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For those of you that don’t follow Chad Ochocinco, he has adopted a pigeon, which he obviously loves.  He tweets about brushing her hair (feather, maybe?) and how beautiful she is, pit-bull blue with red eyes… oh and the bird is pregnant.  He makes sure she gets checked out with a vet regularly.  How can you not love a guy like that?


Chad Ochocinco


OGOchoCinco Chad Ochocinco – My pregnant pigeon

OGOchoCinco Chad Ochocinco – Im so happy i got my pregnant pigeon back, she’s pit bull blue with red eyes, i see why he knocked her up, i brushed her hair, looks smooth

But his tweets today had me rolling:
OGOchoCinco Chad Ochocinco – Holy shhh, my pregnant pigeon is giving birth, i will send twitt pics of the baby pigeons once they arrive, contractions r 1 minute apart

OGOchoCinco Chad Ochocinco  – Im totally pisstified here at the veterinary and this damn pigeon just laid 2 eggs,i thought she was giving birth, WTF,they better hatch now

OGOchoCinco Chad Ochocinco – Why didn’t y’all tell me pigeons laid eggs,damit i was so excited, i should’ve went to class in highscool because i feel stupid right now 😦




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