NFL Week 11: Melinda’s Picks

How I forget about Thursday night games, I’m not sure….but here are the rest of my picks:


  • Jets vs Texans: Texans have been struggling a bit, they need to regain their momentum.  Jets aren’t looking like the supreme team they were made out to be.  I’m going with the Texans 21 Jets 14
  • Ravens vs Panthers:  So, the Panthers are having a horrible season, tied for last place in the NFL with the Bills…good lawd!  Ravens 28 Panthers 7
  • Chiefs vs Cardinals: Chiefs are 5-4, playing the 3-6 Cardinals,  who have allowed 4 teams to score an average of 40pts on them! I’ve got to go with Chiefs on the road Chiefs 36 Cardinals 10
  • Packers vs Vikings: This is the Vikings “Super Bowl” for the season, and we all know what happens when the Vikes are in the Super Bowl (choke)…The Packers will score early and often, which will take the noise factor out of the game except for the unified chants of “Fire Chilly”.  Many Vikes fans have already written off this season and are hoping for a blow out, which should get the HC fired.. fine by me!  Let’s go Packers 35 Vikings 10
  • Raiders vs Steelers: Oakland is building up steam after winning 3 in a row; including the beat down of Denver at Mile High and handing Seattle a bruising at home, this week, they will win over the Steelers on the road Raiders 21 Steelers 17
  • Bengals vs Bills: If Cincinnati doesn’t win this game, they deserve a foot up the rear.  The Bills have had 1 win, which is exactly half of the number of wins the Bengals have.  Bengals 21 Bills 7
  • Browns vs Jaguars:  The Browns had a rough start, but having been coming on strong lately, beating two powerhouse teams, the Saints and the Patriots,  I look for them to continue this trend the rest of the year. Browns 24 Jags 16
  • Titans vs Redskins: Titans at home vs McNabb and the Redskins, who had it handed to them last week by the Eagles.  I’m going with the Titans 30 Redskins 18
  • Cowboys vs Lions: Both NFC teams have a disappointing 2-7 record; the difference between them, looks like the ‘Boys have a new coach that knows how to motivate based on the game against the Giants last week.  I’m picking the Cowboys 28 Lions 14
  • Saints vs Seahawks: Neither of these teams have been able to string together a 3 game winning streak.  I’m interested to see if Bush will play on Sunday and if that makes a difference.  Picking the Saints 24 Seahawks 7
  • Falcons vs Rams: The Falcons confuse me, on paper with 7-2 record, they look pretty good, but they’ve only won 2 games by more than a touchdown.  Are they good or lucky? I’m going with the St. Louis Rams at home Rams 27   Falcons 17
  • Buccaneers vs 49ers: I don’t have much to say about these two teams, 6-3 vs 3-6;  I think Tampa will have the edge. Buccaneers 24 49ers 10
  • Patriots vs Colts: Both teams are leading their division, both teams are a lot a like, both teams are playing the “short ball” games, and not airing it out for 40+ yards, since they are in Indy, I’m going with them for the win due to their piped in crowd noise advantage. Patriots 23 Colts 28
  • Eagles vs Giants: This has all the makings of a good game. NFC East, tied with 6-3 records, this one is for stand alone leader status.  Who wants it more? I’m going with Micheal Vick and the Eagles, he’s making a glorious come back and although I’ll never forget what he’s done in the past, because I love my dogs like family,  I’m really impressed with his determination and drive to change his life.  Eagles 28 Giants 21


  • Chargers vs Broncos: Who would have thought these two teams would be 3 and 4 in the AFC West at this point? Not the people who scheduled the MNF games, obviously.  I’m choosing the Chargers in a win at Mile High, the Broncos have shown that home field is not to their advantage.  Chargers 24 Broncos 17

Those are my picks this week. Look forward to your comments.


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