Crazy Packer Fan of the Week – St. Vince

Update: St Vince is up for the Packer Fan Hall of Fame! Please support our beloved St Vince and vote to get him enshrined as he should be!

Voting starts January 2, 2011!

Here is a nice NFL video on St Vince!

I dedicate this semi-weekly post to  my fellow Packer Nation Fanatics.  Everyone knows how enthusiastic Packers fans are about supporting our team.  This will serve as a testament to those fans (like me) that make being a Green Bay Packer fan a way of life!

Week 12 – Packer Fan of the week is :

St. Vince – “Cheese be with you!”

St Vince’s Bio

I went to my first Packers game with my Grandfather on November 22, 1964 -the one year anniversary of JFK’s assassination. The game was at Milwaukee County Stadium. We beat the Cleveland Browns that day. We had great seats – close enough to where I could see and hear Lombardi yelling his head off! (I think he made an impression on me that day!)

The idea of dressing as “St. Vince” was originally going to be a one time thing – for Super Bowl XXXI. The idea was to try to convey the spirit of Vince Lombardi coming back from heaven to see his Packers in another Super Bowl. I wasn’t sure if fans would “get it” and I wasn’t sure that if they did get, they would like it. The one thing I DID know was the LAST thing any Packer fan would want to do is to show disrespect to such a beloved figure as Vince Lombardi.

Fortunately, Packer fans at the Super Bowl not only “got it” they LOVED it!
For those not old enough to remember, shortly after Vince Lombardi’s death in 1970, there were T-shirts available around Lambeau Field with Lombardi’s likeness on it with the words, “St. Vince” printed on it. To this day, in the preseason or early in the regular season when it’s still warm enough to wear a T-shirt, you can still find someone from time to time wearing one of these!

My wife and I accept donations for taking photographs – although we never ask or require a donation for doing that. This money goes directly to the Vince Lombardi Cancer Clinic at the Aurora Hospital in Two Rivers, Wisconsin. It is only appropriate that since it was cancer that took Lombardi from his family and his fans, that any money we make should go to fight this horrible disease. Over the years we have donated several thousand dollars to this and other cancer clinics in Wisconsin – in the name of Vince Lombardi and Packer fans from all over Wisconsin, the United States and truly, from around the world!

I am often asked how many pictures I have posed for with fellow Packer fans . There’s really no way of knowing, but this is my 14th year of doing this. If I posed for 500 pictures per game (which is about average), and I do this for 2 preseason and 8 home games – and about 2 away games per year (again, on average), that would come to 6,000 pictures per year. So after 13 complete years, I estimate I’ve posed for 78,000 photographs with fellow Packer fans – enough to overflow Lambeau Field! I’ve met so many wonderful people during this time – my wife and I feel truly blessed. Thanks for your support, friendship and common love of the NFL’s greatest franchise, the GREEN BAY PACKERS!

For those of you who have never been to Lambeau Field – please put it high on your “bucket list”. I have been going to games there for 46 years, and I still get goose-bumps when I walk thru the tunnel and see Lambeau Field and a sea of green and gold! It’s a magical place! When you come there, look for the guy with the “big hat” on – and say “Hi!”

Congratulations St. Vince! Thank you for everything you do for the Packer fans!

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