose. Bears 3 Vikings 6

Those are my picks this week. Look forward to your comments.


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