It’s Vikings vs Packers Week – Part Deux

Here we go, here we go, here we go again…

This time the Mighty Green Bay Packers 6-3, are rolling into the Humpty Dumpty Dome to take on the lowly and depressing 3-6 Minnesota Vikings.

A couple of things have happened since the previous match-up; first, the Packers have won all three games, including a shutout of the NY Jets and a blowout of the Dallas Cowboys.  We’ve also had a bye week that enabled our team to get some much-needed rest and heal our injuries. 

Meanwhile, in a separate dimension, the Vikings, got rid of one Randy Moss, have lost three more games and barely eked out a win vs Arizona.  But more than that, they have continued to implode.  If you look up dysfunctional in the dictionary, you should find a photo of the 2010 Minnesota Vikings, coached by Brad Childress; led by Brett Favre and a supporting cast of messed up team mates.

It’s easy to kick this team when it’s down, especially since the Vikings fans insist after every game, win or lose, that “the season starts now”…Breaking News: the season started 11 weeks ago!

At 3-6 and no real reason to perform any better than they have, I would say it’s a safe bet that the Packers should come out with a win this week..although people keep reminding me, we’re playing in the dome, what about the crowd noise, blah, blah, blah.  I have a feeling that the crowd noise will be unified chants of “Fire Chilly”..especially if the Packers come out quick and score.

Poor Vikings, my how they have fallen.  I almost feel sorry for them, but then I remember, I hate the Vikings and that feeling evolves into giddiness. 

So, bring it on slackers, loafers, and what ever else name of the week your coach chooses to bestow on you.  There’s no fear here.  We are chomping at the bit to finish you in supreme style.



3 responses to “It’s Vikings vs Packers Week – Part Deux

  1. …..and finish them off in supreme style we did!!! What a great time to be a Packer Fan!!! And to think this is being done with so many injuries!! The fact that each player who has been called upon to step up when the player in front of them has gone down, is a real testament to the meaning of the word TEAM!! Hats off to the Coaching Staff for keeping the team focused, as even many of us fans were wondering what was going to happen to the season after some early losses!! GO PACK GO!!!!

  2. Amen Jeff! I’ve always been a happy Packer fan, but the stars just seem to have lined up this year. A starter gets hurt, someone else steps up and what do you know, they turn into a hero! : )

    THIS is what a well coached, well disciplined team should look like, it reminds me a lot of the team I fell in love with almost 20 years ago!

    As always, thanks for commenting!

  3. screw packers

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