Trash Talk Friday: October 8, 2010

Melinda writes:  BREAKING NEWS – NFL Is investigating the allegations

More BREAKING NEWS: 2 more women have come forward with similar “sexting” messages.

Even More Breaking News: Favre has tendonitis

Favre at Press Conference 10/08

Is it my birthday?

This week truly has been getting better and better! First, the Favre scandal breaks, then it’s picked up by the Associated Press, traveling faster than a speeding bullet, across the mass mainstream media market.

NY Post, Huffington Post, SportsCenter, ESPN, even Inside Edition ran the story.  In addition, the NFL made the statement that they will be investigating this information.  Per the NFL Personal Code of Conduct, they MUST investigate any allegations, reported or not, criminal or not, once they have been made aware of the issue.

View the NFL Code of Conduct here:

So now, there is another story of “alleged” misconduct involving two more women at the time Favre was at the Jets. The have an attorney, they have saved their voice mail messages from Brett and will be coming forward.

This seems similiar to the Tiger Woods case, first someone leaks a voice mail message, then a few more step forward with similar stories.  I wonder when this is said and done, if Brett can beat Tiger’s record of 17 indiscretions.  I mean, we all know how very competitive he is, go for the record man!  You got this!

But really, it’s much more serious than Tiger’s case.  The women involved did not work for Tiger’s employer.  The only people it affected was Tiger, his wife, family and the multitude of women.

Brett’s case has more to do with sexual harassment.  A person in power making sexual advances that were unwelcome.  I would be surprised if Brett doesn’t get a suspension out of this. His legacy will be tarnished, there will be potential Hall of Fame issues.  All because he was allegedly horny?

I’m thinking he’d probably preferred to have stay retired about now.


Favre & Moss like a lushy romance novel

Christmas came early for Vikes this year. The desperate, depleted WR corps got a shot in the arm with the addition of Randy Moss, formerly of the New England Patriots, formerly of the Oakland Raiders and yes a former Minnesota Viking.

Seems like not so long ago the Minnesota team couldn’t run Randy out on a rail fast enough. But now, with the Vikes in a divisional deficit of 1-2, they are pleased as punch to throw something, anything, anyone into the mix to try to revive a dying offense.

Welcome Home Randy!

It’s true, we Packer fans don’t like the idea of a motivated Moss on the field, but let someone piss in his post-toasties and Randy’s mood will determine the mood of the team, the organization and the city of Minneapolis.

But, enough about Randy, let’s talk about Brett Favre for a moment.

I couldn’t help but notice the huge bag of ice Favre had on his throwing arm during his press conference Thursday.  That didn’t look good.  Just a couple of hours of throwing the long ball in practice and he’s got more ice than 7-Eleven Big Gulp dispenser.

Speaking of big gulp.  Did anyone happen to hear the 2nd to the last question in Favre’s presser? No?  Well, let me re-cap for you, shall I… The question was this. “There was an internet report today that accuses you of sending inappropriate text messages to a female employee of the Jets during your year there, would you care to respond to those allegations?”

Before I tell what Favre’s reply was, let me just preface it by saying it was a most unfortunate response.  One that was made the butt of many, many, many jokes today.

One of the objects of his desire?

So, ‘allegedly’ , Favre attempted to hook up with a 20-something year old hottie who was employed by the Jets organization as a side line reporter.  There are audio voice mail messages that sound a whole lot like Brett.   I believe any Packer fan could name that tune in 4 words or less.  But wait! There was an added bonus of highly sensitive pictures that no one should ever have to look at.  But still, there they were.  Now, there are no distinguishing characteristics that I can tell are bona-fide Favre features, so I can’t say they are actually of him, but I like to think they are.  It paints a very sad picture of a little old, shriveled up, lonely man.

For the latest scandal information, you can use the link below:

In case you were interested and wanted to check it out for yourself, you can go here (warning: it is graphic)

Now, back to the punchline….. When asked about the report, and if he would like to respond, Brett said this: ” No, I’m not getting into that, I’ve got my hands full with the Jets”.  I’m sorry, but that was classic.  Um, Yeah!

With all that said, whatever happens now with the rumor/story/scandal happens; but I for one, had fun with it.  If Wednesday was like Christmas for the Vikings fans, then Thursday was like New Years Eve for the Packers fans.

We’ll see on Monday night if this little interruption in the Moss homecoming celebration provides any distractions to Brett, the team or the organization.  If the allegations are true, Brett may have a difficult time over the next few weeks, suspicion of marital infidelity almost always comes with a high price tag… just ask Tiger Woods.

So, Monday night, in New York, vs the J-E-T-S Jets, Jets, Jets!!!… I think it’s kind of ironic that the story came out now, don’t you ?  What I expect at the Jets game is a LOT of home-made signs that say things like “Favre Sexually Harassed Me Too!”  or “Brett’s Three worst picks of the year, weren’t ON the field”.  It will be interesting to say the least.


25 responses to “Trash Talk Friday: October 8, 2010

  1. shame, shame grandpa favre! favre and moss both like to be the team leader, so i think too many cooks might spoil this broth. i will say that the ego of the 3 main players is enough to take up several other teams. watch out traffic cops – moss is back and knows how to peg you suckers off! it will be interesting to see how two major egos hook up. last year the buzz word was “favre” and everyone went nuts talking SB. add “moss” to that and the people in purple can hang their heads when they don’t get SB rings. at least they can TALK a big game now, but if they don’t play one it’s a big disgrace. perhaps favre will still cry that sydney isn’t back. wouldn’t it be impressive if the man couldn’t connect with moss either? interesting how lisa talks about sweep as if the vikes have swept every year they’ve played. she can talk all she wants about close games that were Ws. they’re going to have to add substantially to their Ws – and score a record # of points if they’re going to keep yapping about their SB. isn’t it crazy how owners are able to make so many trades during a year? Of course TT isn’t sure how to do it, but only 4 weeks in and i’m not sure what team some of these players are on or how many times they’ve changed.

    • Welcome to the world of all men are pigs….I mean, have you seen this chick? I got half a mind to send her some pics too if I had her number….LOL.

      Look, there has been no complaint filed. It happened almost 3 years ago, which means the statute of limitations to file a complaint went out two years ago for sexual harassment….if indeed that is what it was….maybe it was flirting between two adults… crime there. Whatever it is, it surely isn’t any of my business and it certainly isn’t any of your business. It’s between Favre, his wife and I’m guessing this chick, who just so happens to have a photo spread in Maxim magazine this month, along with Vikes playing the jets Monday…..hmmmm…that certainly is good timing.

      Naked pics on the internet…OMG….news at 11. Old news. Get over it.
      Vikings at Jets are the only things worth discussing now.

      • Lisa (VikesPrincess)

        I’m with you, Kevin. If it was Favre, there was obviously an exchange of #s… which implies consent. It’s not like the entire world doesn’t know who Favre is. There are a lot of inconsistencies between the story that appeared in August and the one they put up yesterday. Until she comes out and accuses him directly or he says “Yeah, I did it.”, for me, there’s nothing to see or talk about. If the NFL is going to start policing text messages for the players, this isn’t the last story of this kind we’re going to see.

        • Melinda (ilovemypackers)

          You might want to shut down for now Lisa, turn off the computer, walk away from the TV. This is headline news whether you think it should be or not.

          The NFL has the right to police the conduct of all it’s players. Text messages and all. Their interest lies in protecting the NFL brand and if they feel the personal conduct of a player is bringing the wrong kind of attention to the brand, they will do what they must to protect the NFL.

          • Lisa (VikesPrincess)

            I don’t need to shut down anything. I’m in full control of what I view. Until I see unequivocable proof, then I’m not interested. I have no interest in watching people’s lives destroyed by their own conduct or that of others. I don’t think it’s funny. I don’t think it’s entertaining. Whether this is true or not, I feel badly for Deanna & their daughters. What a terrible thing to have to explain to those girls. That’s what makes me the most mad about this. If this did happen as Deadspin is alleging, then why didn’t this Sterger come forward at the time? And these 2 other women? They could have quietly reached a settlement if they were so horrified and emotionally scarred. Sterger for sure didn’t think about how she’d be affecting Favre’s daughters. To be fair, if he did it, neither did he. Like what happened with Tiger Woods, the whole thing disgusts me. Not so much what people choose to do personally – that’s not for me to judge – but the unrelenting media coverage. 900 things at a minimum are more important than this. War. Poverty. Budget deficits. Upcoming elections. Special interest groups controlling Washington DC. ALL far more important than this.

            • Melinda (ilovemypackers)

              I didn’t say you needed to do anything, it just seems like this is difficult for you. Just watching a few hours of sports and network TV, I saw at least 4 stories on this. Not including the breaking news scroll bar at the bottom of the screen.

              From what I’ve read, it sounds like one of the women and her husband sought legal council and were advised (incorrectly) that since she was contracted, there wasn’t anything that could be done. And they believed it. However, the NFL includes contract employees in their code of conduct rules.

              Quietly settling the issue? It was about women who were potentially victims. There should be no tolerance, no matter “who” may be involved. Why should anyone behaving that way be protected? It doesn’t make sense.

              I’ve been in a similar situation where a male co-worker made “moaning” sounds when I walked by, I asked him to knock it off and he didn’t. I finally got tired of it and reported it my manager. He was fired. That wasn’t my intention, I just wanted him to leave me alone, but he wouldn’t. The company I worked for had a strict code of conduct for all employees. There was zero tolerance. Hopefully he learned a lesson from that. And maybe lessons will be learned in this case as well.

            • Lisa (VikesPrincess)

              This isn’t difficult for me. I couldn’t give 2 shits about it. I’m looking forward to Monday night. As much as you wanted this to take the shine off the week for Vikings fans, most of us are just fine (Holly being the one exception I know). The only thing concerning me right now is the ice bag Favre had on his elbow and that Chris Cook tore the meniscus in his other knee. So we’re down our best cornerback again.

              IF this is true, and Favre stopped after being asked to stop, these women have no case. If they do have a case, waiting 2 years until right before he comes back to town is a bit curious (or highly suspicious, depending upon your perspective). My point was that if these women were devasted, felt threatened, scared, whatever by this – you don’t wait TWO years before bringing the story forward. Until proven otherwise – I think these women are looking to cash in. Sell their stories. Whatever. IF it happened, they should have settled it at the time. One way or the other. Quietly, not quietly, whatever.

              We established that men are pigs and they LOVE LOVE LOVE the “little guy” in a way that a woman never could or would. These women, I am positive, get propositioned ALL THE TIME by these NFL players. 2 of them are massage therapists for Odin’s sake. In contact with naked (albeit towel-draped) men in their 20’s and early 30s primarily, many of whom are obsessed with their perceived power & fame. IF Brett did this, there is no possible way he was the first or the last guy… so why key in on him and no one else? I think that’s pretty curious as well.

              I’ve had this kind of crap happen to me before and I dealt with it directly and in no uncertain terms. Unless the guy’s a stalker, you can immediately stop that stuff if you want to. It’s so obvious to me that this is a blatant attempt by Sterger & Co. to cash in however they can. IF Brett had a history of relentlessly pursuing women, not taking no for an answer, it would have surfaced LONG before now.

      • Melinda (ilovemypackers)

        Yes, Kevin- all men are pigs. On this we can agree. The problem with this pig is that he is required to adhere to NFL’s very strict Personal Code of Conduct. I have included a link for your reading pleasure.

        The code states VERY clearly that 1) the NFL MUST investigate all accusations 2) A report does not need to be filed and 3) It does not need to be a criminal allegation.

        So, with 3 women, maybe more, who have very similar stories, your QB has a pattern of misconduct. This could be very serious in the eyes of the NFL.

        I’m looking forward to the Jets game, in New York, the scene of the crime, so-to-speak. I hear New York fans can be merciless when it comes to this kind of thing.

        • Whether you like it or not, Brett is an NFL cash cow and will get preferential treatment after 20 years in the leage. TV ratings set records for every game he plays, and advertisers pay big money for this….and now Moss is on the team.
          No way on gods green earth does this end with punishment of any sort. NFL will look into it to be perceived as giving a damn and come to the conclusion as any person in their right mind should, that this is nothing more than two adults flirting with each other where no laws were broken and no complaints were filed. Case closed.
          My advice to you is to pay attention to the game of football and leave this tabloid crap where it belongs… the circular file.

          • Melinda (ilovemypackers)

            I don’t take advice from Vikes fans, that’s like asking a single friend for marriage advice. LOL

            If this story had remained in the “tabloid” arena, I wouldn’t be pushing so hard. I would have had fun with it and let it go. But now that it’s headline news, why would I want to leave it alone? I wouldn’t, and neither would you if the shoe was on the other foot.

            So, put your earplugs in, turn a blind eye and be sure to say your prayers, because if the story pans out, what do you think is going to happen to your beloved team? Season in the circular file perhaps?

            • you obviously don’t know me at all….No I wouldn’t if the shoe were on the other foot. I do not participate in bashing athletes personal lives. I like to talk football and will trashtalk about that, not who’s doing who. Especially when right now, its from a RAG like deadspin that’s sole being is making money off hits to its site….. it’s not like this story was broke by CBS 60 minutes undercover sting.
              right now, this crap is pure hype, rumor and tabloid fodder where no rules were broke, no complaints were filed and neither party involved are responsible for putting it out to the public. NFL has nothing to investigate….and you’ll see that reported real soon.

            • Lisa (VikesPrincess)

              You don’t take advice from Vikings fans? Why’s that? You have personally won a Super Bowl? You think riding on other people’s accomplishments makes you better than us? I’ll call bullshit on that right now. Since entering the league in 1961, the Vikings have been the thorn in the side of every NFC Central/North team. They’ve won the division more times. They’ve been to more play-off games in 50 years than your team has in 90 years. They’ve dashed your post-season hopes time and time again (see 2004 Packer defeat by the Vikings for one example). That’s why you hate our team, and by proxy, the fans. That’s why no matter how hard you try to pretend that the Bears are your biggest rival, we know the truth: tickets for the Packers Vikings games in both Minneapolis and Green Bay are 2+x the cost for everything.

              Favre won’t get suspended this season. Unfortunately for your anemic team, we’ll be moving right along with our top 5 defense and our top 5 rushing game and much improved passing game.

              And before you keep laughing about this, if I were you I’d be worried about stories emerging from Green Bay. Favre, if he did this, won’t have tainted the VIKINGS organization. There are no allegations from anyone in Minnesota. Nope. He’d sully the Jets & Packers organizations. You should consider that before continuing on your celebration tabloid tour.

  2. Lisa (VikesPrincess)

    TT has left your team in a real pickle with all of the injuries. I hear & see Packer fans moan & cry about him all the time. Now you’ve got your QB questioning your coach in the media and McCarthy pretending that all is well and trying to smooth it over. ARodg is fast approaching diva status. I haven’t said anything about a Super Bowl – but I do know it’s now how you play in the pre-season that defines the team, but how you play down the stretch. Packers have HUGE issues that no one is solving for. The score may have reflected a win over the Lions, but the truth is that your team was outplayed and nearly beaten by a team that commands no respect. With the injuries that are mounting, that trend will continue but the scores will start reflecting your team’s actual performance: “L”. Vikings are getting stronger and have addressed the one glaring issue. We’re a top 5 defense and a top 5 rushing game team. Passing will now allow us to light up the field. Without Moss, I was fairly certain we could beat the Pack. With Moss I’m feeling good sliding into those games. Chicgo is in disarray – and while you may have celebrated our start with the losses, I am pretty sure you won’t be celebrating after your team starts playing some real teams.

  3. Melinda (ilovemypackers)

    It’s obvious the Vikings fans, just want to hibernate until the Favre Scandal blows over. I follow a few Vikes fans and Vikes sports writers/bloggers, everyone wants to put on the blinders and not talk about it. Close your eyes and cover your ears and it isn’t real.

    It’s true, Brett played the game of his life after Irv died unexpectedly; but he also had the support of his team; his wife and the entire stadium including the Raiders Nation fans.

    Monday night will be a different atmosphere all together. He may have the support of his team; but he certainly won’t have the support of the stadium. In fact, I expect to see a very HOSTILE environment. And what about Mrs. Favre? Will she be able to put on a brave face and show up to the game, knowing that all eyes will be on her?

    Tiger Woods played well after his dad died too, but after the scandal, he went into seclusion, went to re-hab, and when he finally did return, he played miserably, not even making the cut at some major tournaments. His struggles continue today.

    Only time will tell if Favre will be proven guilty or innocent; if his image will be severely tarnished or remain one of the most loved players in NFL history. Time will tell.

  4. I’m right here….no hiding at all from this viking fan…..when you have something of some substance to provide that this is a worthwhile story, I’m sure most Viking fans will be happy to discuss it. Right now it sounds like the bitter diatribe from a Packer fan worried about Favre and the Vikings beating her Packers and winning the division…again, and hoping Favre gets suspended to give her team at least a shot at winning the game.
    Not going to happen.

    • from PFT “the investigation undoubtedly won’t be fully concluded before the end of the 2010 season. But if Favre doesn’t finally retire, it’s something that the league may have to address in 2011.”

      told ya…..not going to happen.

  5. Melinda (ilovemypackers)

    I don’t personally take advice from Vikings fans Lisa, you should this about me by now. So you and John can give each other advice all day long if you want. About what you should care about, or talk about or write about or spend your time doing. : )

    I will continue to follow the “news” as it unfolds. I really couldn’t care less if he gets a suspension out of this or not. I do think it’s going to be enough of a distraction that it will affect his play. Not that he had that much going on in the first place 2 TD’s and 6 INT’s.

    And I wouldn’t be surprised if there are women in GB that come forward, or MN for that matter, I mean, he’s been there a year right? What’s so special about the Jets women? Maybe he likes the East Coast accent, I don’t know, but either way, I’m not worried about him tarnishing the GB organization, and I never said it would tarnish the Vikes org either.

    All I said was, this will probably be a distraction to the him and maybe the rest of the team. And if the investigation finds that he was in the wrong it could be a problem for the Vikings season. I have no idea how long an investigation will take or when they will actually start talking to people, heck he could be sitting on a tractor in Kiln MS when this thing is settled, and by then no one will care.

    • You don’t know guys very well….distraction? he’ll have the support of the whole team! I mean….Look at the chick!!…teammates are giving him attaboy’s and high five’s all round! LOL

      • Lisa (VikesPrincess)

        He already has the support of the whole team. They love him in the locker room and this will rally the team around him like nothing else could. Percy already went on record stating that the team was focused on winning Monday night and fully supported Brett.

        • WTH is wrong with you Vikes, do you bother to read anything before commenting?? Here’s what I said: “He may have the support of his team; but he certainly won’t have the support of the stadium. In fact, I expect to see a very HOSTILE environment. And what about Mrs. Favre? Will she be able to put on a brave face and show up to the game, knowing that all eyes will be on her?”

          • What stadium isn’t a hostile environment when you’re playing away?? That was a brilliant factoid there….I seem to recall a very hostile and classless Lambeau last season, and if I recall correctly, it wasn’t much of a problem for ole #4.

    • Lisa (VikesPrincess)

      I think you are just hoping it’s a distraction because you know with Moss here, our season takes a whole new turn. I doubt you’ll see anyone from MN come forward for the simple fact you’ve already noticed that we will call out our sports figures for just playing like crap – let alone worse things. I’ve heard from Packer fans that the people of Green Bay protected Favre’s image – even though he wasn’t that upstanding while he was there. I don’t agree with doing that – but as you know – until there are facts, I’m not wasting my time reading DeadSpin.

    • Lisa (VikesPrincess)

      Also meant to say that waiting until there’s actual evidence isn’t hiding – it’s been fair & prudent.

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