Vikings vs Chicago To Be Played at TCF Bank Stadium – Maybe

Minnesota Vikings fans have a cold, cold game to look forward to.  The latest reports state the University of Minnesota TCF Bank Stadium will host the Vikings vs Bears.

Making preparations

With a high temp of 22 degrees and a low of 6 degrees predicted for game day, it will be interesting to see how many so-called Vikings die-hard fans will be willing to brave the elements only to watch a mish-mash of players on the field.

I think you’ll see many empty seats even though the stadium holds 12,000 less than the Metrodome.  The fight will be to be one of the 12,000 to get a refund, not secure seating.


6 responses to “Vikings vs Chicago To Be Played at TCF Bank Stadium – Maybe

  1. Lisa (VikesPrincess)

    Really? According to the radio announcers on Monday night, there were over 3,000 Vikings fans that flew or drove to Detroit – a $250-600 ticket or a 10 hour drive one-way -to support the team and you think 22 degrees is going to keep people away? There was speculation on KFAN today that these tickets would go for MORE than the Packers/Vikings game tickets. Worry not, that stadium will be packed to the gills with fans and there will be 20,000 people pissed off that they didn’t get to go. I will, of course, be sporting my Vikings Snuggie, Vikings slippers, Vikings Santa Hat and my Vikings scarf in my basement while I watch that game. Because I personally cannot be bothered to sit in the frigid cold when I have a perfectly good 52″ HDTV in my Vikings-themed basement.

  2. There’s a big difference between shelling out a few dollars and sitting in an open air stadium.

    I’m not worried about it, I’m just speculating that most Vikes fans who are used to dome seating won’t be much interested in sitting in 22 degrees or less to watch their “team” get beat…. again.

  3. I doubt if they LOVE him enough to sit outside.

    • Lisa (VikesPrincess)

      It was 10 below zero on Sunday. There were at least 20 snowmobiles that went by my house and there were people ice skating on the pond behind my house for HOURS. You’re way off base if you’re thinking that Packer fans are hardier than Minnesotans and that we’d not be willing or able to sit in a stadium outdoors.

      • Did I say one word about Packers fans? No.. I’ve just been reading some of the news stories and the comments. The comments are.. no way in hell are Vikes fans going to TCF to watch a game. Some are season ticket holders. Many are wanting sell their tickets.

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