Trash Talk Friday: October 1, 2010

It’s time for some pregame Trash Talk!

Melinda writes:

Breaking News: Even with a 4th Week Bye the Vikings lose by 16.

The Vikings have played three games, lost two decisively, and go into a bye week.  Instead of working on the problems, meeting as a team, they go on vacation.

Perfect.  They’ll be back next week, well rested and even more out-of-sync.

When they do come back to work, they will have their work cut out for them.  First, it’s off to NY to play the Jets,  then, back home for Dallas.  Week 7 they head off to Green Bay, WI – Lambeau Field where the Packers will play host to one of the all time worst teams in NFC.  Just look at what they’ve accomplished…28th in the NFL in total offense, scoring just 14.3 points per game.  Even the Lions are ranked higher.  And penalties! you want to talk about penalties? The Vikings have had 25 in 3 games… Hello, pot, have you met kettle?

After taking a serious beating behind the Cheddar curtain (as Vikes call it), it’s off to another road game to meet up with the New England Patriots, another open air stadium, in winter.  They’ll be begging for another vacation at that point.  But there’s no rest for weary, 9 more games to play back to back to back.. you get the picture.

Vikings Super Bowl Trophy case

Then, they can take a nice long break until next Spring training camp.


10 responses to “Trash Talk Friday: October 1, 2010

  1. Lost two decisively? Vikes a chance to win both at the end and lost both games by a total of 9 points. Their defense has held opponents to 12.5 ppg average.
    Vikes lost their star receiver and have at least made an attempt to rectify the situation.
    Packers lost their running back and have done zip to rectify and it cost them a game. They are predictable now. As good as the arm of Roddges is, it cannot carry the entire team.
    The Vikings pass offense may be less than it was last year, but it’s not non-existent. The Vikings are more balanced than the Packers and Bears both….it’s just that they happen to have the best RB in the league running it, so the passing game looks anemic next to it.

    • Lisa (VikesPrincess)

      I agree Kevin! I had to laugh at the “lost decisively” myself! A 4 to 5 point spread is not “decisive” in my book. Unless we’re talking about the Packers – then anytime they lose, I think it was a decisive win for the other team! 😉

      • Melinda (ilovemypackers)

        When I looked at the two losses, NO scored at 6 minutes in the 3rd Qtr, and the Vikes never scored after the 2nd Qtr. In fact, I don’t think you guys made over the 50yrd line at all during the 2nd half.

        Miami led the entire game; the Vikings had 3 INT’s a fumble. Plus, they turned the ball over on downs 3 times and not once within the red zone.

        Were they close games? maybe if you just look at the end score, but if you watched the game, they could hardly be called “nail-biters”.

    • Melinda (ilovemypackers)

      Hi Kevin, WI, huh? What does VikesPrincess call Packers fans living in MN? “Turncoat” I think? That doesn’t matter to me personally, follow your team, follow your dream.
      I will say, the stats don’t lie. Only 4 teams in the NFL have had less production out of their offense. Adrian Peterson is an AWESOME RB, one of the best there is, I have never denied that. I was a huge fan when he was at OU and continue to root him on to greatness.

      My comments are directed toward everyone else on the offense. So, by attempt to rectify, you mean bringing in Baskett? Or holding WR drills with one active player showing up? Let me know next week how that works out for you.

      As far as the Packers running game. I guess that depends on how you “define a running game”. (Just a little McCarthy humor) I can’t disagree. I haven’t seen that Jackson has what it takes to be a #1 RB. He’s good in a pinch, but not dependable. Kuhn is strong but slow, good on goal line and short 3rd down situations.

      Your defense has allowed fewer points than other teams, but yet, you’ve had two losses already, so what good does that do?

      I’ll be interested to see how/if the Vikings are able to rebound after the bye. You have a long/tough schedule a head of you. : )

  2. Growing up in Northern WI, I never knew a Packer fan until #4 arrived…well actually a couple started showing on the radar when Majkowski showed up.
    We only got 3 TV channels and they all came out of Duluth… all I got to watch was Fran Tarkenton and the MN Vikings run roughshod over the NFC Central for years with a very snowy black and white TV…..but it was enough to become a fan!

    Anyways Melinda, I took offense to the term “decisive wins” when in fact, neither were. The Saints game was anemic to watch from fans on both sides….and the Saints hung on to win it….give that to the home team.
    with Miami, the Vikes moved the ball and moved it well…they just couldn’t punch it in when it counted, turning it over twice at the goal line and not kicking three field goals when we easily could have and turning it over on downs. Que-Sera. Coaching staff had more faith in the players, than their ability at the time….that will not always be the case.

    Vikes can beat any team on the upcoming schedule….and any team has a shot at beating them…there is not one that will run roughshod over the Vikes and none that scare me anymore (after watching the Pack/Bears and noting there are no powerhouse NFC teams out there this year) They are a balanced team….best part about having a running game is keeping the other qb off the field…..good luck with that when you run into your 1st team with half a defense and a running game to match… MN.

    Beware of Pittsburgh….to win like they do with 3rd and 4th string QB’s is scary.

    With regards to the Vikings making an attempt to rectify, yes, I mean trading for Camarillo who has great hands and making a move to acquire Baskett when the trade for VJ did not work (we tried at least)… was better than doing nothing at all, which is what the Packers are doing.

    • Melinda (ilovemypackers)

      Hi again Kevin,
      Well, I guess if no one gets offended, I’m not doing it right. It is “Trash Talk” Friday, after all : )
      Fran Tarkington was a great QB, I think the Vikings picked up a lot of fans outside of MN because of him. But since the 1990’s haven’t you guys had like 17 different QB’s? I have know idea how you get behind a team like that. But good for you for hanging in there with them.
      Thanks for wishing me luck. Good luck to you as well!

      • Lisa (VikesPrincess)

        What does having 1 QB for decades have to do with hanging in with a team? Irrespective of how many quarterbacks we’ve had, since becoming a team in 1961 as part of a division with the Bears, Packers and Lions (and sometimes “Y” – or the Bucs), we’re the 1 team with a winning record against all teams in the division. AFL/NFL merger or not. Since the ’61 expansion team season, this has been our division. You don’t need to have a franchise QB to keep your fans when you win as much as we do.

  3. I am a big Chicago Bears fan, it has been painful to watch the lack of talent at QB there, but I truly feel that with Cutler, we might have our QB for the next 10 years. I envy teams that have been able to have a star at the position for a long period of time.

  4. Melinda (ilovemypackers)

    Christopher, Welcome to our little blog. It’s nice to hear from a Bears fan. Feel free to stop by as often as you like.
    On your comment; as a Packer fan, I really can’t relate, but I’m sure others can. I can say it is nice to not worry about who is going to lead your team. Good luck with Cutler. I think you’ve got a talented coaching staff that may have just turned things around for the Bears.
    Don’t misunderstand. I still want you to lose and finish behind the Packers, but feel free to come in 2nd in the NFC North. : )

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