Jets defeat Vikings – Packers Fan Game Bashing

Not much to say about the Jets vs Vikings, we all knew how it was going to turn out.  Jets won! Vikings are now 1-3!


The Vikings came out with a bit of trickery up their sleeves.  Favre at center, toss to Harvin, who pitches the ball to Moss, all the while #4 is hobbling down the right sideline.  I laughed so hard I almost had an asthma attack!  Really Vikes? Have you never played football before??  I’ve never taken a snap from center, but I know the QB is an ineligible receiver.  What a bunch of losers! Who wrote up that play, and more importantly, why didn’t anyone stop them??

Most of the game was dominated by the Jets offense.  Although they weren’t able to put it in the end-zone until the end of the game, racking up the field goals was enough to put the lackluster Vikings out of it. Yeah, I saw the TD to Moss.  I saw the celebration, but what I didn’t see was even more interesting.  NO Mrs. Favre.

Deanna at Brett's 421st TD

As a Packers fan for many years, one thing has always been true. Deanna shows up to support her husband.  She was there for all of his milestone games.  Always beaming proudly and sweetly  blowing kisses to her husband on the field.  But Monday night, she wasn’t there.  Brett didn’t even pretend to look for her because she wasn’t there.  My suspicion is that this sext scandal is the straw that broke the camel’s back.  The one thing she has always said is that she will not put up with womanizing.  And I believe her.

So the Vikings lost again.  Brett’s marriage is in jeopardy.  I think its safe to say the good ol southern boy charm has also run it’s course.  He gets no accolades, he has no support outside of his team.  Sponsors are watching his scandal investigation closely.  He looks like an old, washed up shell of the man he once was.  When he was a hero. Now, he’s just like the rest of the Vikes.  A big old Zero.

I’m not  generally a Cowboys fan, but you can bet that come Sunday, I’ll be cheering them on as the Vikings season goes straight into the toilet. 1 win and 4 losses.  Lovely. Then Favre can go out on IR with an elbow/ankle/pride injury.


4 responses to “Jets defeat Vikings – Packers Fan Game Bashing

  1. I’m still wondering about that elbow thing. He sure made some long tosses for a man in incredible pain. I think that was kind of an “I’m sucking so let’s give it a reason.” Maybe this season will kind of be like the year he played with a broken thumb. I wish he had done that as a Viking. I know that the guy will at least start the game…gotta keep that consecutive start # going. Ego much to big for common sense to come into play. I haven’t see the Cowboys play this year, but I’m hoping they can find someone able to catch those “Favre bullets.”

    • Melinda (ilovemypackers)

      I noticed that too Kristen. Bad throw, hold the arm. Actually complete a pass; he’s fist pumping arms in the air. lol

      The Cowboys aren’t looking much better, but I still think they’ll beat the Vikings.

  2. Ok Melinday,
    I’m willing to give you a little latitude on this game and allow you to bash the 1st half performance and even 1st couple series in 2nd half. Even with purple colored glasses, I couldn’t write anything positive besides our defense kept us in the game. The missed blocks by the FB and RB cost us dearly.
    To say Jets offense dominated is a little over the top, however. For the 1st time in I don’t know how long, a team was able to rush a bit on us. Everyone has an off day. We held Mr. Sanchez to 225 yards passing and 0 TD’s. That is pretty good defense IMO.

    Gotta give Mr. Favre and company props in the 2nd half however…turned it around and ended up with more pass yards and 3 Fantastic TD’s. the difference really being the two inexplicable fumbles fumbles by #4.
    I also give the Jets their props. Before the season started I watched the moves and acquisitions they were making and thought they would be dangerous this year. I didn’t think Sanchez wouldn’t be turning the ball over, especially only being a sophomore QB.. They are a very good team.

    With regards to the off the field stuff…..well I’m sure it makes for good water cooler chatter, but if you want to talk football, I will.
    As far as Deanna not being at the game….Are you kidding me? Going to New York with the Vulture media ready to hound her? They have no conscience and don’t blame her a bit for not showing up. Doesn’t mean a thing about their marriage.

    Kristen…..the elbow thing? grabbed at his elbow after every good pass, not the bad ones…1st was 30 yd pass to G. Lewis completion, next was TD pass to Harvin….yeah….he’s faking it……and their was another shooter behind the grassy knoll.

    • Melinda (ilovemypackers)

      Oh Kevin. This can’t possibly be the first time you’ve heard someone say other teams dominate the Vikings. Just look at the games you’ve lost. Only once during all three games have the Vikes taken the lead. 2nd quarter vs New Orleans, but then they turned around 9 minutes later and re-take the lead for good.

      And the off field stuff, who knows what’s going on there really. I’m just making observations from my experience. Did you happen to read Deanna’s book “Don’t Bet Against Me”, she’s very candid about her marriage and what she will and won’t put up with.

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