Packers vs Vikings – Post Game Commentary 11/21

Let me start out by saying WOO FRIKKEN HOO!  The Green Bay Packers have officially swept the Minnesota Vikings during the 2010 season! Packers win 31 – 3!

We have been on a winning streak and successfully extended that yesterday to 4 wins in row.  We are again on top of the NFC North Division with a sparkling 7-3 record, while the Vikings ship has sunk and are a meager 3-7.

The game at the Metrodome started out slow.  I’m pretty sure that it was due to the Packers having 13 days with no playtime outside of practice.  But I wasn’t worried.  I knew the Packers had this one in the bag.

The Vikings managed to get a field goal in the first quarter and nothing else.  And I mean NOTHING else.  But I don’t think it was for lack of trying as some Viking fans would have you believe, I think they were just way out matched by a very well-rounded team.

The Packers offense scored a field goal and two touchdowns to Greg Jennings and James Jones in the second quarter.  A third TD to Jennings in Q3 and the icing on the cake, a fourth TD in the 4th quarter also to Jennings.

Aaron ended the game with 4 TD’s, for  301 yards and no INT’s. His QB rating was a phenomenal 141.3, he was definitely firing on all cylinders.

The defense step up per the usual with a forced fumble by Woodson, and an interception by Tramon Williams. Clay Matthews registered his 11.5 sack and 5 solo tackles, added to his 28 for a total of 33 solo sacks this year.  I don’t think the entire Vikings defense has been able to rack those kind of numbers.

The Vikings looked terrible on both sides of the ball, there was no passing game, no running game, nothing spectacular about the defense.  (Yeah, I know there were three sacks on Rodgers, but did it make a difference, no, it didn’t.)

I could not be more proud to be a Green Bay Packers fan than I am right now.  We came into this season as well-hyped Super Bowl contenders.  But starting week 1, we’ve had injury on top of injury. Yet, we still manage to work to together as a team,  in fact, more like a family.  Our players get along, they respect and trust our coach, our fans LOVE their team.  Put all of those ingredients together and you get something  special, a rare manifestation of talent, character and determination.

I’m thankful to be a Packers fan, thankful for the pure bliss this season has become.  I believe in the future of this team and the organization, and I look forward with anticipation to see this team come together even more as we wind down the season.

So count your blessings Packer fans, we have MANY things to be thankful for!  GO PACK GO!


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