NFL Week 13: Melinda’s Picks


  • Texans vs Eagles:  Both of these teams are still in the hunt for a post season.  Unfortunately for me, the Eagles managed to let the Bears beat them. (Thanks a lot Vick!)  And the Texans are coming off on emotional win and flat out “skunking” of the Titans, and that punk Cortland Finnegan.  Even though a loss by the Eagles would do more to help my Packers, I’m picking them for the win.  I just hope the Texans didn’t get a chance to memorize the book the Bears wrote on how to contain Vick.  Texans 21  Eagles 24


  • Cleveland vs Miami:  No time to mince words this week  Browns 28  Dolphins 17
  • San Francisco vs Green Bay:  Packers 32, 49er’s 14.
  • Denver vs Kansas City :  Kansas City 27, Denver 13.
  • Buffalo vs Minnesota:. Buffalo 28, Minnesota 21.
  • Chicago vs Detroit: Chicago 26, Detroit 10.
  • Jacksonville vs Tennessee :  Jacksonville 9, Tennessee 24.
  • Washington vs NY Giants :  Washington 20, Raiders 17.
  • New Orleans vs Cincinnati:   New Orleans 26, Cincinnati 14.
  • Oakland vs San Diego:  Oakland 14, San Diego 20.
  • Atlanta vs Tampa Bay: Atlanta 23, Tampa Bay 14.
  • Carolina vs Seattle: Carolina 18, Seattle 24.
  • St. Louis vs Arizona: St. Louis 24, Arizona 18.
  • Dallas vs Indianapolis: Dallas 21, Indianapolis 28
  • Pittsburgh vs Baltimore: Pittsburgh 23  Baltimore 26


  • NY Jets vs New England :  Jets 18, New England 14

Those are my picks this week. Look forward to your comments.


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