Round Two – Andre Johnson vs Cortland Finnegan

Houston travels to Tennessee for round 2 of the Finnegan/Johnson match-up.  Will it be a repeat of the last meeting, where Johnson got the beat down on Finnegan?  I know I’ll be watching, just in case.

In the meantime.. feel free to take a look at the last brawl.

Houston Texans vs Tennessee Titans week 12 turned into a fight worthy of the MMA Octagon Sunday.

Andre Johnson said he lost his cool and couldn’t take Finnegan’s actions anymore…looks like Finnegan got a beatdown. Definitely a TKO! And BONUS! Andre was mic’d up for the game. Finnegan truly looks like a dirty player…


The players were ejected from the game and as of yesterday, they have both been fined $25,000. Surprisingly, the NFL did not flex it’s muscle here and neither player was suspended from a future game. Considering the crack down on hits the NFL implemented recently, it seems to me these two got off lightly.

Of course, Twitter was flush with comments like:

From now on Cortland Finnegan will be known as Cortland Innegan because Andre Johnson beat the “F” out of him


With a name like Cortland Finnegan, he’s probably used to getting beat up

In case you can’t quite get enough of this on the sports channels, I’ve provided the video below:


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