Green Bay Packers Fans – Meet James Starks – RB

All Green Bay Packers fans have been talking about the need for a change at running back since week 2. The week after Ryan Grant was injured, the week Brandon Jackson took over the #1 RB position and the same week we became thoroughly underwhelmed with his abilities.

We wanted it to work, we tried to be fair, we’ve been biting our tongues for the last 10 weeks…but the lack of his running prowess has exhausted our patience. Even if the coaches don’t think there is a problem with our running game, even if they think having Rodgers as our leading rusher is okay by them, it’s time for a change. And that change may finally be coming this Sunday.

James Starks

Rumor has it that James Starks may get a few touches. He’s coming off an injury to a torn hamstring, but has been practicing weekly since removed from the physically unable to perform list. In a recent interview James stated that he’s been running hard, making good cuts and giving the first team some good looks…. translation – he’s ready to play. 

I hope he gets a chance, because quite honestly, I can’t bear the thought of another 28 total yard rushing game for our #1 RB.

So, for your viewing pleasure…I present Mr. James Starks, Running Back


2 responses to “Green Bay Packers Fans – Meet James Starks – RB

  1. You’re right, the running game is a problem, and I’m all for trying every possible situation. With 13 on the IR, the Packers got to this point by being resourceful and doing what they could with what they had; why shouldn’t that continue?

    However, fans shouldn’t get their hopes too high about Starks. He hasn’t played in two years, and barely even participated in TC. Who knows if he will be able to take an NFL-level of punishing hits coming back with this injury. I’m always 100% behind every player who suit up in green and gold, but Starks is and will face a steeply uphill battle in making it to NFL prominence.

    • I’m trying not to get a head of myself, but if he turns out to be half as good as he looks in the video, that’d be a 1000% improvement over what we have now.

      For me the loss to Atlanta was a turning point in my feelings about having a no-run team. I was literally jealous when watching highlights of other games where a running back broke one loose

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