NFL Week 6: Melinda’s Picks


  • Miami vs Green Bay: Of course, have to go with the Packers, bumps and bruises and all.  They are playing at home and I believe a Packers team somewhat comprised of players pulled off the practice squad will still beat the Dolphins.  Miami 14  Packers 24
  • San Diego vs St Louis: Wow San Diego, wth happened to your special teams last week? I honestly couldn’t bear to watch.  I’m going with my husbands favorite team this week, the Rams. SanDiego 21 St. Louis 28
  • Atlanta vs Philadelphia: I think Atlanta has a pretty balanced team this year.  The Eagles are running hot and cold.  I think the Falcons will win this one. Atlanta 14   Philadelphia 10
  • Cleveland vs Pittsburgh: Got go with the Steelers here. Pittsburgh 28   Cleveland 7
  • Seattle vs Chicago: Hoping for a Bears loss.  Seattle 26  Chicago 9
  • Detroit vs NY Giants:  Giants are on the upswing. The Lions will sink to 1-5.  Detriot 9  Giants 28
  • New Orleans vs Tampa Bay: Saints win this match up.            New Orleans 17  Tampa Bay 6
  • Kansas City vs Houston:  I gotta go with Houston at home.  Kansas City 21  Houston 24
  • Baltimore vs New England:   Ravens are the most balanced team in the NFL.  New England is sputtering.  I’m going with Baltimore 17 New England 14
  • Oakland vs San Francisco:  When was the last time a coach was fired 6 weeks into the season?  Oakland wins 21  San Francisco 14
  • NY Jets vs Denver:  I think the Jets are looking good.  Denver is.. meh. Jets win 28  Denver10
  • Dallas vs Minnesota:  I hope Romo can get his act together for this game.  I really don’t like Dallas as a team, but I will be cheering them on Sunday.  Dallas 20  Vikings 16
  • Indianapolis vs Washington:  Though Manning failed to throw a TD last week, I still think they can pull out a win.  Indianapolis 27  Washington 20


  • Tennessee vs Jacksonville: Jacksonville beat the Colts last week.  Very interesting.  I really don’t like either of these teams. I think Jeff Fisher is an ass. (How about a little “Just for Men” there Jeff? You’re looking really old!)  I’m picking the Titans.  Tennessee 28  Jacksonville 7

Those are my picks this week. Look forward to your comments.


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