Packers vs Bears Postgame thoughts by Melinda (ilovemypackers)

Packers beat the Packers 

Obviously, I’m disappointed that the Packers didn’t win this one.  It was definitely a game we could have taken. Easily.  Instead, there were 18 penalties for a total of 151 yds.  That’s pretty much a touch down and a field goal.  Aside from the penalties and the fact that we have lost a game, I still saw some outstanding plays. 

Aaron Rodgers has legs and an arm

Aaron Rodgers is an elite QB in only his 3rd year starting.  He has the ability to run the ball, not just scramble and slide to avoid contact, but he also has vision when it comes to an opening in the defense.  QB’s that have great arm strength, are accurate and have mobility are rare in the NFL.  Aaron finished the night with 316 yards passing, a rushing TD. 

The Packers O-line had their second game without allowing a single sack. In fact, there have been no sacks for 10 consecutive quarters.  An amazing improvement over last year at this time. However, I do question Tauscher and Clifton and the multiple pre-snap penalties they accumulated.  Both are veterans on the team and should be able to maintain their stance until the snap.  I hope the coach does something about that immediately, there’s no excuse. 

We had seven different receivers for catches today. One of the stand outs was TE Jermichael Finley with 9 catches and 115 yards. Jennings had a great catch, as did Donald Driver. 

The one area the was obviously lacking is our running game. We can’t be effective if we expect our quarterback to be our leading rusher and throw 40+ passes per game!  Kuhn made an awesome 18 yard run, not that 18 yards is anything to brag about, except that he did it with 8 Bears on his back, dragging them yard by yard until they collapsed on top of him. 

Special teams needs some tough love too.  Kicking to directly to Hester time after time? What are you thinking?  Then allowing him to run it back for his first TD in two years.  Unacceptable.
The defense wasn’t bad, but again, penalties took away all the good things that were being done on the field.   I was looking forward to seeing Frank Zombo, rookie linebacker, in his first NFL start after watching him in pre-season.  

Frank Zombo sacks Cutler

He made a nice sack on Cutler early in the game, but unfortunately was called for a helmet-to-helmet hit against Bears quarterback  in the fourth quarter and caught a roughing the passer penalty.  That negated an  interception by Nick Barnett which also extended a Bears drive that ended in a Robbie Gould’s 25 yard field goal to tie the game. 

Clay Matthews had three tackles and a roughing the passer penalty that took away his one sack.

The Packers set  a new team record with 18 penalties. Some were game changers. Two interceptions were called back and 6 points were taken off the scoreboard. Safety Nick Collins intercepted the ball, but the penalty moved the ball from the Packers’ 33-yard line to their 9 and set up an easy 19-yard game-winning field goal for  Gould. 

These are the areas the Packers must improve on if we want to be the dominating team we know we can be:

  • Work on Special Teams
  • Stop the PENALTIES
  • Get a starting Running Back that we can depend on

Even with this loss and the frustrating issues.  The Packer Nation is United.  Fans on FB and Twitter all shout the same sentiment.  We LOVE our Packers.

Note: Here is the part where I complain about the officiating. 

If anyone watched the game with an un-biased eye, they probably saw what I saw.  There were multiple non-calls on fouls against the Packers, like the late hit on Aaron Rodgers after the ball had been out of his hands so long it was almost in the next zip code.  Then the late hit out-of-bounds against Jennings. 

The one that made the most difference to the outcome of the game was the pass interference call against Morgan Burnett that prevented the interception by Nick Collins.  That was NOT  defensive pass interference, it was offensive pass interference.  You can clearly see the Bear’s player holding down the right arm of Burnett and his other arm is draped over the left shoulder and on the Packer’s helmet. The officials got it wrong and it probably costs the Packers the game. 

Not defensive pass interference.


3 responses to “Packers vs Bears Postgame thoughts by Melinda (ilovemypackers)

  1. i think you covered it pretty well. now would you share with mccarthy? he still thinks that tauscher and clifton just ‘made a few mistakes.’ game 3 and how many yards did their penalties give away? i hope he gave them hell in the locker room and then laid low for the press!

  2. The defensive hold against Burnett that was really an “offensive hold” very well could have been the game changer.. even with all the other penalties.
    I’m damn tired of the Packers getting penalties done to them and NOT BEING CALLED! I saw it last year.. and it’s obvious this year. It’s as if “someone” is paying the refs off. Okay… maybe I’m not being practical, but the PACKERS can overcome their mistakes.. they CANNOT overcome the non calls from the refs vs the opposing teams.

  3. Melinda (ilovemypackers)

    That’s so true! and it’s one of the reasons I chose to follow the Packers. The are constantly being held to stricker rules than other teams. How many times has Aaron been ‘tackled’ by his face-mask this year? At least once a game. And no flags are thrown. It’s so frustrating.
    Thanks for your comment!

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