Trash Talk Friday: October 15th, 2010

Melinda writes:

I affectionately named this weeks matchup the “Toilet Bowl” .

Loser on Sunday gets the trophy

Both the Cowboys and the Vikings have gotten off to a superb 1-3 start.  Both with high (as in ‘are you high’) hopes of reaching the post-season.  Unfortunately, someone has to win.  The loser gets to hang their heads even lower as they go to a 1-4 record.

The Vikings are such a bunch of misfits and malcontents.  No one is happy, no one is playing well.  You do have one diamond in the pile of turds, in Adrian Peterson, but he’s struggling to get the blocking he needs to make a dent.

The new Moss is already throwing a fit after just one loss with the team, cursing at a reported after he had previously refused to give an interview.  Even the normally soft spoken coach has taken to using foul language at media events.

You can see it in their faces, you can hear it in the voices and you can certainly see it in their awful attempts to play football.

Vikes fans have never had much patience with their teams.  They boo’d Favre during the Lions game for crying out loud and that’s the 1 game they did manage to win!

Here are a few quotes from this week’s Vikes fan base:

“As a real Vikings fan I am torn between my hate for the ex Packer and my joy or seeing his life crumble vs the hope he can pull it together long enough to get us our championship.  Either way I look forward to the day the POS crawls back to swamp he slithered out of”

Wow, now THAT’S being torn!

“This might sound retarded, but what about a two QB system. Maybe you use Tavaris on early downs and Brett is your third down and red zone specialist.”

The only problem with that is Favre is #29 out of 32 QB’s in the NFL.  Only three QB’s are actually playing worse than he is. And two of them are Rookies! With only 5 NFL games under their belts.  Quite an accomplishment.  He must be so proud!

The Packers are at home this week against the Dolphins.  It’s no secret that we have been bombarded with injuries.  Although our depth charts are dwindling and we have an Injury Report that looks like an entire football team,  we still believe in them.

3-2 is league leading, just a few teams are at 4-1 and no one is undefeated. I’ll take that over the stomach churning 1-3 any day of the week.

The Packers have heart.  Always have and always will.  It’s obviously not about the money.  We don’t run out and pick up a high-priced replacement for a few games, and why? Because we aren’t desperate like the Vikings.  They believe with Favre retiring and no reliable QB to back him up, the injuries that have mounted and the lack of desire to perform from last year’s standouts, THIS, 2010 Season is their only chance to get to the big game.  The one that matters.  The one they can smell but not touch.  The one that if they could only win one of those trophies, they would finally earn the respect of the rest of the NFL. 

This year is going to be nothing more than the year the Vikes  were “ALL IN” and came out with an Epic $23,000,000 Fail.

Lisa writes:

Romo spent a lot of time in this position last time he met up with the Vikings.

The Vikings racked up another loss this week, unfortunately. However, I saw enough improvement in the passing game to give me lots of confidence that we’re turning things around, starting with this weekend when we play the Cowboys at home.

In our last meeting with the Cowpokies, they were favored over us in our own house. The final result of the game? Vikings 34, Cowboys 3.

Keith Brooking was mad at the end of the game when we went for it on 4th and short and Favre threw to Visanthe Shiancoe, who made a diving catch in the end zone. Keith thought we were intentionally running up the score. Here’s my thought on that: if you don’t want us in your end zone, STOP US. If you can’t, quit whining.

Needless to say, I’m thrilled to be going to the game this weekend for this re-match. Of course the Vikings will win. We have to and we will. But enough about the team that is going to win this weekend. Let’s talk about the one that is going to lose!

The Packers aren’t looking good this season. And things have continued to get worse due to injuries. They’ve lost Ryan Grant, Nick Barnett, Morgan Burnett, Jermichael Finley, among others. Aaron Rodgers suffered a concussion last week. Even without these injuries, however, the Packers struggled out of the gate.

You know Rodgers spends his days dreaming of Adrian Peterson.

At the time of this writing, it’s unknown whether or not Rodgers will be playing this weekend against Dolphins. Either way, the Packers are going to lose. So starting QB doesn’t matter except as it pertains to the spread.

If the Packers had a running game, a week with a back up QB may not be as daunting. Of course, they didn’t really have one before Ryan Grant went on IR either, so they’re probably used to not having a balanced offense and the non-post season success that leads to.

Melinda always says her team plays with heart. What a Load o’Crap. I haven’t seen any more heart out of that team than any other in the NFL. Lately they’ve been looking confused, discombobulated and bumbling. And that’s even without Rodgers getting hit in the head.

The big deal this year for the Packers has been YOTTO… Year of the Takeover. How’s that going Packer fans? I hear the ring-master of YOTTO is on IR but is still hawking his shirts to get more money off the rabid Packers fans who believe another Championship is just around the corner. For Nick Barnett, YOTTO stands for “Year of the Time Off”.

You know what I love about YOTTO? What it implies: you don’t own something (in this case, the division) and you have aspirations of usurping the dominant team. Every time a Packer fan writes YOTTO… they’re essentially saying “We’re not #1. We haven’t been #1. We are going to try to be #1.” And then we just tack on “And, you’ll probably fail.”

The Dolphins & Packers are meeting at Lameblow at 1 AM according to this delicious graphic!

The Dolphins have disappointed me in my picks in previous weeks. They’ve had some time to regroup and they’ll get the job done this weekend.

Hopefully the Packer fans know to start tailgating on Saturday. Who am I kidding? It’s not like they’re not drunk Saturday night, too.


6 responses to “Trash Talk Friday: October 15th, 2010

  1. Melinda (ilovemypackers)

    Here’s an idea, how about the next time you want to respond to my post after it’s published, you put it in the comments instead of “editing” your post?

    • Lisa (VikesPrincess)

      Touchy much?

      • Melinda (ilovemypackers)

        No, just stating the obvious. (At least to me it should be obvious)

        • Lisa (VikesPrincess)

          I had actually added it before publishing the post originally but I guess it didn’t save for whatever reason – which I noticed later. We each have the opportunity to read what the other writes prior to publishing and respond so I didn’t see the big deal in going back and re-adding it.

          • Really? so you added it before I wrote my piece? You’re starting to lose credibility with me.

            • Lisa (VikesPrincess)

              Um no… that’s not what I said. And really? I’m starting to lose credibility with you? If you have a problem with me you can always pick up the phone and call instead of taking it to the comments.

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