NFL Week 6: Lisa’s Picks

As you may have noticed, last week, I won the Weekly Picks! I intend to win it this week, too. And here’s why I will. Melinda will pick the Packers to win and the Vikings to lose. I, of course, will pick the Packers to lose and the Vikings to win… and therefore will have a guaranteed 2 game advantage!


  • Miami vs Green Bay: The Packers are playing the mammals with the blowholes! Aaron Rodgers is recovering from a concussion, so Matt Flynn may start – and if he does then that takes my spread on their loss WAY higher. I’m going to assume Aaron “Gazelle Leaper” Rodgers will be at the helm… and still pick them to lose. Dolphins 24, Packers 17
  • San Diego vs St Louis: Both these teams lost this weekend to underdog teams. I predicted that the Lions would beat the Rams, which wasn’t the popular choice – and I don’t think the Rams can get the job done against the Chargers, either. Chargers 21, Rams 14
  • Atlanta vs Philadelphia: The Falcons have been playing fairly consistently while the Eagles have been up and down as the revolving door at QB has spun in recent weeks. I’m going with my former city of residence in this game. Falcons 28, Eagles 20
  • Cleveland vs Pittsburgh: While Cleveland may have been able to beat the Bengals, I think we all know that Ben Roethlisberger is coming back this week to the Steelers. That will give the Steelers stability at that position and will ensure that they add another tick mark in the win column. Steelers 31, Browns 13.
  • Seattle vs Chicago: I am hoping for a Bears loss in this game but Seattle has lost to the Broncos and the Rams so I’m not sure that this offense, led by Matt Hasselback, is going to be able to hold back the Bears’ offense – which will be led by Jay Cutler, after coming back from his concussion.  Bears 24, Seahawks 20.
  • Detroit vs NY Giants: Eli Manning vs back-up QB Shaun Hill. The Giants beat the Texans last week, while the Lions beat the Rams. I’m afraid that the Lions won’t be adding to their Win column this week. I think the Giants’ defense will keep the Lions’ offense fairly quiet throughout this game. Giants 27, Lions 14.
  • New Orleans vs Tampa Bay: Drew Brees and his offense have been inconsistent this year. The Bucs are the Bucs. I miss the old NFC Central – because we had the Lions AND the Bucs. Good times. But I digress. I assume this will be another blacked out game in the Tampa area so I’ll stick with the fine people of that city: Saints 24, Bucs 10.
  • Kansas City vs Houston: The Chiefs were the last undefeated team in the NFL. That changed last weekend. The Texans busted out of the gates in Week 1 – looked like they were going to do something – and then have steadily declined. I’m going with Houston in this one… but something tells me that’s going to ultimately be the wrong choice.  Texans 17, Chiefs 14
  • Baltimore vs New England:   Post-Moss Patriots and Joe Flacco go at it in this game. I’m looking for an upset here because the Ravens have a fairly decent offense and the Pats’ defense has struggled. Ravens 20, Patriots 17.
  • Oakland vs San Francisco: Ah… another battle between California teams. Oakland is coming off a big win over the Chargers… and Mike Singletary is prayer for his first win. San Francisco nearly beat the Saints at their house a couple of weeks back and they’re in Candlestick Park again this weekend so I’m looking for them to pull out a win this weekend. 49ers 20, Raiders 19.
  • NY Jets vs Denver: Sanchez looked efficient Monday night but he wasn’t able to get in the end zone until near the end of the game. The Broncos defense isn’t nearly as good as the Vikings’ so I think we’ll see a more high-powered offense from the Jets this weekend. Jets 34, Broncos 14.
  • Dallas vs Minnesota: 2009 Divisional Round re-match. The Cowpokies are coming to our house this weekend. Last time they were here, we beat them 34 – 3. This time we’ll beat them and I’ll be there to watch! Vikings 28, Cowboys 17.
  • Indianapolis vs Washington: Wow. Donovan McNabb wasn’t looking too hot against a decimated Packers defense. On the other hand, the Peyton Manning show hasn’t been going according to script either. See: Loss to Jacksonville. Colts 27, Redskins


  • Tennessee vs Jacksonville:  I think Chris Johnson will have a great day against the Jaguars’ defense. Which still doesn’t make him better than Adrian Peterson. Titans 20, Jaguars 7

Those are my picks this week. Look forward to your comments.


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