Vikings Season – Gloom, Despair and Agony

Bad Luck Schleprock

The Vikings season has pretty much turned out exactly the way I wanted it to.

I thought Favre would go out on IR by week four, not week 14.  Although the announcement of IR has not yet been made, the fact that his 297 straight starts has ended may well be an indication that IR is on the way.

So, just a quick re-cap

  • Vikings have a losing season…. check.
  • Vikings sign and release Moss.. check.
  • Vikings head coach fired…check.
  • Even the Metrodome couldn’t take it anymore….
  • Favre ends 297 game starting streak… check.

    I'm sure there was a good reason

The funny thing is, I never really hated the Vikings before, like I do now.  Maybe after this season and Favre retires and Vikes fans simmer down and learn some humility, I won’t hate them next year.  We’ll see what happens.

In the meantime.. I’ve found a pretty good song that should sum things up for them


6 responses to “Vikings Season – Gloom, Despair and Agony

  1. ….the Vikings losing to the Giants was yet another monstrous dent in the Packer playoff hopes, check. 😉

  2. Packers need to win their games, there’s no way in heck we should ever depend on a team like the Vikings to win games that could affect our chances of a playoff spot. It’s on us…and we lost to the stinkin’ Lions. : (

  3. Woah, woah, woah. Wow. Really?

    I think the root of the animosity here is the equivalent of the jealous ex-girlfriend thing. See, Green Bay breaks up with Favre. But then Favre is just supposed to stay all hung up on Green Bay! When that doesn’t happen and he goes out and finds himself a rebound and then a new girlfriend, with whom he’s quite successful (and gets to the NFC Championship game while his new girlfriends sacks his old girlfriend’s new man 15 times or something), then the old girlfriend is jealous. And feeling possessive even though she’s the one who did the dumping.

    Well, of course, admitting that possessiveness and jealousy would be inappropriate (and admitting defeat), so then the old girlfriend and all her friends just get REALLY ANGRY at the ex. They try to smear his name and get all excited and just really want him to suffer.

    In other words: Packers fans are acting like immature 15 year-old girls (I guess this could be played out in reverse to not be sexist, but I’ve never actually known a guy to act like that before). The amount of glee that they get out of watching Brett Favre suffer is almost sickening. I’ve never seen a group of fans who are more bitter and butthurt than GB fans over the last couple of years. As a Vikings fan who has an entire extended family of Packers fans and who grew up watching both teams and not being invested in the rivalry at all, I have been more consistently offended and disgusted by Packers fans this year than I have ever experienced before. And I don’t hate the Packers, I cheer for them when they’re not playing the Vikings. But I’ve actually been consistently defriending people on Twitter because of just the outrageous venom that they have towards the Vikings.

    Now granted, others on the Minnesota side have also been defriended for being douchebags—but the propensity seems to be quite a bit bigger from the GB side than the Minnesota side. As is demonstrated by this post.

    • I don’t know if it’s just early and I’m “missing” something with your comments.. or if you really did read my earlier post , but in case you missed it.. it’s all laid out there. I don’t disagree with your assessment, it’s pretty close to how I felt.

      • That’s a good analogy. Thanks for confirming my impression. I just started reading this blog so I’d not read that post.

        Despite what you think it is business, however. Not everyone who’s played for GB is on that list of people who you get mad at if they leave. Certainly not bitter and spiteful like this.

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