NFL Week 7: Melinda’s Picks


  • Bengals vs Falcons: Falcons are looking better all the time. The “old” Chad is supposed  to be back this week, meaning some sort of on field shenanigans if he scores a TD, I don’t think we’ll get to see what he’s spent his week planning.  Bengals 13  Falcons 23
  • Steelers vs Dolphins: The Steelers are back with Big Ben; he made a good showing last week.  Henne needs protection to make an impact. I’m going with the Steelers 28  Dolphins 21
  • Bills vs Ravens:  Oh dear gosh.  Ravens…’nuff said.  Bills 7  Ravens 32
  • Jaguars vs Chiefs: I always try to go with the Chiefs when they have home field advantage, nothing changes this week.  Jaguars 12  Chiefs 28
  • Browns vs Saints: Drew Brees in the Big Easy, will get an easy, breezy, beautiful win on Sunday, Browns 6  Saints 24
  • Redskins vs Bears: Chicago – they are who we thought they were.  Frauds of the NFC.  The Redskins and McNabb will roll into Soldier Field and put the whoop on them. Redskins 26  Bears 7
  • 49ers vs Panthers: These two teams have me shaking my head… it wasn’t that long ago that they were both contenders.  I’m flipping a coin on this one,  heads : Niners, tails: Panthers….tails it is.  49ers 14  Panthers 17
  • Rams vs Buccaneers: I’m starting to get that old “Greatest Show on Turf” feelin’ from the Rams.  The Bucs won’t be able to contain Jackson’s run.  Rams 31  Bucs 14
  • Eagles vs Titans: Titans at home are good. Chris Johnson is claiming he’ll have a big day.  Kolb on the Eagles is coming along, but I don’t think they can win this road game.  Eagles 17 Titans 28
  • Cardinals vs Seahawks: Another match-up of two teams that have completely underwhelmed me this year.  I’m going with #teamfitzgerald  Cardinals 21  Seahawks 18
  • Patriots vs Chargers: This is one of those evil vs good games.  Patriots being evil and Chargers good, good as in nice..not good as in football playmakers.  My one bright spot on the Bolts team, Antonio Gates looks to be injured.  So, evil takes it Patriots 25  Chargers 10
  • Raiders vs Broncos: Both teams are 2-4, both teams are in the AFC West division. Both teams are still”in the mix” due to the overall poor performance of all AFC West teams.  Going into Mile High Stadium is usually a tough venue for most teams.  The Raiders will be no exception.  Raiders 17  Broncos 24
  • Vikings vs Packers: So the Old Dongslinger is on his way back to Lambeau, hopefully, for the last time. Vikings fans would like for you to think it’s a gimme.  However,  the Vikings suck so much this year that they haven’t been able to pull out a single road win.  The Vikings are now getting a taste of the Brett Favre that we’ve had to deal with for many years.  The Favre that is injured and making bad decisions and finding ways to lose the games. Plus they have the added bonus of watching his legacy further deteriorate with the sexting/workplace contact issues.  Meanwhile, the Packers are getting healthy, Matthews will be back, sights set on #4; Donald Driver said he wouldn’t miss the game, quad injury be damned.  We get Al Harris and Atari Bigby and Starks back this week.  I’m looking for a very good game and the Packers will win.  Vikings 14  Packers 28.


  • Giants vs Cowboys: Giant seem to have turned things around, the defense is standing tough against opponents offenses, I don’t think this is going to be a good year for the Cowboys at all, where are their play makers?   Giants 28, Cowboys 14.

Those are my picks this week. Look forward to your comments.


3 responses to “NFL Week 7: Melinda’s Picks

  1. Melinda (ilovemypackers)

    Just a quick comment: Bigby and Harris were not activated this week as we had be led to believe. The Packers still win!♥

  2. who do you like tonight

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