It’s Packers vs Vikings Week!

The Green Bay Packers host the Minnesota Vikings this Sunday, October 24th at Lambeau Field!

This game is definitely a bitter border battle.  It’s no secret that Vikings fans hate Packers fans and vice versa.  This week makes that fact even more apparent.

Last year, the Packers had a 2nd year QB in Aaron Rodgers, while the Vikings and Brett Favre had some weird chemistry that allowed them to put together a winning season.  Beating the Packers at Lambeau and at the Metrodome.

This year, things have changed.

  • Rodgers is a better QB, Favre is 28th ranked in the NFL.
  • Rodgers is young, Favre is a 41 year old grand-pappy with a hurt ankle and tendinitis (or so he claims when he sucks)
  • Rodgers reputation is in tact.  Favre’s reputation has taken multiple hits this season, including a sext scandal.  NFL investigation is ongoing.
  • The Packers have a better record than the Vikings
  • The Vikings haven’t won a road game in almost a year
  • The Packer fans are rabid about our team
  • The Viking fans want Brett be a bench-warmer
  • The Vikings defense are struggling to sack the QB’s.  Jarred Allen, is totally lost. 

    Last seen 2009 NFL Season

Here are the keys to the Packers winning this week:

We are PackerNation – Lambeau needs to be rocking! Make as much noise as possible during every Vikings offense turn on the field!  Don’t let up, don’t let a fluke TD quiet you! KEEP UP THE INTENSITY!!


Hoping for lot's of Lambeau Leaps!


Get Clay Matthews back in the line up!




Favre will be quivering in his support hose when he sees the Predator gunning for him!

Play smart and move the ball.  Third down conversions are the key.  We’ve never struggled with a conversion until the past few games.  Get that back together.

Throw the ball to Greg Jennings! He’s proven he’s a long ball guy!

Special teams need to be special again.  Hold on to the ball! Give the returner a wedge, make some blocks.  Field position will be a factor!


We'll see a lot of this from #4


At the end of the night Packers will be 4-3; Vikings 2-4  and depending on how the rest of the NFC North teams play, it could be very, very interesting!



2 responses to “It’s Packers vs Vikings Week!

  1. Aaron Rodgers lives with a guy…at least Favre likes women. nuff said.

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