NFL Week 5: Melinda’s Picks

I had one of those awesome football weeks, where everything was falling into place.  The 3 games I picked wrong were so far in left field, I doubt if anyone picked them right.  I’m hoping to continue to add to my lead over Lisa week too.

Here are my picks for Week 5.


  • Jaguars vs Bills:  Jags are coming off a good win vs the Colts, did anyone see that coming? I sure didn’t.  I think they are going to get a win this week against the Buffalo.  Jaguars 28   Bills 7
  • Broncos vs Ravens:  Ravens at home are nearly unstoppable. Ray Lewis not only pumps up his team, but the crowd will be a factor as well.  I’m picking Baltimore.  Broncos 14   Ravens 25
  • Chiefs vs Colts: This is tough; undefeated KC Chiefs, coming off a bye; Colts having a horrible start, lost last week to Jacksonville.  But the Colts are playing at home, and that gives them an automatic advantage. Picking the Colts.  Chiefs 21  Colts 26
  • Packers vs Redskins:  McNabb had something to prove last week at Philadelphia, this week he’s a home and kicked back.  Although the Packers are becoming anorexic in spots, I think the team I love will continue to do what it takes to win.  I’m going with the Packers.  Packers 32  Redskins 14
  • Rams vs Lions: Cinderella story, the Rams have been the step-sister of the NFC West for several years now, but along comes Heisman   winner Sam Bradford and suddenly, there’s magic.  The Lions have the best 2 minute drill in the NFL, too bad the game is 60 minutes long.  I choose the St. Louis Rams.  Rams 21  Lions 18
  • Bears vs Carolina:  So, I picked the Giants last week over the Bears for strategic purposes.  I still have that same strategy, with Cutler’s crazy 9 sack game, I’m hoping for similar holes in the o-line. Bears lose.  Bears 16  Carolina 24
  • Buccaneers vs Bengals:  Terrell Owens had over 200 yards receiving last week and the team still lost? There has to be some atonement by the team, and I’m talking about more than Ochocinco’s offer to give away 2 tickets to the game for every 2 you buy.  Bengals will win big. Bucs 19 Bengals 34
  • Falcons vs Browns:  Falcons are going to Cleveland after a big in-state rivalry win.  I do like the Falcons a lot, Tony Gonzalez to have a big game . Picking Atlanta.  Falcons 23  Browns 17
  • Giants vs Texans:  Okay, back to my Texas team, they are playing in Houston. Foster is a running machine.  Eli and team won’t be so lucky this week.  Picking Houston.  Giants 15  Texans 22
  • Saints vs Cardinals:  If the Saints don’t score a single TD, 46 yr old John Carney will kick field goals all day long.  I’m going with New Orleans . Saints 21  Cardinals 16
  • Titans vs Cowboys:  Cowboys are coming off a bye, playing at home and the need to win.  Chris Johnson wasn’t able to pick up any steam last week.  I’m picking Dallas.  Titan 14  Cowboys 20
  • Chargers vs Raiders:  Raiders are struggling on both side of the ball.  Chargers are having some success going to Antonio Gates and they just seem to be more balanced.  I’m picking the Bolts.  Chargers 29  Raiders 7
  • Eagles vs 49ers:  Vick has a rib injury, the Niners are winless.  I promise, if the Niners don’t win this week Singletary is going to either murder someone or commits suicide.  I’m picking SF.  Eagles 18  49ers 21


  • Vikings vs Jets:  Minny is coming back from a week-long vacation.  They have a 1-2  record, their offense is mediocre, their o-line is dreadful.  Revis and Pace are back this week for the Jets, plus they are playing at home on a Monday night.  Sanchez and the-the-the Jetsssss will win this one.  Vikings 14  Jets 28

Those are my picks this week. Look forward to your comments.


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