Vikings vs Patriots – A Packers Fan Bashing of the game

Yesterday, October 31, 2010 was one of those perfect football days, in my opinion.

  • The Green Bay Packers shut out the NY Jets 9-0
  • The Packers move into first place in the NFC North
  • My husbands team, the St. Louis Rams won
  • The Minnesota Vikings lose in grand fashion to the New England Patriots
  • Brett Favre gets carted off the field (not because he’s unable to walk, but because he has a laceration under his chin)

So the Patriots did what everyone expected them to do.  Sock it to the Vikings.  The final score? Patriots 28  Vikings 18.

If it's just a cut, why the cart?

Eight of those points came after Favre took a hit under the chin and Tarvaris Jackson steps in as QB.  First play, 6 pts, second play a 2pt conversion.  Makes me wonder why there isn’t a QB controversy.  Seems like a logical solution to a bad season.  Replace the broken QB with a healthy one.  NFL teams do t all the time.

Oh, yeah, it’s Brett Favre we’re talking about.  Okay, put some stitches in him, sew him up, wrap the ankle, ice the elbow, throw in some duct tape and he’ll start next week.  Much to the chagrin of EVERY team in the NFL.

I know, it's mean, but true

This topic has become such a joke.  The Vikings have been in self mutilation mode for weeks now and it’s just getting worse.  How many problems can you count before getting to the center of the Vikings issue?

  1. 2-5 record – tied for last place with the Detriot Lions
  2. Broken QB with multiple physical problems and questionable desire to play
  3. Diva Wide Reciever giving up on plays for at least 2 1/2 games of 4
  4. Diva WR professing his love and adoration to his previous team and former head coach during the press conference directly after said team and coach beat the snot out of them
  5. Media announces Randy Moss has been released on waivers
  6. Head Coach Brad Childress has “lost the locker room”
  7. Head Coach Brad Childress presumably “went rogue” in his decision to release Moss.
  8. Childress confirms Moss has been let go
  9. Vikings owners and team are not happy with Childress
  10. Some Vikings fans have called it a day

Can I come back home, PLEASE? I'll be good..

I hate to say this, but….. I TOLD YOU SO! 

I could see this coming from 1200 miles away.  You don’t have to be a genius to see there was going to be some issues for this team coming into the 2010 season.

So now, the Vikings head into week 9; jacked-up QB or TJax, it doesn’t really matter… no deep threat.. team not happy, owners not happy, fans NOT happy.

I actually had picked the Arizona Cardinals as one of the four teams the Vikes would beat this year (Predicted a 4-12 season, and so far, I’ve been on the money),  but after the past two days events, I may have to re-think that pick.

Vikings just need to call it a day.  But until they do, stayed tuned, there’s sure to be more drama in the future.

T-Shirt for the delusional Vikings fans


2 responses to “Vikings vs Patriots – A Packers Fan Bashing of the game

  1. not only are the fans delusional…they’re also very defensive. wait – offensive. they are busy knocking down the packers in order to build their own self-esteem. if ONLY getting 9 points and shutting out a team the vikes lost to means the packers suck, things are really bad.

  2. Melinda (ilovemypackers)

    Well, you know Vikings fan, they’ve never really been able to grasp the concept of reality. Packer in 1st place, I can’t say it enough! Go Pack Go!

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