Video Footage Of Metrodome Collapse

Here is the video of the collapse of the Metrodome.. it’s amazing to see. I just wonder how it happened.  The roof is made of teflon, so unless there are punctures in the teflon, this shouldn’t happen, but if there are puncture holes, how did they get there?

Strange but fitting to the Vikings season.  The team self destructed, the QB is miserable and the head coach got fired.  Not to mention the Moss mess and the Sexting scandal.

I love the way this season played out for the Vikings.. especially since starting this blog with a “Vikes fan”… it’s like karma…after enduring her constant verbal assault of my team and my feelings for my team.

So, what’s to become of the Vikings for the rest of the season?  Who really cares, they suck.. they should just call it a day and take some time off.

And by they way, I am glad no one was in the dome when this occurred.  That could have been a bad situation.


2 responses to “Video Footage Of Metrodome Collapse

  1. Lisa (VikesPrincess)


  2. I think it’s a fair assessment from my perspective. I’ve definitely seen worse from “Vikings” people.

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