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NFL Week 14: Melinda’s Picks


  • Colts vs Titans: Who would have though the Indianapolis Colts would be out of playoff contention this early in the year? Not Peyton Manning, that’s for sure.  The Tennessee Titans aren’t faring my better.  They are swirling with drama…and no, it’s not Moss related this time.  I’m picking the Colts 24 Titans 18


  • Browns vs Bills:   The Bills are working hard to win their games, which is more than I can say about some of the other teams with losing records. Even so, the Browns will win this one Browns 28 Bills 14
  • Falcons vs Panthers:   Falcons have the best record in the NFC, not quite sure why, oh yeah, they’ve beaten 5 teams with really bad losing records. They play a crappy team in the Panthers today, and although I’d like to see a Carolina win, I have to pick the Falcons 27 Panthers 21
  • Packers vs Lions:  The Packers are coming off a big offensive showing against the 49’ers, Aaron Rodgers won 2 awards for his 298 yard, 3 TD effort.  He was first named NFC Offensive Player of the Week and on Thursday he won the FedEx Air NFL Player of the Week for the second time in 3 weeks.  Awesome!  Packers win it, Packers 28 Lions 17
  • Raiders vs Jaguars:    Raiders come into this game at 6-6 and Jags are 7-5, both have had some good wins lately.  I’m going to pick the Raiders 24 Jaguars 21
  • Bengals vs Steelers : The Bengals are snake bit, the Steelers will win at home Bengals 19 Steelers 24
  • Buccaneers vs Redskins:Bucs are vying for a playoff spot? Dear gosh..what’s the world coming to?  I pick the Redskins to win.. Bucaneers 21 Redskins 28
  • Rams vs Saints:   Bradford and team have a chance against the Saints, contrary to popular belief.. The Saints have been beaten by worse teams this year.  I’m picking the Rams 28 Saints 21
  • Seahawks vs 49ers:  NFC West division game, I’m hoping the 49’ers can take this one.  Mostly because anyone with the last name Hasselbeck gets on my nerves.  Seahawks 19 49ers 24
  • Broncos vs Cardinals:  Ugh, I can’t even think about watching this game, what a disappointing season for both teams.  I guess I’ll pick the Cardinals.  Broncos 14 Cardinals 21
  • Patriots vs Bears: Patriots got this.  Patriots 28 Bears 14
  • Dolphins vs Jets:  Jets looked horrible in the butt whupping they took against the Patriots.  I think they’ll bounce back today Dolphins 19 Jets 21
  • Chiefs vs Chargers: Chargers ALWAYS make a push at the end of the season, I’m picking Chargers. Chiefs 23 Chargers 27
  • Eagles vs Cowboys:  Eagles travel to Dallas, who have changed their tune with the new interim HC.  I still like the Eagles 24 Cowboys 17


  • Ravens vs Texans:  Ravens will beat the Titans in Tennessee, Ravens 14 Texans 10
  • Giants vs Vikings: So I guess this game will be Monday night, or maybe not.  It’s just another piece in the miserable season the Vikings have had… what did I say week 3? That the Vikings season will be nothing more than a $23MM epic FAIL!  Even though the Giants losing would help us, I can’t root for the hated Vikings.  Giants Lose 17 Vikings don’t lose 18

Those are my picks this week. Look forward to your comments.