Packers vs Dolphins Game 6 Review

Two weeks in a row Green Bay’s game goes into OT!  Two weeks we lose in OT. Two weeks we lose by 3 points.  Final score Dolphins 23  Packers 20. Fortunately for me I don’t have heart problems or it could be ugly.

For a team of “the replacements” the Packers were able to make a game of it. The banged up Packers are missing our standout LB Clay Matthews, we are also without starting tight end Finley,  Nick Barnett with a broken wrist and defensive lineman Pickett with an ankle injury.

We had the usual non-calls on Rodgers with a hit to the head.  Still making the same mistakes on the line with false start penalties.   4th special teams imploded with stupid penalties. Giving the Dolphins  the opportunity for another TD.

The o-line struggled to give Rodgers protection, and Rodgers seemed to be


Rodgers is not getting protection


holding on to the ball longer than usual.  Could it be his concussion caused a slight delay in his decision-making skills? Rodgers ended the day with 313 passing yards and 1 passing TD, and 1 rushing TD.

BUT we also saw a gorgeous 86 yard TD pass from Rodgers to Jennings, and it was GORGEOUS! Greg had 6 catches for 133 yards.


Jennings 86 yrd TD


We need to get healthy, we need our team back.

The good news is that the Lions and Bears have both lost today too.  Just keeping the faith that Dallas can pull out a win in the HumptyDome.

Standings so far:

  • Chicago 4-2
  • Green Bay 3-3
  • Vikings 2-3
  • Lions 1-5

Bottom line, until our team can get healthy, we need to be able to hold our own in the division.  The  road to post-season is looking longer and a lot more bumpy with each passing week.


One response to “Packers vs Dolphins Game 6 Review

  1. hate to say it, but post-season isn’t looking great unless we get some of our team back. my heart is aching over this one. please explain the penalty on the guy we just got off the practice squad. did a TD get negated because he was standing a few inches away from where he should have been and that’s a newer penalty with a new player? four letter words are flying through my head. 3/4 of the season left, but i’m not optimistic. can hardly wait for the princess to harp about what a grand win the queens had. yeah, brilliant. it all sucks! big question…will favre survive the season? howie says no.

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