Trent Dilfer Tells NFL Fans to Forget Favre’s Last 3 Years

Trent Dilfer gave a heartfelt plea to all NFL fans on behalf of Brett Favre… “just forget about the last three years” he said Sunday night on ESPN. Trying to make a case for fans to forget about recent history and think about the big picture.

Left 2007 Right 2010

Let’s think about that for a moment. If Favre had retired from the Green Bay Packers in 2007:

  • He would definitely be healthier
  • He probably wouldn’t have aged 10 years
  • He would be just two years away from earning a first year ballot Hall of Fame spot
  • He would have never met Jenn Sterger
  • He would have never gone through a sexting scandal
  • He would have the adoration of every NFL fan in the country
  • He would be a hero instead of a has-been

Maybe he should try clicking his heels together three times and chant “There’s no place like home”

Note: Unfortunately, ESPN seems to have removed the Dilfer video, so I can’t show you here. But if I find it, I’ll plug it in.


6 responses to “Trent Dilfer Tells NFL Fans to Forget Favre’s Last 3 Years

  1. Dear Ms. “ilovemypackers”

    I do like your writing, but I watch ESPN quite a bit and happen to enjoy Trent Dilfer about 90% of the time. Heck, if we all agreed 100% of the time it would be a bit boring.

    I read your articles at Packer Forum and once in a while I even remember to leave a comment.

    Speaking of Packer Forum, I left a couple of posts regarding the Pats game….to the effect we have a chance if “ilove my packers” does not jinx us again. That was meant to make you smile, groan or however you want to take it. While I have the chance, thank you for giving me a good rating on some of my posts. I had a really good one on the thread “Why we hate the vikings” today. I’m sure it will make you laugh.

    • LOL, that was you! I laughed at that.. I am hoping to be able to live down the “jinx” at some point, as you can tell, I’ve laid off the accolades lately.

      Packer Forum is a great group, I love the interaction. I should write a story about it and try to help drive more Packer Fans over there..

      Thanks for your comment! and Go Pack Go!

    • And just to be clear, I have no problem with Trent Dilfer. I just found his plea to the fans on Favre’s behalf a bit disturbing and just plain weird…I honestly thought he was going to cry.

  2. We all know men think they have to try to have that one last “minute of fame”. Sometimes you just gotta now when enough is enough, Sadly he doesn’t. Hey Farve here’s a clue, ENOUGH!

    • Kandi,
      I read an article comparing Favre to Mohammad Ali; they referenced how Ali was unable to quit boxing because he wanted to go out as a champion, he kept trying to come back and took beating after beating which affected his health greatly. As we all know.

      A man’s ego can be a tall hurdle to get over.

  3. I TOTALLY agree!

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