NFL Week 12: Melinda’s Picks

I almost forgot AGAIN…just time to do my Thursday picks, the rest will come later.


  • Patriots vs Lions: As much as I would love to see the Lions win this one, because 1) I don’t like the Patriots and 2) that would mean the Vikes would tie for last place in the division, where they belong, I have to go with the Pats.  Patriots 38, Lions 14.
  • Saints vs Cowboys: The Cowboys are one of the few teams in the NFC that I usually can’t stand, but I actually feel  a little sorry for them and their fans.  With the interim head coach obviously motivating this team, this could be the upset of the week.  I’m going to wish real hard with all my might that the ‘Boys pull this one out. Saints 21, Cowboys 24.
  • Bengals vs Jets:  Talk about lack of motivation.  The Bengals had a huge opportunity for a win last week against the Bill and just completely fell apart.  The Bills set an NFL record for coming back at  17 pts down and win by 18!  It’s ridiculous! Do the Bengals need a taste of the Cowboys medicine? Maybe so, they definitely could use a kick in the butt either way.  I’m picking the Jets. Jets 26, Bengals 21.


  • Packers vs Falcons:  The Packers and the Falcons are on a roll, both have extended their winning streaks to 4 wins. The Falcons have not lost at home yet this year, but look who they’ve played, Cardinals, 49er’s, Bengals, Bucs and Ravens, they have yet to play a team at home that are getting their stride.  This may be a test for the Packers, but I believe it will be a test they can ace.  Packers 28  Falcons 17
  • Steelers vs Bills: 7-3 Steelers at the 2-8 Bills.  Although we’ve seen signs of life out of Buffalo in the past two games, the Steelers will be too much for them to handle.  I pick Steelers 32, Bills 14.
  • Panthers vs Browns: Cleveland sits at 3-7 while the Panthers are at the bottom of the entire NFL with a 1-9 record.  I keep reflecting on the Browns win at the Saints, if they can win there, they can surely win in Carolina. Browns 27, Panthers 13.
  • Titans vs Texans: Both of these teams seem to be trending downward, Houston has lost 4 straight, while the Titans have lost 3.  The Titans need this win if they want any chance at a playoff berth. The question will be, do they want it bad enough to overcome their Vikings-like drama? I’m predicting they do. Texans 24, Titans 28.
  • Jaguars vs Giants: Wow, the Jags are 6-4? I wondered how that happened, then I looked at their schedule, they’ve racked up three W’s against the Cowboys, Texans and Browns.  Whoop-ti-do. Giants should have no problems. Giants 26, Jaguars 10.
  • Vikings vs Redskins:  Ahh, my favorite pick each week, for the Vikes to continue their out-of-control spiral into the bowels of the NFL record book.  The Redskins will win. Vikings 9, Redskins 24.
  • Dolphins vs Raiders:  Match up of AFC 5-5 teams, Dolphins can’t win at home, but seem to find a way to win on the road. The Raiders are the exact opposite, winning at home 4 of their 5 tries.  This one is literally a coin toss.  Picking the home team. Dolphins 20, Raiders 27.
  • Chiefs vs Seahawks:  Both teams top their division,  a loss by Seattle could open the door for the Rams to sneak in. I’m going with  Kansas City. Chiefs 26, Seahawks 14.
  • Buccaneers vs Ravens:  A win by the Bucs and a loss by the Falcons will blow the ceiling off of the NFC South, unfortunately for them, they play the Raven at home, which they own.  The Ravens win in “their house” Ravens 14, Bucs 10.
  • Eagles vs Bears: Obviously I have a vested interest in this game.  The Eagles should be able to hand another L to the Bears which will effectively give the Packers an edge. Bears 13, Eagles 34.
  • Rams vs Broncos: I’m going with hometown hero Sam Bradford and the Rams to beat the cheaters of the NFL, Denver Broncos.  Broncos 18, Rams 24.
  • Chargers vs Colts: I like the Chargers, but with Mathews out and Gates questionable, it’s hard to imagine they can make a game of it.  Chargers 14, Colts 28.


  • 49ers vs Cardinals:  What a crappy Monday Night Football game, Underwhelming vs Unmotivated. Someone will be able to sleep well after been named, “not the last place team in the NFC West” I say, who cares. Cardinals 18, 49er’s 14

Those are my picks this week. Look forward to your comments.


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