Breaking News: Brett Favre nominated for FedEx Ground NFL Player of the Week

No, not really.  First, “Ground” awards go to running backs and second, he didn’t do anything worthy of an award!

But seriously, by the way he and the team celebrated, you’d think he’d just won a super bowl! Oops, well, celebrate the little things, right?

I really couldn’t tell if they were celebrating the fact that they finally had a win, or because they had their first road win in over a year or the fact that Favre was able to hobble for ten yards.  I bet it’s because of the positive rushing yards…if you call that rushing. 

I think it is extremely humorous though. As I watched him lumber down the field for those ten yards, knees barely up, arms pumping, it reminded me of when my 70-year-old grandmother was chasing down two chickens after they escaped from the chicken pen. I laughed uncontrollably then too! Miss you grandma!


6 responses to “Breaking News: Brett Favre nominated for FedEx Ground NFL Player of the Week

  1. …and Viking Princess has the nerve to criticize the Celebration of AR win he scored a TD!!! I din’t watch any of the Vikings game. Did see the celebration when they came off the field and gave the game ball to the Interim Head Coach. You’re right, you’d think they actually won a game that meant something!! Vikings fans are the worst, loudest mouths, with nothing to back it up!!! Great start to a rebuilding next couple of years!

  2. Jeff, something you need to know about VikesPrincess is when I post something funny and it strikes a nerve, she will pull no punches to “try” to come up with a retaliatory post, and always has epic fails.

    It’s obvious to Packers fans that she’s clueless. My post was a humorous observation, her’s …just pure trash talk, that’s all, it’s the best she or any Vikings fan can do. Poor things! Go Pack Go

  3. I agree with both of you, the Vikings are just blowing smoke because they know they will never measure up to the PACKERS!!!!!

  4. Haha that’s such cap Favre made the pack who they are. You ungrateful pigs are such punks I hope you lose the rest of your games . Vikes fan, Favre fan

    • Andrew, the Packers were a team. Yes, Favre was a good QB and yes, he was fun to watch as a Packer. But when you support a “team” like I and most Packer fans do, we are going to continue to support our team. Luckily for us, we always manage to get a great franchise QB.
      People can love Favre all they want. Especially Vikes fans, I get that. But the day he put on the purple uniform was the day I lost respect for him.

      You hope for what you want. The Packers are a great team and we are having a great season. We’ll cheer for our team. You cheer for yours.

  5. I agree, are you a fan of the team or just the QB? When you say your a fan of whatever team it is you like, your suppose to like the whole team, not just the QB , DUH.

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