Why the Green Bay Packers fans ARE better than any other NFL team fans by Melinda (ilovemypackers)

The way I see it, you have Green Bay Packers fans and then you have all the other 31 teams fans. Granted there are some teams that have fans that are hard-core, live and breathe with their team’s success and would run a close second, third and fourth in the league.

In my opinion some of the best fans are:

  • Raider’s fan – they are scary dedicated
  •  Steeler’s fans, with their Terrible Towels
  • Chief’s fans, (do they even allow opposing team’s fans in the stadium? All I ever see is an ocean of red in the stands)

But hands down, the best of the best have got to be Packers fans.  Packers fans are usually fanatics, plain and simple.  The saying that they “bleed green and gold” is probably true.  Packers fans are enthusiastic and hopeful.  They are friendly and considerate.  They appreciate most other teams in the NFL for what they have accomplished.   Rivalries are generally all in fun, for bragging rights but for the most part harmless. 

Whether they are dressing up in outrageous costumes or donning the jersey of their favorite player, Packers fans are proud of their team and support them with every fiber of their beings.  There are Packers fan clubs all over the world.  The fan base in the US is strong in all 50 states.  Now, if you consider for a moment that the Green Bay Packers are based out of a very small town in Wisconsin, without a huge metropolitan area to support it, it’s pretty amazing. 

Sure, there are other fans of other teams that live outside of the state the team is based out of, but most other teams have the benefit of a “built-in” fan base.  If you live in the town of an NFL franchise team, you mostly would grow up supporting the “home” team.

For the Packers, however, fans across the country root for them and consider them their “home” team even if they don’t live anywhere near Green Bay.  I think that says a lot about the character of a team and the character of the fans.  

I don’t think anyone is ever a past Packer fan.  They are usually Packer fans for life….just like me.

Now, for a little informational history on our fans.

The Packers’ fan base is famously dedicated: regardless of the team’s performance, every Packers game at Lambeau Field has been sold out since 1960. Despite the Packers having by far the smallest local TV market, the Packers have developed one of the largest fan bases in the NFL. Each year they consistently rank as one of the top teams in terms of popularity.

The Packers have one of the longest waiting lists for season tickets in profession sports with about 74,000 people as of May 3, 2007.  In 2008 the list grew by more than 4,000 names. There are now more names on the waiting list than there are seats at Lambeau Field. The average wait time for season tickets is said to be over 30 years; yet if a name were to be added to the list today, the estimated wait could extend well over 100 years. For this reason, it is not unusual for fans to designate a recipient of their season tickets in their wills or place newborn infants on the waiting list after receiving birth certificates.

During training camp in the summer months  young Packers fans can take their bikes and have their favorite player ride their bike to the practice field from the locker room. This is an old Packers tradition dating back to approximately 1957 (the first years of Lambeau Field’s existence).  A Packers end said, “I think it was just that kids wanted us to ride their bikes. I can remember kids saying, ‘Hey, ride my bike.'” The practice continues today.

Each year the team holds an intra-squad scrimmage, called Family Night, at Lambeau Field. During 2004 and 2005 over 60,000 fans attended, selling out the stadium bowl. The Packers hosted the Buffalo Bills for the 2005 edition of Family Night setting an attendance record with 62,492 fans attending.

In August 2008, ESPN ranked the Packers as having the second-best fans in the NFL.  The team initially finished tied with the Steelers as having the best fans, but the tie was broken by ESPN’s own John Clayton a Pittsburg native.

Source: Wikipedia


5 responses to “Why the Green Bay Packers fans ARE better than any other NFL team fans by Melinda (ilovemypackers)

  1. Guess I’ll just share this long blurb here. It’s almost it’s own blog, but didn’t know where to cut off this book excerpt…

    “…Packers fans. For those on the outside looking in, they are a puzzling bunch. They are devoted to a fault. They are rabid, raucous, couarse, sometimes infuriating, always entertaining. And they are the prototype for what sports fans everywhere should, but probably never will be.
    They are knowledgeable without being too smart for their own good. They can be critical without sounding shrill. And they are vitally important to the success of their football team as evidenced by the fact that the Packers have been incredibly dominant over the years on the hallowed soil of Lambeau Field. More than that, they will without hesitation, hit the road to follow their heroes.
    …What’s even more entertaining is watching Packers fans invade an enemy stadium and enrage the home folks so much that a docile stadium (thought lisa would love the dome being called that) suddenly becomes a snakepit. It’s like that every year in the Metrodome when the Packers and Vikings whack away at each other in their annual border war.
    Without fail, at least 30,000 Packers fans trundle up north to watch the festivities and goad Vikings fans whenever possible. As a result, no matter how bad the Vikings are (like that part), the game with the Packers is always circled on the calendar and always one of the loudest, nastiest and strangest games of the season.
    But while the Packers have had their problems over the years at that joint, it doesn’t bother Green Bay fans (ok, they made that up), who will make the pilgrimage every season just for the sheer fun of annoying everyone in the Twin Cities.
    These are the people who routinely and giddily wear cheese wedges on their heads and are convinced it’s normal attire. They paint their faces…green and gold and can’t figure out why everyone else doesn’t. They have lived and died several times over with a football team that has broken their hearts more times than the Homecoming queen. Yet they happily come back for more because this is their team and to do otherwise is not only unseemly but, quite possibly, illegal. To their followers, of which there are millions world-wide, the Green Bay Packers are forever.
    Do not make light of this. There is nothing funny or cute about Packers fans and they didn’t just come out of the woodwork as soon as this team got competitive. They have always been there, especially through the thin times of which there were countless.
    And that is what separates Packers fans from those anywhere else in the country and with any other sport…” (Chuck Carlson)

    • Lisa (VikesPrincess)

      Does Chucky provide the data to support “millions” of fans world wide? Or does he just toss that out there like the rest of the Packer kool-aid drinkers who hear one person say something that sounds like what they want to hear – and then the immediate regurgitation of the non-fact ensues?

  2. That’s a great piece Kristen. I agree that every team would be thrilled to have even a fraction of the love and devotion of Packers fans! : )

  3. Hey Lisa, why don’t you write a piece about the great Vikings “fans”? and be sure to include some audio from game 3 where they Boo the QB. I actually did a search on the internet for “Vikings fans”, and all I got back was picture of an electric fan painted purple gold. Turn it ON and it makes a lot of noise and blows around hot air. Turn if off and it boo’s until the blades stop turning.

  4. Reading some older stories this morning, a couple of things come to mind. Raiders fans scary—Went to a Raiders/Chargers game when my oldest daughter was stationed in San Diego during her time in the Navy, we all left at halftime because of the continual fighting in the stands. Scarier than even anything I’ve ever been involved in at Soldier Field, and that’s scary!! Arrowhead Stadium, and the Chiefs fans–Went to Kansas City the last time the Packers played the Chiefs, what a great time. Everyone was good natured and we had a blast tailgating with the locals,and there were a lot of Packer fans there. The locals all commented on how well the Packer Fans follow their team! We are headed back to KC this year as Arrowhead is an away game on the upcoming year’s schedule. And finally, does it get any better with two of the most storied teams meeting for SB XLV? Bring on the terrible towels, they can use them to dry their tears!!!!

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