Update: 1st Place winner – John L.’s (Packer Fan): A Wrangler Story

Just an update, the Wrangler contest is over and John L. has been named 1st place winner, by a mile.

He will receive the prizes.   There does seem to be some open questions about the Grand Prize; being in a Wrangler commercial.  No one knows for sure if Wrangler has plans to continue their association with Favre.  John is just in “wait and see” mode.

Congratulations on the win.  I’m really not surprised, Packer fans do tend to stick together!  Go Pack Go!


Since our site provides information for both Packers and Vikings, I have decided to support John’s efforts to do something really cool.

So, let’s show him the Packer love that only the Packer Nation can and vote for him daily!

Here are a few words from John :

Hey fellow Packers fans! I need your votes daily until Nov. 10. I won the first week of the Wrangler Story contest and I now have a 1 in 11 chance of playing football with Brett Favre in the 2011 Wrangler commercial.

Love him, hate him or don’t care; it would still be cool to play catch with him. My chances are even better if I have more votes – you can vote by clicking the fifth star above my story each day until the contest ends – don’t let the Vikings fan chasing me catch up!

Thank you so much – Go Pack Go! http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.mywranglerstory.com%2Fstories%23%2Fstory%2F230&h=36bba7yIK50IvEFGgQQCyRXus-A


10 responses to “Update: 1st Place winner – John L.’s (Packer Fan): A Wrangler Story

  1. bitterborderbattle

    What? How can you vote for him?

  2. bitterborderbattle

    Um…what I was saying was, there was no link to go vote for him. I had no way of getting there in order to vote for him. Not saying you shouldn’t vote for him.

    • Melinda (ilovemypackers)

      lol, I don’t know why the link didn’t take the first time I hit publish, but I had it over in my links on the right too.

      Anyway, two links, two ways to get there.

  3. Thanks, Melinda.

    Lisa, I understand.

    Johnny Wrangler

  4. Hi Lisa – I read that story now and just sent Monty a message to pull it. Yikes! I never actually spoke to him, just e-mail and I was jesting about the Rodgers jersey – and I think that is why he did not quote me on that. That would be insane and I would not be worthy if that was tried. I have three little girls and would never want to embarrass them or hurt Brett. I obviously am a Packers fan and I root for Rodgers, but I could not imagine offending Brett. I think Monty has a different take on that blog and I can’t apologize for him – he thought he was helping me, but like I stated – I have asked him to remove it. I am sorry to everyone if anything I stated to anyone was offensive. I think Monty speaks for himself and I speak for myself so let everyone know that I would never intentionally try to hurt anyone and his words are not mine. I don’t know Todd and I am sure he is a great guy. I did feel as I let Melinda know that since he already has access to Favre and a relationship with the Vikings that contest should really be for those weekly winners chosen by Wrangler that have a chance to meet him for the first time or get some wrangler clothes. Todd has every right to be in the contest and that is just my personal opinion. The voting does not determine the Grand Prize winner – you have to be a weekly winner first and Todd has not been selected yet for that. So everyone knows, on of my best friends who is a diehard Vikings fan invites me to sit with him in his family seats two rows behind where Longwell warms up and we rib each other but all in jest. I will be taking him again to Lambeau for the game on the 24th. If anyone wants to speak with me about this they can contact me or even speak with me in person when I am at the Game in November – Maybe if Todd is on the sidelines we can shake hands since I will be right behind the Vikings bench two rows up. We share one thing – a great admiration for the most prolific QB of all time, Brett Favre. Please let them know that I have asked for the story to be pulled and I am sorry. I hope they actually read my story – it is true and although the SuperBowl win weeks later was great, freezing at Lambeau and watching Brett light it up that day was incredible. Thanks Lisa – I had just read that and almost got sick.

  5. Just reading this for the first time. John, congrats on being selected as a finalist in the Wrangler contest! There were a lot of great stories and yours was definitely among the best. I appreciate your post here, and thank you for the clarity. It sure makes me feel better that Monty appears to have misquoted you in that article he posted a while back. If you are ever in the twin cities, look me up so I can buy you a beer. Peace, and good luck the rest of this season!


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