Lions vs Vikings Battle of the Bad: Packers Fan Post Game Bashing

Who will win the title of The Worst Team in the NFC North Division? The loser of this game, that’s who.

Going into week 3 with no wins puts teams in a “do or die” situation.  Desperate for a win,  the teams usually battle it out.  But as I was tuned into NFL RedZone, (since the game wasn’t on in my marker), I waited..for an update.. and waited.. and waited.  Okay, so, the 1st quarter is almost over and no one has scored?

I turn to Twitter…there are a few tweeps at the game. .. The first tweet I read is : “Vikes fans are booing Favre.”   Really? you don’t say.   Doesn’t surprise me in the least. Worst fan in the NFL. It’s a fact.

Boo Boooo Favre you suck Bring back TJAX

More updates, Lions punt, Vikes punt, Lions punt, Vikes punt, Lions punt.. mmm.. good game.  The next update was a Favre INT.  Yeah! finally something good to report.  The rest of the game was pretty much a sloppy series of punts, interceptions, fumbles a field goal and a couple of TD’s.

The one good thing that happened during the game was an 80 yard run by Adrian Peterson for a TD.  (I did mention in my Friday Trash Talk that Vikes were lucky to have him since he’s the ONLY thing they have going on right now).

End result, the Vike pull one out, great. The Vikes fans will be gloating and talking about winning the division, perhaps the Super Bowl!  But even as I congratulate some of my friends who follow the team, the response was always the same “Meh, well, I guess”.  Typical Vikes fans.

Fast forward two days later and it’s all “We haven’t lost a game in our division”, “we’re so much better than the Packers” …although our record is still better than theirs.

Over all, not impressed by either team.  Offense, defense, special team, WR’s, QB’s..all less than par.  But someone had to win, right? I’m still predicting a 4-12 for this team of misfits and has-beens.

Favre’s age is starting to show. 201 yards passing, one TD and 2 INT’s.  Speaking of age, I know he’s a grandfather now, and he seems to have aged 10 years this offseason, but I have to ask, what the hell was with that shirt he was wearing in the after game presser?  I mean, I know he’s a grandpa, .. but really? 


13 responses to “Lions vs Vikings Battle of the Bad: Packers Fan Post Game Bashing

  1. Honestly, that’s the best you’ve got? Hmmm, don’t just pick on brett because he is an easy target, I guess we should let the season speak for itself! May the best team win! P.S I love that g-pa if he’s 40 or 80. Age doesn’t matter, it’s the heart that does!

    • Right! I agree; since I didn’t see the game in it’s entirety I should have stuck to my guns and passed on writing the review. As I told VikesPrincess, I really didn’t think I needed to write anything because she did a bang up job of trashing them herself in her game review.
      OR.. I could have posted the string of comments VikesPrincess was feeding me about the game, since she was actually there.. like, “The fastest Brett moved during the game was when he ran down the field to congratulate Peterson for carrying the offense.” Or, ” Brett had asked to be traded to the Lions before being dealt to Jets, but Sunday he was throwing to them like the trade actually happened.”

      • Lisa (VikesPrincess)

        Hey – those were good lines! I was just trying to be helpful. You should have used them and passed them off as yours. I’m not helping you anymore. BTW – I didn’t think that dash down the field that Brett made was the fastest he moved, I just gave you that because it was snarky & funny. :-\

        • I didn’t ask for your help. You offered them up as freely as a sales clerk at the Dillards fragrance counter. Don’t have anything to write about? Here, have spritz of this.. oh and you might like some of this too.. squirt! I figured you probably knew what you were talking about, but since I didn’t actually see the whole game, I passed. Thanks though! : )

  2. bitterborderbattle

    You are really going to do a game review of a game you admit not watching?

    • Good point; I definitely tried to get out of it. I don’t think writing about a bunch of strung-together clips, including a montage of Favre sacks/hits, a few fumbles and interceptions is good blogging, but I let VikesPrincess bully me into it (which is why I was so late getting it out). Apologies to all the serious bloggers/sports writers out there. This was crap and I knew it when I published it. I won’t do it again.

  3. and… I changed the title from Review to Post Game Bashing…since that’s what was : )

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